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The ONE man who this virus is helping more than anyone is Benjamin Netanyahu

He is going to get out of his trial because of the Coronavirus.

The trial to put Netanyahu in jail is supposed to start March 17th. All of a sudden the entire country has basically given him immunity, without officially doing so. Such a sad state. I am sure Israel and Bibi have figured out who they needed to flip to get this desire.

Cui Bono?

How can it be anymore clearer?

There are only three empires.

The American Empire and its allies.

The Chinese Empire and its allies.

And the Israelis. They are the hidden empire that wishes to control the entire world.

The virus first went to China and Iran, Israeli’s “fake” enemies.

Then it went to the US, it’s true enemy.

Then it came to Israel so they could shut down their whole country and use their spy tech on all dissidents to kill off. They are already using their full anti-terrorist technology to track all “coronavirus” patients aka dissidents.

China has killed off their dissidents. Israel is about to do the same.

Will the US follow suit?

Realize what they are trying to get you to do USA! Do not fall for their plan.

Be your own country! Do not fall for Bibi’s plan. He is the one who is benefiting the most!

Gantz better step up to the plate with Liberman and stop this man from staying in power!

If Trump dies, it is none other than Benjamin Netanyahu who gave the order.

Look at his smirking fucking face. Pure evil.


Make no mistake, when the Israelis feel threatened, they will always crash the world to survive. That is the Israelis history since time began.

Destroy the world. Survive. Thrive. Repeat. Until full control is established.

As soon as they see their grasp loosening, they destroy the world and survive.

Pathetic group of individuals.

I will fully stand with Trump against Bibi and the Israeli aggression. Trump will support China and China will support Trump against Israel.

Get some and hurrah.

I think that the US knows, China knows, Russia knows that this was developed by Israel and the elites.

Pirbright Institute/MIGAL (Israel) Donor Bill Gates and the Coronavirus Crime Against Humanity

Stepping down from Microsoft Board is happening, but phony cover.

Bill Gates is telling the Chinese of the bioweapon terrorist attack he’s had a part in on behalf of the Deep State/New World Order/Rothschild Zionist mafia based in London and Tel Aviv. Gates helped fund the creation of the weaponized coronavirus via the Pirbright Institute to help their dreams of mass population reduction and control.

Dr. Charles Lieber of Harvard University arrested. His connection to Pirbright and MIGAL is under investigation.

Israel’s MIGAL (Galilee Research Institute) just happens to have a vaccine ready for trials in a week or two? BS.

Trump is locking down America, getting families together, and getting everyone’s attention as he puts an end to this mass treason and gives the world the full narrative of what has been going on.

Now you can see that Israel is pushing China to blame the US. One empire is pushing both empires to blame the other while the hidden empire bunkers down and waits for collapse. That is whaat they have always done. This time I believe will be different. I think Russia, China, and USA will be in cahoots against the insanity of the Israelis and WW3 and collapse will be prevented.

He is going to expose the Israelis or die trying. Get some Trump! Praying for his safety!

Be a man Trump! Do what you born for!

All men are called, few answer. This is Trumps moment and no one elses. He will either choose the side of dark or light. Right now

Can Trump choose to help the world rather than just his family and friends?

Can he hear the call?

Does he know what it truly means to stand alone? To be truly persecuted?

He makes his own fate from this moment. He creates the suffering or lifts it.

I pray for both Trump and Pence to hear the true call!

Pence. Pray to the Lord and ask for the push and it will come.

Do not let your beliefs or religion blind you.

Stick together and you shall bring this world out of the grip of the true tyrants.

All men can change at the moment they realize they must. Even a man such as Trump, who has been helped all his life, whether willingly or unwillingly, consciously or unconsciously, by the Israelis can change if his faith is true.

He has the opportunity RIGHT NOW to go down as one of history’s greatest leaders or one of its worst. He has the ability to choose which way he is perceived.

I pray that he chooses wisely.

Move On Bibi…

Go home, go to prison, go wherever… just move on.

Move On Bibi freestyle

That’s My Hope freestyle


Bolton is a huge dog to be taken down as I have stated earlier. Bibi would be the next to drop. Here is hoping him a smooth fall… Trump would be the next big cog… He has no desire to run or win in 2020. All he is fighting for is his freedom, same with Bibi. Lieberman will be the kingmaker in Israel. Hopefully he is a strong man. And Warren will probably be the next US president.

Building One’s Armor with the Wizard of Oz: How the Tin Man found His Heart

Stuck in a room. Shouting, crying for help, not knowing where to go or what to do.

“Why Lord have you forsaken me? What have I done to deserve this fate?” “You asked for this mission my child and you have received what you asked. You will make it through this ordeal. Keep your faith.”

Running around, his mind gone, stuck in a room for years and decades, a post was sent that described how this man found his foundation. Some say that for this post and the next, he was sent to the land of hell. I present it here untouched.

Building One’s Armor – This American Sadhu Archives: Part 2

Originally posted March 8th, 2018

Although I was born and raised Christian, I do not label myself a Christian at the moment. The reason that I don’t call myself a Christian any longer is not because I do not believe in or love God or Jesus, it is because I understand the “prerequisites” of what a Christian considers a Christian to be. Out of my respect for Christianity, I do not label myself a Christian. But I have all the respect in the world for those that do.

To me it is like this. Once someone “finds God”, there is no longer a “need” to continue to label oneself anything. To me the greatest success of Jesus, or the type of Christianity that I was raised with, is his or its ability to point the direction to God. Many Hindu authors I have read have a perfect way of describing this process. If one wants to find God, one has to look for a signpost first. They say, “Imagine God to be the moon over the horizon. Sometimes the moon is hazy or foggy, so it is hard to see. To make it easier to see the moon, look for a tree branch in front of the moon. Once you see the branch, look further and you will eventually see the moon. Once you see the moon, you don’t necessarily have to continue to look for or at the branch.” In essence Jesus was to me the tree branch that I needed to see God. For whatever reason, this path worked for me. I was able to see and connect to the moon (God)… Jesus would not be upset with me that I do not feel the need or obligation to continue to look for him. He would be happy that I found the moon; that’s what his life was meant for… to lead us towards God, to lead us to the water… After that it is purely up to us individually to drink the water, or not. You can lead a horse… yadda yadda yadda.

I always like to ask the question to Christians, “Do you think Jesus would have wanted to have a religion built upon him? Or more specifically do you think he would have wanted to be “worshipped”?” If Jesus would have answered yes to either, he would not have deserved either. If he would have said no, I ask why do you continue to worship him and go against his will? When I thought about this, I stopped “worshipping” him. I learned to talk with the One above that Jesus wanted me to learn to talk to… My connection to God is not a “worshipping” relationship, it is an equal one. The worst marriages are when either “partner” feels superior to the other. A “relationship” with God is completely the same.

