Are the Israelis planning on purposefully losing the next major war? Seems likely.

May 22nd, 2018 

Lots of dreams last night. Main one was with Elon Musk. I was working in a new restaurant in NYC and he asked me if I would be the new manager of the place. It was called Brix I believe.


Write a full alternative time-line film of the Manhattan project. Start with group of scientist after WW1 who ask each other the question, “How can we stop war?” Einstein and others are there. Fast-forward to pre-WW2 and agreements being made between all major powers to create peace through a lie to “control the world.” An entity that is in control has no problem killing itself or anyone else to build further control. Important to understand fully.

Maybe the battle that must be fought will be done primarily on a cultural-entertainment level. No one is going to give me a helping hand. In the meantime, for myself, I have all options on the table.

Look up the term “world island” in use in early 20th century. Is the “PTB” trying to take control of the world, by taking control of Eastern Europe, then Russia, and afterwards the Middle East? How can any of this be stopped? How can anyone differentiate between the “good” guys and the “bad” ones? To me it seems it is between those who have honor, courage, and are just versus those who subvert, lie, cheat, murder, and steal. Can either be eradicated?

Are people born into the ‘casteless’ caste? The outcasts? The untouchables? Or do they “earn” their way there? Maybe I am in the casteless caste? Need to learn the piano.

May 23rd, 2018 – 1 PM

Notice how after becoming “sexual” again everything has changed. In some ways, I feel that I lost my “deeper thinking” and “creative spirit”, but maybe it was just temporary. I feel that I dodged a bullet in Jerusalem. Someone tried to set me up to fall. I’m not against becoming sexual once again, women many times provide and give comfort at the exact moment that one “needs” it, whether sexually or not. Maybe I was saved from doing something “that could have gotten me into trouble,” even if I would never do anything that I thought was actually “wrong.”

Tomorrow I am going to Ramallah to meet my other German friend A once again. So many Germans around… wild. I have been spending the past few days with T and S, also from Germany. T and I have started to grow close… At the same time I was reading a book on German-British history called “A Century of War” by F. William Engdahl, which explains clearly how the Brits (and world for that matter) truly fucked over the Germans from starting from the early 1900s or so. Just mind-boggling. When I discuss the difference between the two sides of ‘honor/courage’ vs ‘subversion/lying’ this old conflict perfectly fits the bill.

At this moment I give a tremendous fuck you to Britain and apologize to Germany for what they went through and have gone through for such a long time. Along with the Japanese, they have more or less been totally “neutered” after World War 2 and yet both the Germans and the Japanese had more or less mastered the traditional system of life and war up until this massive subversion began. In actuality, the Japanese were the true champions of the traditional system. Now if you visit their country there is clearly a fake “mask” of manufactured happiness pervading their country that attempts to cover the widespread monotonous depression, suicide, and meaningless-ness. Sad sad. I look forward to the return of the wonderful warriors and Samurai of the Japanese ancient culture into the world soon.

In the meantime, I am back on the Ramadan track again. Even if I fast from food, water, and smoking-wise from say 4 AM until 12-2 PM, I still notice a major amount of purification occurring that has a long term positive effect. When I return home and mix it with suspension training and TRX, I could imagine huge results very quickly. I don’t know, perhaps I “shouldn’t be going for anything” at the moment, especially ‘wishing-wise’, but what can I do? I am not the type of person to back from a fight when it is presented to me, and more specifically presented to me from (whom it feels like) God. Just going to focus on making it through a few more days of Ramadan and making it home for my uncle’s wedding. Better to come home for a celebration than a funeral. I guess. As long as I make it to the airport and they allow me to use my beat-up passport, which the US consular official assured me of, all will be fine. I will look forward to seeing my family shortly.

I have taken a small break from being conscious of all my dreams, even though I know they are happening. Might be sex-related. Remember, there is only so much pain and discomfort in the body. Fasting brings out a lot to be released.

3:00 PM

Fasted until around 2. Just had a cigg and had a flood of realizations. More or less I see nearly all of the Abrahamic religions as “creations” in one form or another. None of them can be truly trusted fully. They were all created for specific purposes of control. It very much seems likely that Christianity was created by the Jewish people and/or the “entity” aligned with them to topple the Roman Empire, which was probably the “peak of civilization” in recorded history and perhaps “unstoppable” from an actual physical perspective.

Once Christianity morphed into the “imperialistic” empire that it became, Islam was then created by the Jews and/or allied entity to overthrow Christianity and keep it in permanent check. More or less all of these lies were told in order for some “entity” to pacify the population to eventually take control. Although this world is merely a temporary stepping stone, this “entity” wants us to think that this is the “main reality” and not a stepping stone. If we are here only temporarily, we might as well as be happy or try to create a world that is happy. This cannot be done by small changes from the current “false reality” of the world.  OR perhaps we choose to come here to “evolve” our spirits or souls, and we actually want this “entity” to make it harder as time goes by, as our spirits and souls need a “consistent” worthy opponent to “evolve.” In a world based on lies in order to pacify the population, it is not a “happy world” and we definitely risk “getting stuck here” unless we can figure a way to break free once again.



