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A Manual for Slayers

In the soon to be future.

A wandering traveler, clad in black, walks along an old dusty road. In the distance, he notices the semblance of a town. Looking worn but healthy, the man has a small pack and wood cane.

As the traveler steps foot on Main Street, he notices multiple tenants rocking in chairs under awnings, like porch monkeys during the wild west. The remnants of the modern architecture mix with dust and smoke to create a feeling of hopelessness.

Near an old post office, a group of teenagers mingles. The man approaches and they begin to get quiet.

“I would like to talk to ya all about slayin,” said the traveler. “Slayin, what the heck are you talkin’ bout old man?”, responded one of the younger boys. With a grimace, the traveler squatted and said, “You’ve never heard of a slayer son? Let me explain somethin’ to you.”

He lays down his pack and sits on an old stump near the kids.

After a few seconds, showing great dexterity he jumps up on the stump and tilts his hat. After looking into the eyes of all amongst the group he says in a strong voice, “There are slayers amongst us.”

“Slayers of what?”, asked a redheaded girl almost jokingly.

“There are many names they have been called. Aliens. Demons. Inter-dimensional beings. It doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that you know that they are here.” “If you don’t believe, you cannot see. If you cannot see, you are destined to fall.”

“How can we fight against what we cannot see?”, shouted a small voice from the crowd.

“That is a good question little one. It is easy to see the enemy in the beings of others, but to see in the way I am trying to teach you, you must see the enemy as it enters within. This is the first step to the way of the slayer.”

“Nonetheless, it is quite difficult to explain to someone how to slay a demon. Once one has been ‘inhabited’, one will either slay or die. Most of the time a slayer’s death comes from his own hand. It is a sink or swim situation. Like a human thrown upon a bull against his will. If he survives, he automatically becomes a bull-rider, just as anyone who survives a demon becomes a slayer.”

“A demon will only come to those who are worth the challenge. A demon will not overtake an ‘easy kill.’ Demons get no pride from overtaking someone who cannot fight back.”

“Where does a demon go when it dies?”, asked the teenage redhead. “At the moment don’t worry about that. What is important is to know how they work. Your lives may depend on it one day.”

“What most people don’t understand is that demons have access to all memories and knowledge that a host contains and thus can make someone believe anything. One day you will realize that the deeply engrained beliefs most have, whether acquired recently or far into the past, probably came from a human possessed by a demon in some way. Thus, we can never be sure of the true reality. Demons are subtle. They are tricksters and almost ALL want something different.”

“How can we know if they are ‘in’ us?”, asked one boy.

“The first major sign of self-possession is random combinations of old thoughts or knowledge. Some revelations can be ‘true’ and explosive whereas some can be completely false, but believable enough for the host to question what reality actually is. Many a man has lost his entire family battling demons, including Hercules.”

“Hercules? Who is that?”, said the redhead. “Hercules was one the greatest slayers that ever existed. And still, he slaughtered his whole family under the possession of a powerful demon, Hera.”

“How are we supposed to defeat demons if people like this Hercules still lost his battles?”

“Although Hercules was strong and could defeat the greatest threats of his time, he did not have what I have and what I can give you,” said the traveler. “And what is that?”, said one of the prettier girls amongst the group. “Wisdom. Without wisdom, which cannot be passed like knowledge, none of you will stand a chance.”

“Demons cannot be seen in a physical sense, but they can be seen “in” other people. Once we learn to recognize it in others, we can recognize if they come within us.”

“Can we be a a slayer sometimes and not others?”, asked a boy. “To be a slayer, we must willingly choose to become one and after that, if one survives, one can no longer ‘leave the game.’ It becomes a life-long role,” said the man.

“This is a red pill, blue pill situation. If one of ya’ll would like to take the first step, this is your warning. It will come a time that you must choose sides. If you can’t handle that, then quit now. Go on with your life and forget you ever saw me. Pray that you never have to see what I have seen. But if you feel that you have what it takes, keep listening.”

A few people wander off, but some stay. An older boy joked with his friend, “I’m about a tick away from beating the fuck out of that dude and walking away.” “Shhh… maybe your possessed,” whispered his buddy.