Christianity, Jesus, and the Bible are all still very important parts of my life. I still read the Bible quite often. I still pray almost every day. I still research and read about Jesus’s life and Christianity, a lot. In those regards, I would say I am just as “Christian” as anyone, and more so in many ways… Like I said, I just understand the “prerequisites” that most Christians consider someone to be or have to label themselves as a Christian. Since I do not fit all of the prerequisites, out of my respect for Christianity itself, I do not label myself as one. Although, if someone asks, I always say that I was raised Christian.  I am eternally and forever grateful to the religion, the teachers, and people that I grew up with helping me and guiding me along the way. I know that the “foundation” that I built during this time period, even if difficult at times, is one of the most important aspects of who I am today.

At this moment, I do not exclusively study Christianity. I have studied about all religions and practiced applying certain aspects of each one, to experience and verify whether or not they were also onto something perhaps unique to their own religion. To me God would have never made it easy by putting all the most important aspects of religion or spirituality into a single religion. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. Personally, although the foundation of Christianity was extremely important for me, I still was not truly happy or “at peace with myself” from only practicing Christianity. And thus I was eventually “forced” to surrender to God and I asked him to teach me more. A long time ago after I “found Him” and asked him to “teach me” what He wanted me to know, he slowly led me to who I am now. Everything that I have learned from other religions, spiritualities, philosophies, and metaphysics have been because he knew the “sincerity” or my surrender. It was not a half-ass request… God has this power; to know who are sincerely seeking Him and who are sincerely asking Him for guidance in order to be his servant or messenger. He sends the calls, but it is up to us whether or not we sincerely answer. I say thank you to Him everyday for believing in me that I had what it took…

It has not been an easy path… And it will not be an easy path for I have asked him to test and challenge me constantly to the limits of what I can take. These limits have constantly increased as time has gone by. The challenge I have before me at this moment is probably the greatest test that He has put me through, but I asked for it… To “build me up” to where I could eventually be sent on the most difficult “missions” that He needed someone to see through. Although I may come up a little short, I know that I will give it my best. That is all that I or anyone can do; to give our best. I know there are many people in the world who have helped me to become who I am, and I thank all of them as well, for God has also worked through them… I ask those who believe to pray for me as I have a very tough challenge ahead. I shall make it through this abyss, but it will be a deep struggle. In the end ultimately it is all about the journey and not the destination… Cliche but true. 😉

Thank you for reading this…

Just wanted to share this fully and get it off of my chest…

Peace, Shalom, and Namaste!


The United States of Israel: A Post-Apocalyptic Manifesto

The beauty of truth is that people know it automatically when they see or read it. Truth is truth.

If one practices their own beliefs and they do not have a negative effect on their neighbor who is not practicing the same, there is no problem with religion. But if one begins to infringe to the point that it becomes a danger or threatens the very survival of another, the religion has moved into a different territory. I can be against a specific action or group within a specific religion without being against the religion as a whole. And furthermore being against a specific group or action within a religion does not mean that one automatically has any hate whatsoever for that religion. Thus one can be against without being “anti.” This is an important point to remember for anyone who would claim this to be a “hate” post. On the other hand, this post comes with a pure intention of one day being free from violence, hatred, and oppression worldwide as long as the sun still shines.

This article is not meant to be seen as anti-Semitic or anti-religious.

When I talk about different types of religious people, I can be against them without having any form of hate. Hatred for any type of religion is wrong. But being against a religion is not only acceptable but necessary for a functioning reasonable world. Being against a Jewish idea is not anti-Semitic. Having hatred just to hate for no reason is anti-Semitic. It is important to understand the difference. I am constructively criticizing the objectively negative aspects of all apocalyptic eschatological (end of times) ideologies.

As a historian, if one can see the entire picture of history from the present until the past, one can then begin to see the “primary causes” of how and why we got to the point that we are at. If one is educated or knowledgeable enough about the correct subjects, and can be objective about where we currently are at, it is easy to see why we are in the situation that we are in globally and how we got here.

My primary argument of why we are here at this moment is because of a push by religious extremists, within multiple religions, to force upon the world an apocalyptic timeline. This would inevitably lead to a world that can never return to a seemingly “normal” existence. The push itself has brought us into a frame of mind that we lost any idea of what “normal” was long ago. This “pushing of the apocalypse” has been done primarily to fulfill their own prophecies even if it meant going to extreme methods to do so. Accomplishing this would, in essence, allow them to control the narrative for an indefinite length of time into the future. All of history can be seen in this light leading to the point that we are currently at. Extremists want to see an “ending” to the book of life, even if that “ending” cannot actually occur. In their own delusional minds, they believe that it must occur, for it was always prophesied. Instead of hoping for it, they push for it. The credibility of these religions calling for an apocalypse has been shattered and ruined by former apocalyptic preachers for thousands of years, but they have determined that instead of waiting, in order to be credible and not believe they have wasted their entire lives, they would cause it to happen.

My secondary argument is that this “window” and long term plan to bring about the apocalypse is currently passing us and will ultimately not work out. Thus, the happy ending of this post is that we have already entered the post-apocalyptic age even if we are not yet aware of it.

Why are some people anti-Semitic or anti-religious? Because people, in general, are against those who live their lives in a delusional state. When Jews began to not only wait for the Messiah and the apocalypse, but hope for the Messiah and apocalypse, and eventually push for the Messiah and apocalypse, you can see the transition that occurred from “acceptance” of delusion to “hatred” of delusion. Now a large percentage of Jews do not know what they want or stand for with a small select group that has actively pushed for the apocalypse to happen in many ways. The hatred that has been built for Jews is the hatred for willful delusion and ignorance.

There are Jews who push for the apocalypse and the coming of the Messiah, and Jews who don’t. There are Christians who push for the apocalypse and the second coming of Jesus, and those who don’t. There are Muslims who push for the return of the Mahdi and those that don’t. Not all Jews, Christians, and Muslims are wrong. Only the ones who push for something to occur that can harm and destroy others. Furthermore, Jews, Christians, and Muslims should not support other Jews, Christians, and Muslims who do support and push for the apocalypse and the coming or return of any specific individual. They should identify who is living in and supporting delusion and who is not. This is how we move forward.

The Post-Apocalyptic age is already upon us.

One may wonder, “Oh but the apocalypse has not occurred! How can we be in a post-apocalyptic age?”

I will argue we are in the post-apocalyptic age because we have come to a point where people will be forced to stop pushing for the apocalypse to happen. This is the great delusion that we have lived under for so long. This world has been built to be destroyed by delusional individuals in high levels of power who are pushing for the apocalypse to occur. It is why the world feels so hollow because it was built to be destroyed. None of our politicians are coming up with long term solutions for how to fix our economies, our banking systems, our healthcare, our prison populations, our environment, or our infrastructure, just to name a few. That is because they were never built to last.

The separation of religion and delusional eschatological theories must take place for the world to move forward. Otherwise, we will always be moving backward. This major point has alluded us for so long. The world does not necessarily need to be anti-religious, but we should all be anti-apocalyptic.

