Postscript Outro

May 28th, 9:30 PM

I was getting a tremendous amount of reaction from a Facebook post that I boosted a few days ago so I decided to make the following clarification:

You all may think that I am in some way trying to hurt Israel or the Jews, but in actuality I am trying to make people “think differently or deeply” before it is perhaps too late. In essence I am trying to stop this from occurring if this was a potential plan. I see “Israelis” as a separate people from the Jewish identity. With the creation of Israel, a “new type of person” has been formed that will exist for generations to come, whether connected to Judaism or not. Whereas the Jewish population used to be a supra-majority of orthodoxy, the majority at least in Israel are secular at this moment, from what I see. I will not debate whether this is a good thing or not. I am merely saying I see Israelis as separate from their Jewish identity. Whether you want to contemplate the subject or not, there is a possibility that someone wants to sacrifice the “Israeli” for the above mentioned plan to unfold. I do not want this to happen. I apologize if this touches on subjects that are too taboo for some to talk about. I am a ‘theorist’ blogger. I am also a historian. I use history to theorize ‘potentialities’. Furthermore, this is not a conscious pursuit, but something that naturally occurs aka I cannot control the theories that come to me. I could perhaps not write them or share them, but the purpose of the blog is to write and share whatever theories come to me throughout the days. Once again, I will say the purpose of this post was to allow others to contemplate what may be a great injustice that might occur. Whether you are aware of it or not, there were many people aware that a “Holocaust” or something similar was going to occur pre-WW2 and the rise of Hitler. Thus, it is not impossible to speculate that “some” people in the higher echelons of power may be planning something similar once again. Once again, I am trying to “get ahead” of the “planners-that-be” and I apologize if this is too much for you to handle. God bless.


10 PM 

Having dinner and a beer at the Mahane Yahuda market one more time before I head to the airport. Big idea came. I’m gonna print my new blog ‘as is’, put the 12 posts as chapters and call it a “book.” I think I will call it “My Last 28 Days of Madness in Israel.” More or less my “problems” started soon after my first trip to Jerusalem for Christmas, so who knows, maybe I did develop a form of Jerusalem syndrome with a touch of schizophrenia, or perhaps I was always schizophrenic. Fuck it, I gotta publish my first book eventually. Might as well be this one.

The idea is to get people to judge others for who they are or how they act in the present moment, not for something they did or wrote in the past. I am perfectly willing to say, “I went through a bout of madness in Israel and the causes are unknown.” This blog is just the last 28 days of it, but trust me it was much worst the prior three months or so.

Intro at beginning of book:

“I have not edited these posts since they were posted on the blog. If you really want to read the intro start at the end of the book. But feel to free to dive right in. This is a book of madness and it is meant to be confusing.”

Add Facebook ‘reviews’ at beginning. Add my Facebook reply at the end. Buy printer and print a few bounded copies. Walla. A book is born.

May 29th, 2:30 AM

Wrote this last post at the Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv. I made it through security without my visa. Hopefully I make it home safe. USA baby here I come.

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