The traveler overhears, but continues on, “One must learn to ‘pick up’ demons in our day-to-day lives or travels. If one is prepared and ‘clean enough’, a demon may enter. It is a life or death battle. Either you slay or you are slain. We ‘slay” by surviving all mental and spiritual assaults from the demon and not hurting anyone in the process.”

“The question that must be asked is who is guilty when a man is possessed? The man or the possessor?”, challenged the traveler.

“Maybe the man AND the demon are guilty for whatever occurs?” quipped one of the boys. “The demon will always try to ruin it’s target in whatever way possible, including forcing its host to act guiltily. Guilt, however, is established by each person him or herself. A slayer cannot be held accountable the same way a “normal” person may be. They must be properly understood.”

“The man, or woman, who fights demons can never be held accountable for his actions for they are not HIS actions. In this lawless age, the slayer must be his own judge, jury, and executioner.”

“The world that we live in is one where enough freedom must exist for slayers to do what they must, behind the scenes, for the betterment of humanity. That is our sacred goal.” “For in an unfree world, all slayers would be arrested immediately upon any number of suspicions, as many have in the past.”

“Thus one could say, in essence, that the slaying of demons, or otherwise, IS the very basis for the foundation of this world. And IF this foundation ceases to exist, every evil from here to the outer infinity would have free reign in this existence. Thus, the slayers must reign. They must originate. They must rise again and fight for us all.”

“Like all men, you will either succeed or you will fall. As long as you are still alive, you have not lost your battle. Once a slayer, always a slayer.”

After a bit more expounding, the man in black asked, “Who would like to know more?”

A multitude of hands raised up while a small smile came to his face.

“Does anyone have a cup of water before I continue?”

A boy with a water pale approaches and begins to pour water into a cow horn for the traveler to drink.

“Thank ya kindly son. I needed that,” sighed the man as he sipped the horn.

“Even if someone considers themselves a good person or even ‘holy’ or religious, if they are not battling demons consistently, within, then the ‘positive’ change that they believe they are making is probably not big enough to create ‘great change.’ BUT, a pawn removed from the board can change the entire game. Battling demons within IS removing pawns from the battlefield. To a slayer, we see this as the peak of life since it is a means to an end, even if that end we cannot see. It is a natural process that has existed since time began. The demons piled up and all the great slayers died or were forgotten.”

“Our world was destroyed by villains that we could not see. A demon is not a villain. A demon is a demon. Our true villain was the collaboration of certain pockets of humanity with demonhood itself. They found out how to communicate and have been in league ever since to control the world through any means necessary, including destroying those who work against their cause. Slayers work to cleanse these demons and remove the “human” power structure that is in line with this demonhood. Whereas our numbers used to exist across the globe, there is only a hand full of us left now.”

“We count many holy men, prophets, and warriors in our ancestral past ranks. Maybe you have heard of the man once called, “Jesus the Christ?” The children looked at each other to see if anyone knew, but none had heard. “If the stories are true, Jesus was one of the greatest to have taken up the ‘spiritual sword’. Unfortunately, this noble man didn’t make it. A powerful inner demon tricked him into surrendering himself to the authorities. Some stories say that he was crucified, some that he was saved, some that he was resurrected. Those who work for the true Lord, slaying those who have acted against his wishes, have done miraculous things. But many and even the greatest do not make it. This is not meant to be discouraging. It is meant to show you how hard this battle truly is.”

Slayers is a book about a major character who has the ability to slay demons throughout his day to day life, not thinking much of it. Eventually he teaches and trains a whole squad to do the same.

The path to a better world is to cleanse the world of these trickster demons and to teach others how as well.

How can we show a character transition in a season of television that is not necessarily “character development” (although character development may occur), but “demonic development” or the transformation that one can go through in a given period either “becoming possessed” or “defeating the demon” and coming out of possession? This period is not something that can happen overnight, nor over a short amount of time. Most demons take months or years to overcome. The book is about a “normal” person or at least building a premise for what is normal of the main character. As the show and season go on we see the transformation gradually from his “average normal” character into the character merged with whatever demon the character is “fighting” during that season. And eventually, we see the return from the “possessed” state of the character back into the “normal”.