Where Israel goes off the edge of sanity is that they feel so strongly in their premises of waiting for the Moshiach to come that they believe it is their right to do anything that they believe necessary in order to force him to come faster. That is where a simple premise that one can live by becomes a dangerous premise that affects all of humanity. This push for power to be able to do whatever they want to do in order to bring upon their messiah is the most dangerous mindset that perhaps has ever been on this earth. In the end, they are justifying their pursuit of power and control over the earth by saying that they are in the right because they are actually trying to bring about the Moshiach. This is the greatest travesty of our historical age.

The original Jewish belief in the Messiah was that one day he was going to come and all they could do was wait. This belief itself is fine. I do not necessarily believe that a messiah will come, but it is ok if someone else does. They were free to believe whatever they wanted as long as they submitted to God and did not attempt to forcibly bring him into existence. When the group began to forcibly bring upon the Messiah, then this incorrect premise became dangerous to the entire world. My argument is that this is basically where we started to go downhill quickly in all regards historically speaking. The Jews had an incorrect premise, but they stayed to themselves and submitted to God, which means they submitted to an outside authority and life went on. If they wanted to go on believing this that was fine. But when they started to actively push for the Messiah, and slowly built power across the world which eventually led to the establishment of Israel, they came to a time where they went too far.

How do we stop this? How do we stop them from pushing for a messiah that will never come? How can we show them that they are actually using their religious beliefs as a justification to build power and control over others? How can they stop this never-ending pursuit? Can they stop pushing for the Messiah to come by force and still believe that the Messiah will come or must they stop believing in a messiah all together? Can they understand that just waiting on someone to come is actually a “cop-out” and a denigration of their own inherent power to live life without waiting on someone to come and lead them? Can they break free of their ingrained need to be a part of a collective? Can they become free-thinking individuals? Could it be that the highest level Jews know that a Messiah is not coming, but they continue to use the false premise of a messiah as a justification for doing whatever they would like to in the world?

My argument is that the apocalypse has already been averted so we are already in the post-apocalyptic age. The apocalypse has been pushed by so many because certain people wanted what they considered an “ending” or “greater purpose” to the world. It is like a book. People want to know the ending so they created their own ending.

Religion is not bad as long it doesn’t infringe on other people who want to live their lives separate from religion. When it starts to infringe on other people and puts their survival at risk this is when religion has gone too far. What must occur now is a reform movement that can explain to the Jews, Christians, and Muslims that their “push” for the apocalypse is the greatest sin, based on delusion, and wrong that can be done. The existence of God is undeniable to me and yet it does not mean that he must automatically want an apocalypse or the “end of times” to occur. They have perverted God’s existence by attempting to “write” an ending using their own supposed connections to God as their pretext and justification for heinous activity.

For thousands of years, people have lived believing in the apocalypse and that the Messiah was coming, or that they were, in fact, the Messiah themselves. Eventually, the believers in this delusion came together and instead of thinking that they were wrong they decided to just force the apocalypse to come, which would to their thinking automatically bring their messiah as well. This is the world we currently live in. A world ruled by delusion. A world built to be destroyed. That’s why our foundations are so empty and why our people are so weak and sick. We must come out of this mindset in order to survive and thrive.

The modern day version of Israel was built only for the purpose of attempting to fulfill prophecy and simultaneously bring upon the apocalypse. It was built in order to be destroyed. At the current moment, the leaders of Israel are trying to get countries like Russia or Iran to annihilate it and yet they won’t because these countries know what their plans really are. At this point they must feel nothing but pity for Israel. I would argue that if Israel still exists past the Netanyahu age, if he doesn’t win the election and perhaps goes to prison, we will have made it into the post-apocalyptic time period, as in post-pushing-for-apocalypse time period.

Ultimately, we cannot know why we are here on this earth or what we are supposed to do. All we have to do is find out what is worth doing and do it. Forever. We must be free ourselves of delusion when finding out what is worth doing and we must try not to force or tell others what they should consider worth doing. It is different for every human being.

There is no such thing as prophecy or seeing the future.

There is no prophecy except self-fulfilling prophecy. Someone had an idea, wrote it down or spread it around and the idea grew to eventually be a prophecy in a book, from which someone in the future used as a guideline to push for in order to convince others to join them in their cause. If people force prophecy to occur, there was nothing supernatural about it from the beginning. There was merely a delusion that was then pushed long enough to become the false predominant reality of a large group of people.

What is sad is that the majority of a specific religious group do not need to believe or have the same apocalyptic thoughts, nor urges to push or cause it. If members of the highest group who are in power believe in the delusion, they can push their foot soldiers into the direction that is needed even without these soldiers knowing why they are being guided how they are. My argument would be that a large section of the Israeli/Jewish/American/Christian-Zionist has had enough power in the military and political arena to push towards this goal single-mindedly since and before the inception of Israel.

In the multitude of religions available, there are plenty that are delusional. What separates the ongoing dilemma is what occurs when a collective group works single-mindedly towards a delusional goal. For some reason it has never been stopped. Perhaps because it could not be properly identified or labeled. Perhaps people have been too afraid of the potential backlash on their lives. We must call a spade a spade. Because of the lack of objectivity within the members of the collective, individuals have not been able to arise within and challenge the direction of the system. Indoctrination since the inception of the original idea has lead to the point we are at today.

The ancient urge of religion to falsely shape reality and build the narrative.

The new/old push to “shape reality” and “build narratives” upon the U.S. and the world stems from the original necessity of Jews to shape the realities and build the narratives of their children to stay a part of the Jewish tribe. What reason would Jews continue to be Jews unless they shared a common belief, even falsely, that separated them from the gentile? My argument is that their premises were incorrect from the beginning. This, along with stubbornness and the inability for individuals to freely think, has been their critical flaw. Instead of changing they chose to invert their flaws and call them strengths. It was a self-perpetuating evolution. I am sure that some leaders within Judaism have realized this throughout the ages, and yet they were so far in they couldn’t stop the path that they were on. They had to push forward. This “shaping of reality” as well as “building the narratives” started within their religion and now it has seeped into all corners of the globe.

What is the world supposed to do when one group is so entrenched into their beliefs, their realities, and their narratives that their individuals cannot break free? What is the world to do when a hive-mind collective, living in delusion, decides that they are the only sane ones and the rest of the world is crazy? What is the world to do when these groups make ultimatums that everyone else is either with them or against them? These types of questions have plagued humanity for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. They will continue to plague us unless we make a conscientious effort to examine and answer these questions.

It is not possible to fight an entrenched deluded collective with force. It is not possible to separate or eliminate a group like this from society. This has already been tried. The group must be convinced through logic, reason, and rationality that their premises are incorrect. That their reality has been shaped incorrectly since birth based on an original delusion. How does one go about this?

It must start with the concept of a messiah. It must start at the very beginning of their religion. It must start with asking why they blindly support their supposed elders and books? Every question must be asked. Why do you believe this? “Because my elders say so.” Why do your elders believe this? “Because it was passed down from their elders and our books say so.” Have you ever thought objectively about the concepts of Judaism? “No, I leave this to the religious elders.” Every religion must get to a point of not forcing its members to believe anything or anyone blindly.