Gun violence in the USA has little to do with crime. It is the natural inclination of man that no amount of social control can ever remove from this realm. All ‘states’, ‘politics’, ‘economics’ have been invented in one way or another to fully gain control over this realm. It seems the long term wish of the ‘entity’ here is to extend life as much as scientifically possible to trap people eternally, or until God is forced to come and “save us”. This must never be allowed to happen. The world must come to a new level of balance. It must go through an upheaval, not something fake, to come back to our traditional system. We should not make this world a greater illusion than it already is.

May 24th, 2018 – 5:15 PM – Ramallah, Palestinian Territories

A new theory has been taking shape today. I could be totally wrong, but this is what it looks like might happen. The basis of my original theories about Israel (that also got me into a bit of trouble) 4-5 months ago was that all has taken place here since the inception or before was completely pre-planned way before any wars or battles took place. It is so easy to see if one knows “how to look.” Thus whatever war that is coming in the future has already been “thought out” way before. In my opinion, Israel could actually “get wiped off the face of the map.” I would argue that this is not a good thing. A total reform must take place in Israel in order to avoid going to total war. A “total war” in Israel will inevitably lead to a full Israeli/Jewish withdrawal from this region. Unless the Jewish people here make major concessions, they will be forced to leave Israel. What is worse is that I believe they already know this, and yet they are doing nothing about it. They know this is a war of attrition and they know they cannot win a war of attrition. The question is why?


Since I came here last year, Israel has acted like a country that knows a war is about to take place. It truly seems at the moment that the “planners-that-be” above and aligned in some way with Israel are going to purposefully allow Israel to lose “in a major way” and they will be forced to “hand the country” to the Islamic “horde” (for lack of a better word) that will come from all sides. All “enemies” in today’s modern world are artificially created, thus Israel losing and perhaps even “being genocided” in some way would serve many interests. 1.)  Israel losing a major war would allow Islam to enter Jerusalem, it would be a major rallying cry, it would in essence “unite” the entire Islamic religion and would form a major world caliphate. Is this the “PTB’s” grand plan? 2.) Will the Jews just fall back to their second “homeland” more or less of the USA that they more or less have total control of already? Is this what both sides have already agreed upon? Did Israel just build up this area of the Middle East to eventually “give” it to the Arabs/Muslims?

The USA is in every single way a much “better fit” for the Jews and the “entity” they are aligned with. The USA has already been “destroyed” and “collectivized” to a perfect level suitable for this transition to occur. Since the Jews cannot continually use the “1st Holocaust” as much as a pretext now for their existence and license or “authority to do whatever they want,” some Jews would perhaps want to see a new “genocide” or “Holocaust 2” to give them a new reason “for people to feel sorry for them.” They guarantee their existence by always playing the victim. They relish it and it seems they will try to “regain this power.” Isn’t it interesting that you have almost 50% of the Jewish population in Israel and 50% in the USA? Seems perfect timing right? And most of the world hates Israel at this moment so not too many people will lift a finger until it is too late.


I would say if the “PTB” add Hezbollah to the mix and they start scoring major victories, which they have the experienced manpower and missiles to do so, a push from Syria and Iran could theoretically “wipe Israel off the map,” which would once again “make the world feel bad for the Jews.” This would lead their shining prince Donald Trump to welcome all Jews and to in essence make it a fully Christian/Jewish nation, which it never was supposed to be. My main point is that if the extremely arrogant and perhaps somewhat deserving Israeli-Jewish state is destroyed, it is by design, “entity” destroying “entity” for control, to create a new “super enemy” in Islam and to more or less “give” the Jews the US of A. Might sound crazy but that is the message that came to me today.

I predicted that Kim Jong-Un’s nukes were fake last week and look and behold today he destroyed all evidence of the nuclear test sites. I also predicted that Saudi Crown Prince MBS was going to be assassinated less than two month ago and now he is nowhere to be seen after the palace was raided last month. Thus we must continuously see their plans before they happen. And stop them if possible. How can this be stopped? How can the top “behind the scenes future-planners” be found out and killed? Has war always been pre-planned? I would argue no…


Israel must reform drastically and SOON. If they do not, it shows that they never planned on staying here long, which is a travesty. We will see what happens, but not looking good for anyone.

2 thoughts on “Are the Israelis planning on purposefully losing the next major war? Seems likely.”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. It’s nice to see that someone else has noticed this. This all seemed obvious to me, but for some weird reason, nobody wants to talk about it.


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