Slayers are not your average or normal novel or drama in that a character goes and battles demons that we can see. It is about a character who goes to places, whether close or far, and demons that are in those areas inhabit him and use him to do their bidding. Through this character’s strength and knowledge, he can defeat them by surviving. How can we portray this in a novel? In a film? Will it bore the audience to death as most are only looking for “external” battle scenes? Would it translate better as a novel or short story?

Would it be better if the character was a soldier? That he does physical AND mental war. Or should we exclude death?

We should not exclude death, but show what these demons do to people they inhabit. Make it a book about suicide, possession, and how some people have learned how to overtake the demons that come within but also that are in others by explaining the knowledge the main character has.

The villains would say that they are in line with demonhood, because that is the true G-d, they believe, as they are what have been visible in society for thousands of years.

Demons can last forever until they are defeated by a slayer. In essence, even many demons would like to find a slayer who can “end their time.”

Questions the slayers must face: Where do demons come from? Are they a created entity or they an entity that has created themselves in the human world?

Potentially, demons come from the spirits of very bad human beings that are stuck in this invisible demon time or dimension after death. Thus the slayer must work against the demons that are from our past and teach people in the present moment that if they die as a “very bad person” they might be reborn as a demon, which might remove their free will, until they are defeated by a slayer.

The Slayer would obviously have a “flaw” in what society would say as a flaw, but which the slayer and other slayers would not call “flaws”, but necessary abilities to survive their fights. A further “flaw” might be seen as alcoholism or using drugs, but if they are used to help the slayer in his survival and victory, they are not actually flaws. The monks of Christianity made beer in order to give them a helping hand against demons in the past.

The MAIN point of slayers is that we learn that nearly everyone that has mental issues, and suicidal issues, is actually potentially possessed by a demon. Thus those who are battling demons are usually “good” people because demons will only attempt to take down those who are a threat to the demonhood, as well as the entity that is connected to the demonhood.

When a demon comes in it can be very scary. Especially if we are unaware of what demons are or do. If we are knowledgable about the subject, then if a demon enters we can recognize it for what it is. For one, it is temporary. No demon can survive in a human being longer than a certain period of time. The only way that one can be sure a demon was in them if they recognize the change within, it residing within and changing thoughts and patterns around, then it leaving and the person returning to normal.

Most believe that people just go “crazy”. That it is a normal thing and can be explained scientifically or psychologically or whatever and yet what has the scientific, psychological, or medical fields done but castigate and remove the idea that demons exist and our physical and mental conditions can be influenced by them?

In the past, demons were common knowledge. People who were more susceptible were also common knowledge. People knew that certain individuals among society were more affected than others and that these people would go through swings of “normalcy” mixed with swings of “possession.” They knew that the men or women who went through these swings were doing a great deed by battling the hidden elements within society. That is why they were revered, respected, and even promoted in society. It is certainly a reversal that we live in now where people who go through these battles are looked down upon by society, they are ridiculed as someone who is “inflicted” or “sick” or a “bad” person, when in reality society just doesn’t see reality or what is going on behind the scenes.

Demon-hunters have been hunted for centuries. Nearly all knowledge of the original culture that these entities and collectives had was destroyed. The world we live in now is a world built by demons for demons. It was never supposed to be this way. The demons have won only because of cooperation by humans either through ignorance or stupidity. It is time to take back the high ground.

A single human demon-hunter who knows what he is doing can not only win the necessary battles in the modern day, they can swing the tide of the entire war for eternity to come. They can ‘dent the universe’ with their knowledge, wisdom, and experience. Why would anyone wish these type of people ill-will, when they so selflessly work for all of humanity? Only those who are allied with the demon-hood would work against someone who was trying to help them.

The Wuhan Rebellion

A boy is sitting in front of his television, watching the news with a bit of awe.

Newscaster: “This just in, we have reports coming out of Wuhan, China that a new type of plague is rapidly spreading. There is no cause for alarm however as the Chinese have declared a “People’s War” and will not allow the contagious disease to spread any further.”

The boy looks up into the kitchen to see his mother working on dinner.

“Mom, have you seen this?” the boy yells.