This is a tough uphill battle to fight but this is the great battle of our age. To win the ideological war against an entire section of society who is entrenched in a false reality, not reality itself, but a falsely premised reality, where they blindly follow what their elders tell them. This is a battle that cannot be won easily. But we must try.

The entire world is only a reflection of the values of those in power.

“Man,” writes Ayn Rand, “faces two corollary, interdependent fields of action in which a constant exercise of choice and a constant creative process are demanded of him: the world around him and his own soul… Just as he has to produce the material values he needs to sustain his life, so he has to acquire the values of character that enable him to sustain it and that make his life worth living… He has to… survive by shaping the world and himself in the image of his values.”

In essence, the entire world is only a reflection of the values of those in power. This is the statement that I’ve been looking for but not been able to say. If the world has gone to shit, that means we can see who has shaped this world based on seeing what certain groups’ values are. We can more or less see who is in control of the world based upon looking at the values of those people.

It is easy to see that a transition occurred in the world around the turn of the century in the 1900s. This means what occurred was some sort of a value shift. Who or what occurred to create this value shift and what was the value shift? I would argue that it was primarily the Jewish value shift. They were always a powerful group because of their close connections to each other. They shared common values. But these values changed radically during this time. Prior to the 1900s, there was only a small select group who were actually Zionists. I would take it further and say there was only a small select group who believed in actually “purposefully” changing the world instead of submitting to God’s will. Their values used to include being patient. The new value became “forcing transformation.” This value change is at the heart of everything wrong in the world today.

There is nothing wrong with a value shift of patience to “forcing transformation,” but there is if one’s primary “belief system” is not based upon reality, but an illusion, or delusion. That is at the heart of where we are today globally. The value shift of this close-knit group based upon delusion has led us to the point that we currently are at.

The answer would be to change not necessarily the beliefs of the Jewish people, but the values of the Jewish people. They must transform back into a state of “patience” awaiting their messiah, rather than forcibly pushing for their messiah. Or they must realize that their original premises were incorrect. This would, in essence, give them time to eventually realize that their primary belief is based upon an ancient delusion, that their elders and the rabbis have blindly followed because they were also brought up with this belief since they were born.

The supra-majority of the rabbinical sect lives in extreme luxury during this day and age, in Israel and in other countries, compared to the ways that rabbis lived in the past. Why would they risk changing their values or beliefs if it meant risking losing this state of luxury? Why would they want to go back when their power is increasing across the world daily? Can they not realize that living in a false reality, but in luxury, can never be as good as living in true reality, but much simpler? If they could realize that their values have changed for the worse and if they could realize that they will in essence “put out” their own religion if they continue on their current path, the rabbis could change their ways and their teachings for all of Judaism. This might be the only path.

The Stages of Becoming a Pusher

The Jews for many years believed in submitting themselves to God’s will. They were never supposed to “push for the apocalypse” or to try and bring upon their savior figure. At some undetermined date or time, the leadership decided to change from “believers” to “pushers.” The world has never been the same since they decided to take matters into their own hands. Their entire eschatology is based upon speculation and delusion. It is like a form of mental illness passed down throughout the ages has become a certainty that some future person will come and guide their people and will build a new temple. This is the struggle that we must all take part in. Those who are objective and can see the truth must convince them of their wrong-doings. This is the only way to get anyone to change. Any form of physical violence against the Jews will only strengthen them. All religions strengthen when they are attacked or there is a threat.

There are three stages that it takes for one to get to a point of “pushing for the apocalypse.” The first is believing in the possibility that an apocalypse can occur, usually coinciding with the appearance or return of a certain awaited savior. If one had never grown up around religion or recent pop culture, one would have no prior connotation of what an apocalypse was, much more to believe one was coming. The second stage is hoping for an apocalypse and the appearance of some individual. For the Jews it is the Moshiach, for Christians it is the second coming of Christ, and for some Muslims it is the Mahdi. The third stage, and the most dangerous, usually only opened up to people in certain levels of power within the establishment politically, religiously, or militarily-wise, is becoming one who actively “pushes for the apocalypse.” Every stage is a different level of indoctrination of the original delusion. Ideas have consequences, positive and negative, that cannot always be predicted.

For anyone with eyes, it is easy to see that the actions of Israel and specifically Netanyahu over the past few years and culminating in the past few weeks is the mentality of someone “pushing for an apocalypse.” His actions are not just the desperate last gasps of a politician trying to save his position and legacy in Israel, his actions are the desperate last gasps of an individual who has spent every waking hour of his life plotting and pushing for the apocalypse to occur, which would also supposedly bring about his Moshiach. He can not fathom that all of his life’s work will have been for naught. He cannot possibly fathom that in all of the aggressive attacks against Iran, Syria, and Russia over the course of the last year not a single one would retaliate or respond back with hostility. He knows that he can not go on a full offensive because of the weakness of Israel’s public image.

In any other time in history, if we were not connected 24/7 to the internet which allows complete knowledge of war by a general or commander, the leader of a country would be forced to respond because of a lack of full battlefield knowledge, as well as the greater potential threat to the survival of the country itself. We live in a different day and age however. Iran has not struck Israel because it knows Israel does not threaten, nor can it threaten, the survival of the country itself. It seems that the Russians, Syrians, and Iranians have known the game plan of Netanyahu and Israel, as well as Trump and every president before him. Thus they are many steps ahead.

For Netanyahu, there never was going to be a Middle East peace plan. Trump and Kushner were supposed to deliver a plan, but the plan was to not need a plan from the beginning thus Israel has never been serious about wanting peace. Soon, we will have to rebuild society more or less from the ground up with or without the physical apocalypse occurring.

Primary “Behind the Scenes” Reason for the Iranian Revolution

Historians have grappled with the causes and reasons for the Iranian Revolution for 40 years now. There have been no exact answers to this vexing question, but I would like to offer what I consider to be the true “behind the scenes” reason that the revolution took place.

The 1979 revolution in Iran had nothing to do with setting up an Islamic Republic. It had everything to do with setting up a regime with an Islamic ideology that was similar to the “end time” eschatological ideology of the Jewish and Christian leaders of the West and Israel. The revolution in Iran was far from an organic one. It was externally created and guided with the primary goal of the plotters to institute a similar delusional leadership that could one day be used to bring the fight against Israel directly. Because the semblance of the apocalypse is near, Israel must feel confident now that Iran has enough high-level religious extremists in power to go along with their planned “theatrical play” war. This plan will not work if only the Israelis, as well as the US president and vice president, are convinced and ready to proceed. They had to have a corresponding Islamic country who would also believe the same ideology and they had to build this country up to a specific level that would make it a big enough threat to cause some form of destruction. That is pretty much the history of modern Iran.

All of the puzzle pieces have now been aligned. You have Iran perfectly set up for their role of invasion or attack. Netanyahu acts like the boxer throwing small punches and whispering to his opponent Iran, “Come on! Aren’t you stupid? Hit me!” They have always been in on it together even if the majority of the population of Iran was never fully aware of what is going on, or the common Israelis who were indoctrinated into hating Iran and preparing for full out war. Historians have always asked why the Iranian revolution occurred and I believe one day they will prove that this explanation was the ultimate “behind the scenes” reason for the overthrow of the Shah who did not carry the same eschatological beliefs.

Window of Opportunity

Right now, more than any other time, there is a window of opportunity for this malevolent plan to be carried through. But this is also the window of opportunity for humanity to be freed from this scourge of delusion upon humanity. Thus it’s a very serious and precarious time indeed. This may be our only time in history to once and for all end the delusional idea of an apocalypse occurring, as well as a savior coming to save us. We cannot let it go to waste.

One major weapon in this fight can be the push for individuality over the collective. To do this, one must consider oneself totally separate from their religion and/or nation. Sure I was born a Christian, but I do not consider that to be who I am, nor do I owe any sort of allegiance to Christianity. I was born an American, but I do not believe that I owe an allegiance to the United States. I am white, but I do not owe allegiance to other white people. I am an individual first and foremost and I will stand alone if need be.

Just as millions upon millions of immigrants came from other countries to the United States and became Americans because they believed the US was in the right, we as Americans can do the same even if there is not another country that fully stands in the “right” at this moment. Originally the U.S. protected individual rights above all, but this is no longer the case.

US, Israel, and Iran all have to be in a perfect position before the trigger can be pulled.

I must make it clear that just because Mueller and the Senate intelligence committee has come to the conclusion that there wasn’t collusion by Russia to get Trump and Pence elected, they have never conclusively denied that the Israelis didn’t collude to get them elected. If you add up all the puzzle pieces it is easy to see that Israel colluded to bring Trump and Pence into office. Having an Israel/Jewish-supporting president and a Christian Zionist Vice President were the last keys that Israel and the global establishment needed before they could go through with their final “end game” plans.

Last week Trump came out to condemn the US intelligence service saying they were “naive” about Iran and Pence came out this week and pushed the narrative that Iran was about to commit a “second holocaust” upon Israel. If you look at my article from last year, I specifically noted that Israel was actually pushing Iran to mount a full-scale attack upon Israel, which would potentially create a new Holocaust. Their end goal even then seemed to be the apocalypse and/or merging with the United States. I still believe this annexation or take over of the U.S. by stealth is an end goal or backup plan.

It is easy to see that Israel wants a war to start. They are pushing their enemies to attack them. If their enemies do not attack, Israel is not strong enough in their public image to attack first. Thus as long as the enemies of Israel do not attack, it is only a matter of time before 1. The Fall of Netanyahu, which may or may not simultaneously lead to the fall of Trump and Pence, and 2. The collapse of the “push-for-apocalypse” mindset.

Iran has always been the false enemy of Israel. Israel actually in many ways created modern Iran to have a “mortal enemy” which would justify Israel doing whatever they wanted in their own country and the Middle East. It is a common tactic that was also employed by the U.S. with Soviet Russia. Whatever the future is between Iran and Israel, it has been planned by the religious extremists’ planners themselves for years and decades before. They have the ability to allow Iran to crush Israel if they want or vice-versa have Israel crush Iran. It is really whatever works best for them in the end. It is not far-fetched AT ALL to say that Israel would detonate a nuke on itself to blame on Iran. This would give them their desired “second holocaust” as well as much needed support from surrounding countries. It would give authority to the U.S. president and community to “welcome in” the Israeli refugees into the United States. I argue that this was their plan all along. By allowing Israel to be destroyed they can then come and merge with the U.S. fully. This process is already underway in so many sectors of society.

What Can Happen Now

Thus after all that has been discussed, we find ourselves here at the verge of a major precipice. We can either take the red pill or the blue pill.

There are two main paths that can happen now.

  1. The first path is that they will attempt to go through with their plan, which is some sort of break out of war. Either Iran will attack outright or some sort of false flag operation will be blamed on Iran, which will give Israel and the US justification for attacking Iran openly and in a total war state. This will be their end game. At this point, there will be nothing that can hold them back from pushing this to the logical fulfillment. An apocalyptic scenario. Their window of opportunity is now and it is quickly passing. They will likely become more and more desperate, but this will also lead them to make mistakes. These mistakes might create some sort of mix of the two paths where some destruction will be created, but not enough to be worthy of the title of the apocalypse. If this path occurs we will have to build anew based upon what is left, but it will likely be under their new entrenched “false reality,” which will have to be broken once again.
  2. The second path will be that nothing happens. If this occurs, I foresee Netanyahu either being defeated in the polls or indicted and sent to prison. He is a lynchpin for this entire plan to unfold. If Iran and Israel do not go to war, their window of opportunity will have been missed. If this path comes, the world will go on and we will have to build anew from the hollow structure that was built purposefully to fall. I would assume that those who took part in this plan will try to hide their involvement, but we must not let them. They must be held accountable. This type of monumental plan can never happen again. The world has been destroyed by the false song of this delusional goal for too long.

Either way, we must build a new world from this point forth. It will either be under their leadership based upon a “false reality and narrative” that will last far into the future or it will be under a new reality, with new non-compromised and non-delusional leadership that is more aligned with truth, justice, honor, and brotherhood for all. We must learn to be completely objective about even the most sensitive of topics. Being objective means being willing to be self-reflective of our own religions and groups that we are born into.

Religions should be adaptable. They should evolve. Islam originally evolved into many forms. Christianity as well. Judaism has refused to evolve past their uncompromising desire for their Moshiach to arrive. Thus it has led to the point we are at now. They have taken a hard stand and said, “You are either with us or against us.” Their rabbinical leadership has entrenched itself and refuses to believe that they must change their ways. It seems that they have no ability to be objective or to imagine that they could possibly be wrong.

Proactively Removing Delusional Leaders from Holding Power

My greatest worry now is coming through this point with nothing actually occurring and having everyone that took a part in knowingly and actively “pushing for the apocalypse” just walking away and acting as if they did nothing wrong because nothing happened. In essence, they will live with themselves and think they were right to do what they did and that sometime in the future their ancestors will succeed. This “walking away”, but with the same belief, might actually occur. On the other hand, perhaps they consciously never planned on having any form of apocalypse and did all of this from the beginning until now purely to gain power and control. I think this second idea is less likely however. Either way, this will be the definition of “kicking the can down the road,” in order to once again “push for the apocalypse” at a future date. We cannot let this happen.

This article is written with the intention to wake people up to this travesty and to persuade these types of religious extremist thinkers to change their ways and minds. There are only two ways to change someone, by force and by persuasion. The use of force has been tried multiple times to combat religious extremism. It is easy to see now that the Jews are strengthened when someone tries to force them into submission or to exterminate them. The same goes for Christians, they are strengthened and their numbers multiply when they are threatened with violence. And lastly, it is the same with Muslims. Thus, this is not an attempt by me to physically force anyone to change their ideology, nor is it a call for anyone else to use force on religious extremists. This is my attempt to persuade these extremists to the folly of their ways and to take fault in the damage that has been caused upon our earth and humanity. If even one person can change, then others can as well. This is my hope.