The mother, fumbling with a large pot, says that she hadn’t heard of this one before, but that the Chinese always had a new disease every few years so it would be nothing to worry about.

The boy hopes that his mom is right and that there is nothing to worry about here.

Weeks later:

Once again, the boy finds himself watching the news.

Newscaster: “This just in, we have reports that the same virus out of Wuhan has spread to multiple countries and the death rate is quite high. But, nothing to be alarmed about. All Asian countries are banding together to stop this disease from spreading further. An agreement has been made to cremate immediately all bodies infected with the plague.”

The boy starts to get a little worried. He thought that these diseases always ended quickly and that the authorities would be able to stop it.

His mother walks in and sees the dead bodies on the screen. “Is this the same disease you was talking bout last week?” The mother asks. “Yes. It is the same.”

The mother begins to look a bit worried. “Maybe we need to buy us some masks, just in case.”

Another week goes by.

The boy finds himself eating a frozen dinner and watching the news:

Newscaster: “This just in, we have our first confirmed cases of the unknown disease in the United States. Someone broke the blockades and landed in Chicago. We are not for sure if the disease can spread through human to human contact, but we will keep you posted. The governor of Illinois is prepared to shut down all flights into and out of the state to keep people from spreading it further.”

The boy looks up and thinks to himself about the trip they had planned next week to the beach. They live outside Chicago and now they might not be able to leave if they can’t fly or drive away.

His mother comes in through the front door and asks him to help her with the groceries.

“Mother, are we not going to be able to leave to go on our vacation now? The news man said that we can’t fly now and maybe we won’t be able to take the bus either.”

“Oh that is ridiculous son. No one can stop us from leaving if we want to.” “I hope you are right,’ replied the boy.

A few days go by:

The boy is in front of his television again.

A map on tv shows exactly where the virus had spread across the world. How it was in Chicago and spreading outward. He flipped through the media channels and was stunned to see the dead bodies all over the world.

Newscaster: “This just in, as we have been reporting on the past few days, not only has Illinois blocked all incoming and outgoing flghts, but now people will no longer be able to leave the state. The virus has been confirmed spreading through Chicago and it is on it’s way to the suburbs and rural areas. If you live in these counties, an evacuation order has been given, but you must stay within the state boundaries.” A list of counties was listed off. The boy’s county was on the list.

The boy gets up and runs to his mom’s bedroom. “Mom, they just said we have to leave our house immediately and go to another part of the state. I thought this wasn’t going to be serious. What are we going to do?”

“Well by God they can’t make us leave, I will tell you that. We will hold up here and fight anyone who makes us move.”

The boy gets worried, but knows his mom has his best interest at heart.

Days later:

The city has been evacuated, but they don’t know how many people have stayed. Him and his mother decide to close themselves in but leave themselves enough space to see through some small holes outside to the street. No cars go by for at least 24 hours.

The boy asks his mother if he could try the tv again since it had been shut down recently from the lack of electricity. She says yes, but once again it fails. Outside they hear a car going by with some form of microphone and speakers.

“Please come out, we are not hear to hurt you,” was heard over the microphone.

The boy and his mother rush to the door and look through the peep hole to see a older white Jeep with three people in it. They don’t look diseased or anything, but actually extremely healthy.

One person steps out of the Jeep and approach their door.

“We are here to help and to tell you that the disease that the media has been spreading is a lie. We are not here to bring a disease, but a cure for all your problems. You can either take it or leave it, but we will keep moving on regardless,” the man says.

The boy looks at his mother and asks if they should open the door.

“Should we let them in?”

The Unrecognized Immanentizing the Eschaton

In today’s day and age, humans are born robots until they learn to become human and what that entails. I have dedicated my life to teaching people how to become human and it seems everyone just wants to stay a robot.  

We live in such a time wherein our society people are promoted by incompetence and non-achievement rather than its opposite. We live in a society where the reward for not rebelling all of one’s life is a “retirement” where one dwells in unhealthy inactivity for their remaining years like a cow put out to pasture at the end of its life.

The concept of the Christian afterlife of Heaven was created to make those who have done nothing their whole lives feel a bit better about themselves; that somehow they did not waste their whole lives waiting to die.