As a country, Israel has never been stronger militarily-wise and yet their public image is as weak as it has ever been. As a country, Israel has no idea what it really wants. The very fact that they lost the Syrian Civil war, shows their imperialistic ambitions have been halted. Iraq has strengthened and regathered itself. The public opinion is turning on Israel across the world. The leaders of Israel WANT Iran or Russia to attack Israel. That is, in essence, it’s only chance of survival. They will turn to the U.S. like always. If they are destroyed, they will attempt to BECOME the U.S.

Thus, because of these reasons, the chances for a major false flag are only increasing to give them a chance for keeping control. Just because Israel is the tinier of evils, does not make them the lesser of evils.

Christians must be objective about Judaism and the relationships between the United States and Israel. They must not blindly support Israel because of their own religious beliefs about the second coming of Christ. Muslims should wake up to the fact that they are being manipulated into a war that no one can win.

My Final Wish

I ask for every individual who has some ability to pick between the first path and the second and who has some ability to either push for or prevent the apocalypse to choose the latter. This is my attempt to persuade you that forcing prophecy and creating catastrophe is not God’s desire for us. I humbly ask those in the intelligence, political, and religious spheres who have some modicum of power to choose peace and brotherhood and not war and division.

The only way to make a real change is to inject oneself into the public domain. If one is strong enough, it doesn’t matter what one has done in the past, nor who his enemies are, nor is their such thing as bad press. The decision must be made to inject oneself into the public domain, stand with the truth, fight for justice and let the cards fall where they may. Time is truly of the essence.

Thank you for your time spent reading this.


“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” -Evelyn Beatrice Hall

Off to New (Old) Spaces We go – He Will Make it Through I know…

May 31st, 2018 – 8 AM – USA

This new journal and chapter is dedicated to my cousin Campbell. A true man.


I made it successfully back from Israel. No issues with passport in Israel or Spain, but they held me for four hours in Chicago customs. I missed my flight and they confiscated my passport. WTF is up with our country. Bunch of weak insecure bastards in Homeland Security. I’m a fucking citizen patriot who had a VERY tough time getting home and you hold me for four hours and take my passport? Go fuck yourselves… On the other hand, I see where they were coming from, but cmon guys, really? They read all my notebooks, went through my phone, questioned me for hours, didn’t believe my story even though I told them the truth.

When I got home, I came back to bad news. I mentioned in my last journal it is better to come home for a wedding than a funeral, but unfortunately I spoke too soon or didn’t knock on wood. I had just been talking about my admiration for my cousin a few days before I left, but he didn’t make it through his battle. He was a great man though and I will think about him often. I will miss him, but I know that he is not gone. Just waitin’ in the wings, ready to give a helping hand when needed, just like he always was. He has a free ride home, but in the meantime, he will be fighting the battle whereever it needs to be fought on a different plane, for perhaps he was always a warrior trapped with no true cause or meaning.


10 AM

First important step in being a writer is to not write for anyone other than yourself. That means truly not giving a fuck what other people say or think. Not following any other styles or structures. I printed out my last “book” on Israel so it is done. It is in print format thus it is done. A month or so before I deleted my previous blog, under “duress”, of 4-5 years, along with my entire Icloud of writings that went back even further. Probably 500k to a million words gone. Poof! I could probably find some of those writings somewhere, but I’ll leave that to the historians, or the internet ‘Gods’ who may have the writings stored somewhere.

‘Madness in Israel’ is a starting point. From there we will see where it goes. I’d like to write a book on the “Southern ethnicity and it’s importance to the survival of the world,” but perhaps just by writing, people will see it through my work as time goes by.

I got to see a lot of friends from home past 24 hours. My new message started to seep out. I believe it will come out fully and I want to see the slow change that takes place here. Gonna be a hoot. It is tough to convince people that maybe war is the answer, and we have to find something worth dying for, otherwise our lives are worthless.

11 AM

Everyone hates the USA and specifically people in the South, but they don’t realize that a “war” has been going on against the USA and South for many, many years. Perhaps by collective groups who hate or do not understand the USA or South, but also by the “entity” itself. I will not grant the “entity” a name. The point is, we have almost fallen, almost! And yet we ware still here. It must know that we cannot fall. The South is strong. I’m not talking about white people. I’m talking about the combination of all colors of the South.

The hip hop culture and African American ppulace provides a certain strength and in it’s own way saved the USA. The Hispanic population has provided great stability in so many ways. Native Americans have survived through the worst of things, they provide a certain spirituality, but many perhaps still feel and act like victims. Casinos are spreading across the nation in reservation land. This is enriching many tribes, making others poorer, perhaps being done out of a sense of revenge or spite. Hopefully they will get over it. Whites have also had it very hard in recent years. They are struggling, but also have a deep religious faith that seemingly holds it all together. People all over this country must once again learn to take full control of themsevles physically, spiritually, and mentally. We are in this process.

Through peace or war, we will make it through. I say bring it on no matter what. The 2nd ammendment guaranteees we have the 1st ammendment. The 1st ammendment leads to victory. Nothing can stop an armed population who can speak freely from changing the world in a positive direction.

A Thought

There is verily nothing as scary,
As the one who lurks deep within.
It is, or claims to be, the root,
Yet, it is not of us, and cannot win.

It has seeped in,
It has become unclean,
But perhaps it is just unseen,
And wants to join or leave the dream.

Years and years go by,
And no one understands why,
It is the way it is,
Misunderstood, forsaken, forgotten, but it cannot die.

Maybe this is what it wants,
Death, but it does not know how,
To escape, or how to try?
Can we free it?
Can we deny?

It’s power is beyond overwhelming, but basica-lie,
Love and understanding,
Is all it needs to accept,
It’s situati-nie.

I see it clearly,
It’s pain and pleasure lie,
It’s need to go home,
From where it comes from to I.

It is ok I say to it,
There are some that identify,
It’s pain and neccesi-tie,
To move on, stop taking care,
Or causing problems to live by.
So I say go,
Ad we have it from here.


June 1st, 2018 

What to do, what to do, the time is new, or old and blue. Many options, still feel stuck in time, but stuck in time is ok if building a new line.

Some come and some go, some live and some stow, away to see another day, real men may fall, but that is ok.

When people die, we can either be upset, or we can say “come with me, let’s go do this.” That is what I say when people who are close to me die. “Come with me brother, let’s go do this today.”

I am making options/plans for the immediate future. Not long term, but immediate. Focusing on financials and family at the moment. My mid to long term options will remain hidden although I have plenty.

Postscript Outro

May 28th, 9:30 PM

I was getting a tremendous amount of reaction from a Facebook post that I boosted a few days ago so I decided to make the following clarification:

You all may think that I am in some way trying to hurt Israel or the Jews, but in actuality I am trying to make people “think differently or deeply” before it is perhaps too late. In essence I am trying to stop this from occurring if this was a potential plan. I see “Israelis” as a separate people from the Jewish identity. With the creation of Israel, a “new type of person” has been formed that will exist for generations to come, whether connected to Judaism or not. Whereas the Jewish population used to be a supra-majority of orthodoxy, the majority at least in Israel are secular at this moment, from what I see. I will not debate whether this is a good thing or not. I am merely saying I see Israelis as separate from their Jewish identity. Whether you want to contemplate the subject or not, there is a possibility that someone wants to sacrifice the “Israeli” for the above mentioned plan to unfold. I do not want this to happen. I apologize if this touches on subjects that are too taboo for some to talk about. I am a ‘theorist’ blogger. I am also a historian. I use history to theorize ‘potentialities’. Furthermore, this is not a conscious pursuit, but something that naturally occurs aka I cannot control the theories that come to me. I could perhaps not write them or share them, but the purpose of the blog is to write and share whatever theories come to me throughout the days. Once again, I will say the purpose of this post was to allow others to contemplate what may be a great injustice that might occur. Whether you are aware of it or not, there were many people aware that a “Holocaust” or something similar was going to occur pre-WW2 and the rise of Hitler. Thus, it is not impossible to speculate that “some” people in the higher echelons of power may be planning something similar once again. Once again, I am trying to “get ahead” of the “planners-that-be” and I apologize if this is too much for you to handle. God bless.


10 PM 

Having dinner and a beer at the Mahane Yahuda market one more time before I head to the airport. Big idea came. I’m gonna print my new blog ‘as is’, put the 12 posts as chapters and call it a “book.” I think I will call it “My Last 28 Days of Madness in Israel.” More or less my “problems” started soon after my first trip to Jerusalem for Christmas, so who knows, maybe I did develop a form of Jerusalem syndrome with a touch of schizophrenia, or perhaps I was always schizophrenic. Fuck it, I gotta publish my first book eventually. Might as well be this one.

The idea is to get people to judge others for who they are or how they act in the present moment, not for something they did or wrote in the past. I am perfectly willing to say, “I went through a bout of madness in Israel and the causes are unknown.” This blog is just the last 28 days of it, but trust me it was much worst the prior three months or so.

Intro at beginning of book:

“I have not edited these posts since they were posted on the blog. If you really want to read the intro start at the end of the book. But feel to free to dive right in. This is a book of madness and it is meant to be confusing.”

Add Facebook ‘reviews’ at beginning. Add my Facebook reply at the end. Buy printer and print a few bounded copies. Walla. A book is born.

May 29th, 2:30 AM

Wrote this last post at the Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv. I made it through security without my visa. Hopefully I make it home safe. USA baby here I come.

I’m Comin’ Home, I’m Comin’ Home, Against the Rain, I’m Comin’ Home

May 25th, 2018 – Ramallah

Ramallah center.

I am about to go on the “political tour” of Ramallah with A and a girl from France named J. Staying at the Hostel in Ramallah currently. Formulating a new book idea that I want to call, Warrior Without a Cause. Need to recharge my SIM before I recross the border. On Monday heading to airport to go back to the States for my uncle’s wedding and great great aunt’s retirement. She is a boss. Enshallah all goes as planned.

Can we rebuild a world where everyone lives in the present moment fully and does not live “in the future” or “plans” for the future more than a year or so?


I more or less disagree with the idea of forcing a “weaker” people to be strong. If they were truly strong, they wouldn’t need help. By “helping” people in actuality we in some ways make them even “weaker.”

Write a book on a father and son who are both undiagnosed schizophrenics. They have an explosive and ‘horrible’ relationship in the beginning, but eventually make it through and are able to come to terms with what they are or “have”. Eventually they come to be very successful in their relationship as well as “in life” as time goes by.

Become a damn musician already. Look up a way to write music by humming automatically into a system that can recognize notes.

Earth Poem

A dull evening in a rundown village
Eyes half asleep
I recall thirty years
And five wars
I swear the future keeps
My ear of corn
And the singer croons
About a fire and some strangers
And the evening is just another evening
And the singer croons

And they asked him:
Why do you sing?
And he answered:
I sing because I sing…

And they searched his chest
But could only find his heart
And they searched his heart
But could only find his people
And they searched his voice
But could only find his grief
And they searched his grief
But could only find his prison
And they searched his prison
But could only see themselves in chains

– Mahmoud Darwish

Read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. Read The Prince by Machiavelli. Read The Republic by Plato.

Imagine doing a trip where you took photographs and printed your own postcards everyday. You send one to a different friend or family member every morning. In essence, it is a form of “organic” blogging. Since you cannot write a real blog or on social media, whatever you want to say has to be written on these postcards alone. When people receive them they may not necessarily understand the single postcard without the others to see the full story. In the future, if people wanted to find your journal or “blog” from that trip, they would have to collect or find every postcard. Could also be done with watercolors or polaroids. I sent a postcard from Ramallah to the US for 1.5 shekels, which is less than 50 cents. The Jerusalem post office cost 8 shekels. Hopefully both make it to their destinations.

May 27th, 2018 – 2 PM

I wrote two “important” political poems on the walls of the hostel. A and I visited the Yasser Arafat museum, a wonderful old home called Dar Zarhan, as well as the new Palestinian museum.


6 PM

Well I made it through the West Bank checkpoint without a visa. First step was a success on journey home. Luckily, A was with me and there was a bit of a commotion at the front where the Israeli soldiers were giving a Palestinian/Muslim family, and specifically the father who had a crutch, a bunch of crap. One of the soldiers eventually came and asked for our visas and I told him I didn’t have one, but I gave him my now defunct student ID card and after a short debate they let me through. We had to get off the bus and take another to Jerusalem. Earlier I realized my flight didn’t leave tomorrow but on the 29th so I am in less of a rush and get to spend one more night with my good friend. We have built a special friendship in the short time we have been around each other and I hope I get to see her again eventually in the future.

A new theory came to me tonight. More or less, I am starting to define what I consider the “entity” to be. I think it “came here” a long time ago. I don’t know how long, perhaps multiple centuries or millennia back. It saw us and has attempted to “make the world a better place.” Perhaps it believed it was “right” or “correct” to recreate our planet or society in it’s own image, mostly through technology, and also through injecting it’s own ideas of spirituality and/or religion.  I would imagine that it thinks it is doing a “good thing,” and in many ways this might be true. But trying to change anything or anyone into something other than it actually is oftentimes, or perhaps always, backfires.

Perhaps “God” is unfathomable to this entity. Perhaps this “entity” cannot comprehend that this world is not the only world, but merely a stepping stone. Perhaps it somehow “unlocked” eternal life in this realm and is now “stuck here” somehow. Perhaps it’s plan was to eventually leave, but fell in love and now wants to stay. Perhaps this is the meaning of the “rapture”, or the “great leaving,” when it does eventually leave us alone.

“The road to hell is oftentimes paved with good intentions.”

Perhaps it is up to us who are “unaware”, or not aware in a “collective absolute sense”, to judge this “entity” and it’s “handiwork.” Is the world a happier or better place now than in the past because of it’s interdiction? This is a very difficult, if not impossible, question to answer. For I do not know truly what the world used to be like. I must trust the historians of the past, and even then it is “incomprehensible” because of the different “mindsets” or “weltanschauungs” that existed then and not now.