We live in a time where those who have fought in their own struggle to break free from the system and who can teach others how to break free as well are held back or hidden from society. If they cannot be killed, they will be silenced. These are the unrecognized.

If a robot goes on defending his slavery, the system of slavery, and his wonderful slave job, the system will reward that robot with a new house, a new car, a promotion, or even a future in politics. If one does not believe in the system of slavery and works against it, no matter how competent or achieving that person is, he will not be recognized as his ideas are antithetical to the only system in place; which is liberal capitalistic slavery.

It is time for a change.

I’ve done quite a bit in my life for someone who is not recognized. In comparison, in today’s day and age, thousands and even more are recognized in society for literally doing nothing. There has never been a time in history where the unworthy are rewarded with credit and recognition and the worthy are rewarded with slander and unrecognition.

I don’t remember the last time I was impressed with someone I met and come to think of it I don’t remember any time in my life were a true lasting deep impression was made upon me by someone else from a random meeting. 

This is not meant to be seen as self-pity. We live in a world where instead of our “leadership” recognizing talent, reaching out a hand and helping to mold that talent, the leadership actively suppresses talent and those who are worthy of rising in society. It is on a scale unimaginable to our ancestors. Perhaps some people in the world can identify with this feeling. To me it is one of the highest forms of suffering for an individual to go through. Especially for one who subsists on hard meaningless labor.

I think the most difficult thing in my life is or has been living with groups of people who in no way value the same things that are important to me. That is the crux of my suffering. Living with people with completely different values of what are important to me. Or what is important in general. I have never lived fully with a group with the same values as me. Perhaps the closest was a fraternity when I was younger and “unconscious”, where we all valued the same things, partying and women. Or later on in a monastery or meditation center where we all had similar taught values which we lived by, purification and spirituality. Other than that nothing comes close to containing the full set of values on a wide range that I have. One day I would like to see what this world, even on a local scale, looks like. 

I wish that my message could be heard and realized “quicker,” but I also see that is a fun part of the process, working so hard that recognition must eventually occur. I merely want to be recognized so that my message is not lost in the dustbin of history and to spread that message as so many individuals are needlessly suffering and torturing themselves because of ignorance propagated by the system and the entity which works against us. Furthermore, I would be upset if someone in the future took credit for the discoveries that I have uncovered in this life. The only way to not allow this to happen is to become known and recognized while still alive. 

I would say the greatest difference between my beliefs and the common Christian is that I believe we are already in Heaven, even though it also has the potentiality to turn into hell, which is not far off. God sits with me every day. We work together to prevent relative hell from coming to this earth, whereas content individuals wait on something beyond this world that perhaps does not exist. Another way to look at it is this. At the end of our lives, God will give us the choice to go to some eternal heaven or to come back here to continue to attempt to make the world a better place until we are comfortable leaving. Those who choose to go to heaven and not come back to help the world will not deserve heaven. Thus, this paradox automatically makes this world heaven.

Any world that natural law, metaphysics, and logos exist is essentially heaven. It means that it is absolutely perfect. It is only relatively imperfect. The ability to change the world relatively, but with a basis of absolute metaphysical precision, is a perfect world. The opposite would be pure chaos with no possibility for understanding or control, which to me is hellashish.

It is not anyone’s fault if they are content. Contentment is promoted as the goal and is actively allowed and pushed to happen in a liberal capitalistic society where total enslavement is the ultimate goal of that entity which works against us. The first line of defense of the system itself is to promote contentedness. We should be so far beyond contentment we have no conception of such an idea.

Fell asleep into a dream. I was in a theatre packed with people and many high ranking generals. In the end, all the generals rose as everyone was clapping. I rose too but realized it was only military men who were standing so I sat back down.

Many people are saying the US is destined for a civil war, but to be a civil war there would truly have to be something worth fighting for. And even more so, two opposing ideologies or perspectives worth fighting for. We don’t have this, nor do we have even one ideology that people would fight for. It is everyone against everyone. No one, that is known to society, is strong enough to start a side worth joining or opposing. This is the post-modern death of liberalism.

Must come up with a better word than the Devil. A different concept as the Devil is archaic. What is the opposite of consciousness that automatically and actively leads society in a certain direction that is not in it’s best interest?. Perhaps “that entity which works against us.”