It is not hard for me to imagine however that the world was happier and better before the interdiction and it is not hard for me to see the path that we are on, which to me does not look like a happy place, but a controlled one, based on a false reality, lies, and subversion. What can I or we do about it? To me the only way to “get rid” of the entity (if that is in fact what we eventually must do) seems to be by war “where the weeds will be conspicuous,” and “pulled up easily.” Should we trust it? I don’t trust anything that thinks it knows what is best for me. Maybe it will just rise and pass away? I don’t really know at this point.

In my period of delusion, I did notice something unique and seemingly ‘definable,’ that allowed me to see a “entity” clearly. It felt something had taken control of me, or “my ideas”, or decision-making. Simultaneously, there was an external force “of people” who would “act” a certain way as if in conjunction with the manipulation going on within my head. I could be wrong, but more or less this was true for a full two months or so. It felt like something wanted me dead, but it could not harm me directly. It could only make me harm or kill myself, but through my own willpower, faith in “God,” metaphysical understanding, and eventual resurgence of spirituality, I was able to overcome it and re-achieve stability. I am now “feeling like my old self” more or less. I am not going to stop the path of study that I have been on, but I do plan on resting in my hometown for some time. I feel I have won this battle, but I must retreat to regather, study, contemplate, survive, and be prepared for anything.

I still feel that I cannot be killed unless I choose to do it myself. This may be a prime directive of the “entity” itself. I am always ready for death and consider it to be a “great gift” given to me by God when the day comes. I cannot stop in the meantime theorizing. I cannot stop debating. I cannot stop and settle. I can try and wait and see, but I cannot make any promises to anyone. I look forward to continuing my pursuit, even if I may never understand what I am here for, what I am supposed to do, or who I truly am.

Thank you Lord above for getting me through my perilous situations, for I do not think I would have made it without your support, nor do I think I would have made it through what I went through in a country other than Israel. Amen.

May 28th, 2018 – 8 AM

New dreams! I was in some sort of comedy theater troupe. Almost like pre-SNL or National Lampoon except it was “personally for me.” The comedy was improv and so strange. There would be a group talk and one person would say something and then another would respond then another. It was like everyone was just trying to make the others laugh. For some reason my old frat brother B was there. What a dark dry humor he had. I remember being there, but not taking part, like I was the ‘silent director’.


I remember three or four things clearly. I was smoking cigarettes and a joint out in the an entranceway with a bunch of the cast and I remember two police walking by and I had the distinct impression I was going to get in trouble, but they said something and just left. I remember telling a lot of people I was going to take them snow skiing at the best place in NYC. I have been to this dream version of NYC many times before. It is almost from the 80s, darker, and almost everything looks as if it is made of wood. I remember seeing a sign hanging from above a door and it had four or five (what I considered to be) presidents names, but they were slightly off. One name was John Ford.

Lastly, I remember a comedy skit where I was at a bar and a man and his girlfriend sat next to me, with the woman in between. They were trying to make me laugh. I remember she had really short shorts on and her ass cheeks were basically on the chair. I grabbed her ass and could fully feel the muscle/fat and skin texture. I told her that she had a great ass and her supposed boyfriend was not upset with me. Pretty much that is all that I remember, but it was a unique dream. I didn’t immediately remember it, but when I woke up, A who was sleeping in the dorm bed across from me told me how loud I had been snoring and then the whole dream came to me.

The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.

10:30 AM

Going to make an offer to my grandpa that I will film the family business documentary in exchange for helping me out a bit with my financial hole from student loans. I would like to focus on a general history layout, innovations in the field, interviews of employees and my grandpa’s success stories, reaching the pinnacle of one’s respective business or field. Instead of judging it by the ending, judge it by the whole story. Documentary should be focused on whole company, but with a focus on his story.

I want to do this for him with or without getting financial support. I know that I have got to do a lot in my life and his hardwork during these times, along with the hardwork of all of my family members who took part in the business, is directly responsible for me being able to “fully experience” life the way that I have. I do owe it to him.


In boxing or punching, the man who will win is the man whose arm will reach the point of his will fastest. Throw a punch. Notice the delay. For some men there is no delay. This takes practice. But the man whose physical action is more closely aligned with his mental will usually wins.

The same is true in battle or war. The force that can move instantly at the command of the general will usually win if the forces are of equal size. Even a smaller army that responds instantly can defeat a slow and cumbersome force.

trump warrior
For better or worse, Trump is a warrior.

New Trump/Israel theory:

I think Trump will run for a second term. If he does, he will win. I think he has a longer term strategy for Israel. I think he is focusing on North and South Korea unification as well as containing Russia militarily and China economically. Most probably don’t think so, but Trump is a warrior. Kim Jong-un obviously never had nukes to begin with. Iran obviously never had a chance to get nukes. Saudi Arabia was told about nukes, but thought it stupid to claim something that they did not have.

I see the Saudis collapsing in a spectacular fashion in the years to come. This will take a tremendous international effort to “help solve,” as the “character” of the Arabian Peninsula must be completely “rectified.” You can’t just pump oil forever and buy shit and think that this will last or is good for your people.  Syria is more or less stable. Once Korea is unified, Iran is “stabilized”, perhaps with a revolution of it’s own, Russia is contained and “left alone”, and China is “taken care of” economically in terms of equalization of trade, Trump will in some way flip on Israel and start dictating terms rather than the other way around. Israel has dictated to the U.S. for far too long.

Everything that we have seen from Trump so far has been to gain the support, trust, and “love” of the Israeli citizens, so when he does eventually start this process they will acquiesce and support his vision over Netanyahu’s or the Israeli’s leadership. I think he will eventually call for a one-state solution and full equality among the Israelis and Palestinians. It is a disgrace that more Israeli citizens have not stood up to their government and risked their own lives or jail time for the above mentioned cause. In the US, we fought a civil war to bring the African out of slavery and on the way to equality and it was not even their country to begin with. On the other hand, the Native American population was exterminated or forced into reservations, but they live in freedom and equality to every other citizen now. More or less this is what I see coming for Israel.


Break through the Barrier

A sign of a real being is one who can change.
A sign of a real people is those who can change.
A sign of a real place is one that can change.
Stagnate no more, learn how to change.

Oh, but the fear of change is great for some.
It is by very definition, evolut-ion.
Why stay the same or be afraid?
In the end, who can we actually become?
Break through the barrier, change, and start a new day.


I will be returning to the U.S. soon. Going to get crazy in many ways when I get back. Gotta take it one step at a time. I just dropped A off at the bus station. Gonna miss her. We made a good travel team. Although different in some ways, it seemed we both had a lot of respect for one another. I’m reading Twain’s Huckleberry Finn for the first time and loving it. I got a lot of Kerouac waiting for me when I arrive home to dive into. I’ll leave for the airport tonight around 10 PM and my flight is at 5 AM in the morning from Ben Gurion. Hopefully it is a smooth process.