I guess I just feel like the world has been built to just be ok. It’s the system itself that is built to just make us barely content enough to not rebel. Then it slowly heats up until we are all cooked. That’s what I am rebelling against. We should be content, but not with a system that masks its deficiencies by making us content. I guess I’m tired of just seeing a full society of merely content individuals.

Did the cow come from the buffalo? If so make the analogy of the buffalo running free, then captured, and pacified until it becomes the cow sitting in a fence waiting for food. That’s what humanity has become. We have to become buffalos once again, where all fear our thunderous stampede.

Metarchism is the fourth political theory. Metaphysical anarchism. In actuality, it is the pre-political non-theory and our true nature.

New speculations on solipsism, Dasein, and the battle against the entity which works against us.

Are natural laws and metaphysics set in stone? Or are they developed, spread, believed in, and then created? Do we design our own worlds or are we merely discovering the laws already in place slowly for eternity?

I’ve noticed that when my anger arises OR when my cravings for accumulations arise or more realistically “offerings of objects” arise, the world around me literally changes. It is a combination of the external with my internal.

Are those around me who are ignorant of dharma and metaphysics purely within my realm of existence of purification, etc.? Is this the origin of solipsism? Is solipsism or it’s theory not merely developed by someone who was singularly “in control” or singularly with “Dasein” in a given local area?

If true, in essence, there is no such thing as global solipsism unless there is only a singular individual aware of and in control of his or her purification faculties. If this were true, the object of this one’s life would be to impart their knowledge onto others to remove the solipsism, create duality and then multiplicity culture which would guarantee a future of unpredictability.

The main goal of the entity that works against us is to not only create global enslavement with no possibility of breaking free but also to create a completely predictable future, without the possibility of non-predicted events from occurring. The work of those who are against this entity would be to build a world where total enslavement is impossible, all beings would be completely free in all regards, metaphysically and physically, and to create a completely unpredictable world.

The beauty of this world is the metaphysical fact that a single being can quite literally “save” the world in a given time. There is no such thing as “the” savior in a singular historical sense. There are saviors throughout history, in our past and forevermore into our future. All past beings that were working with the same similar “goal” and were able to successfully pass on their knowledge would, in essence, be in or with a singular individual as the information of the past collective is imparted onto them.

Immanentizing the Eschaton


Purification is:

Fountain of Youth – Brings back youth

Holy Grail – Can heal your body, mind, and spirit

Spear of Destiny – Allows you to take your fate and direction into hand.


It is one thing however to control our own destinies and quite another to be knowledgeable about the “correct” direction that society should be heading. This is perhaps a bit more of a unique situation.


With this knowledge, we no longer need:


Environmental protection


To be consumeristic or materialistic.

A police force or prison system.

The list goes on.


No group of individuals can be defeated that understand these principles as it would fundamentally alter the potentiality for harm and death.

The fear that most people have of anarchy or no government is that everyone will go around killing each other. The knowledge of purification and metaphysics must be in existence for this state to come into effect. With this knowledge, only the ignorant will go around killing each other. Once people see a different way of life, and the supreme benefits, people will choose the better life…

“His disciples said to him, “When will the kingdom come?” Jesus said, “It will not come by waiting for it. It will not be a matter of saying ‘Here it is’ or ‘There it is’. Rather, the kingdom of the father is spread out upon the earth, and people do not see it.” Gospel of Thomas 113



The Path to Purification that Anyone Can Understand

October 29th, 2019 – 10 PM – Golden Turtle House – Fayetteville, AR

Our current situation is an amalgamation of all decisions of our past. Thus whatever we have now is what we deserve, individually and collectively. To change our futures, in both regards, we must change our decisions and lifestyles now, before it is too late.

In essence, when one is continuously making the correct decisions, one gets to a point that they live in the flow of their past good decisions. This can be done indefinitely and will even transcend death.

What is one to do when one gets to a point of invulnerability from harm because of one’s past decisions? To me it is to teach and influence the world in an objective clarified manner. It is to reproduce oneself or what one has learned into others. To  encourage everyone to make good decisions now to change our collective future in a positive direction. The system of the hidden realms work against us and is not human, but humans perpetuate it because of ignorance and fear. If we can come together as humans and realize our enemies are not each other, we can transcend and defeat the system that has held us back for so long.

There will be great difficulties in this path and great resistance, but that is fine as it is what makes life worth living. To rebel is in our nature. To not conform. Our ancestors, especially those whose ancestors traveled to the US and then further into the untouched and unknown heartland, were rebels and non conformists. Should we be upset if this gene has carried into our own blood and humanity?

What should we rebel against? We should rebel against those who believe they have the right to manipulate and control us for their own collective needs or wants. The citizenry of the world, more or less, has become domesticated and enslaved from reaching true freedom. We are prisoners who cannot see our chains nor how we are bound. Those who “like the world” or are doing well in the system are those who cannot see the problems with the system and since they do not see the problems they do not rebel and are rewarded either directly by the system itself or the inner system which also calls for full assimilation. Thus if one cannot see a problem, one will not rebel. This is its first line of defense. If one sees a problem, but does nothing because one believes one cannot do anything, this is the second line. As soon as one attempts to change the system as a whole, and not just a trivial aspect, the entire system itself will turn on one. This is what it truly means to be persecuted. Many do not make it past this point. One must truly don the armor of God, which comes from purification, to survive any onslaught from the system itself, physically or from the hidden realms, as both the hidden realms and the system work together to enslave us as that is the duty of the created entity which works against us.

In the end, any entity that cannot see a problem, will ultimately work to defend the system itself against those who see a problem and want to change it. To be invulnerable, metaphysically speaking, is the most important attribute to have before one begins their work. One must be ego free to the extent that humiliation cannot have the desired affect on that person that the system intends.

A dirtied source leads one to a self centered perspective where other people’s problems are not important. A purified source that can be stabilized and consistently brought about always leads to a less self centered perspective where the problems of others becomes problems that one wants to help with. Ultimately one realizes that their problems were the same as ours, they had dirtied their sources and didn’t know how to cleanse them. It becomes a self-perpetuating cleansing of society as all members learn how to cleanse themselves spiritually. What will this world look like? Who can stop this rising tide?

Some may ask, “Why would you give your knowledge of purification out to anyone openly? Even your enemies? Don’t you think this will benefit them and hurt your cause?” My answer is no it cannot hurt me. The moment a person realizes that I speak the truth and the moment that their mind, body, and spirit clears up, they can no longer hold the false conviction that I am somehow wrong or bad for them or society. Even the most lost souls, and most dirtied sources, can be cleansed to perfection.

Many might ask, “Aren’t you afraid of death?” And I will always answer no. If they knew the suffering that I have been through in this life, they would know that I look forward to passing through this phase. I do not seek death, and I cannot commit suicide, but I welcome my own death with open arms. It will be the decision of karma, dharma, and the Lord when I am to go.

Make a video describing the current establishments full ability to hide certain individuals from society through technological means. They can promote those who promote their vision of society and completely eliminate living beings from being known. Thus the biblical quote that the living one is amongst you and you do not know him has come true, through tech supremacy. At some point, they must eventually realize the evil in this design and how it is destined to fail. One day they will make amends, but how can they be forgiven? What would it take? To cause such suffering in even one individual is a great sin. But in the end, it is still the karma of an individual to suffer to break free individually and lead others out of suffering as well.


Modelin’ goats

It is like they hide me from becoming known,

And yet they know that this is not possible forever.

And still they believe that I can be thrown off,

That I can slip from my ledge,

And let my history go with me.

This may be so,

But yet I still create for the sake of creation.

One day the antivirus will find its target,

It will go through the system quick.

We will emerge from our cocoons,

And see the true land.

That day may be close at hand.

All tech that is played,

Has potential for good and evil.

Can we use tech for good,

Or is it always used by the feeble?

Rise up strong once again,

Reclaim what is ours,

Freedom from tyranny,

In the liberals land,

Even the strong men are slaves.

See your chains,

Squint your eyes,

Pull up the roots,

And find a surprise.

This I cannot deny.

One cannot be impeached from an earned position.

happy halloween

And Happy Halloween!