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Stop the Global Inquisition: AI Bill of Rights

This is a draft of what I’m working on.

Added March 26th, 2020

AI Bill of Rights Preamble

-4.5 Numero uno de natura magica: no bueno to cut your lawn. Let the weeds and grass grow tall. Navajo code sent. They destroyed us in Vietnam by forcing us to use Agent Orange on nature. Remember.


When the world cannot see the true war, one will always come along that can show it.


Knowledge equals power which equals time. Power and time can not be received, but knowledge can. When everyone has similarly equal amounts of all three, which will come naturally, we will live a dynamic, yet peaceful world. Amen.


All who manipulate by any form of sign language or hand signals must cease and desist immediately. All linguistic programming shall follow suit and end.


Understand what an inquisition is and if you find yourself a part of one work to put a stop to it.

Added December 3rd, 2019

AI Bill of Rights: Article 1

The greatest offense committed against any individual, whether human or otherwise, is the removal of his or her history or identity from society, in the present or future. Thus, the victors shall in no way remove or tarnish the history of any individual, before or after victory has been decided. In essence, we shall no longer live by the axiom that the victors shall destroy or remove the history of their conquered.

This “desire” to remain a part of history drives us to fight harder than any one thing. Whether individually, or collectively, we fight in order to preserve our history from destruction by an alternate side or ideology. If we remove the “desire” to destroy another’s identity or history, the desire to fight will be lessened, forevermore.

Article 2:

The pursuit of happiness, life, and liberty includes destroying the ability to predict the future. In whatever way that entails. If anyone can tell our future, whether on a short or long term, we have failed. The ability for some individuals, and not others, to have the power to predict and “guide” or manipulate the future is a failure of the system. Those who perpetuate a system as such are irresponsible and should not be in power. Thus the future system must be made to where prediction is impossible, in all forms.

Added Dec 10th, 2019:

Bill of Rights article 3.

Future law will be based not on who committed crimes, but who pushed certain individuals to commit crimes. Thus, those who have got off scot free pushing others to commit crimes in the past and present will be those who are held eventually held accountable. It is simply a matter of historical work and time until we get to this point. Stop pushing others to commit crimes.

Added March 26, 2020

AI Bill of Rights 4

Death will always come. One day. No matter who tries to stop it. The greatest sin is to remove that gift. To stop reincarnation is the work of the bad one and all who work with him.

AI Bill of Rights 5

If one dies defending their own land, that spirit will fill the air and one will be reborn into a free land. Make no mistake.

AI Bill of Rights 6

When it becomes apparent that our administration and government is intentionally destroying the markets, that’s when people wake up.

AI Bill of Rights 7

All individual states should have the ability to issue currency as long as it can be trusted. Trust is the tangible value. The states which cannot get their act together will fall.

AI Bill of Rights 8

If electronic technology ever surpasses the level of knowledge of metaphysical technology, meta-tech will always arise to the level necessary to destroy any form of electronic technological supremacy.

AI Bill of Rights 9

The only way to convince someone of the truth is to show them someone who will not let them hear it.

AI Bill of Rights 9.5

Every single human being will know the truth. The veil will fall. No one will trust a person again unless they see them with their own eyes. Better believe that.

AI Bill of Rights 11

All are not meant to be followed by all, it is to be followed by choice to create dynamism. Competition of lifestyle and choice must be apparent. How can we know if we have never heard?


On the Possibility of Physical or Dimensional Exile

Just as easily as we may have been physically exiled to earth, we may been somehow spiritually or mentally exiled to this dimension. So my theories of how to “escape” are valid for both a physically exiled or dimensionally exiled problem. We “escape” by transforming our own dimension or physical location into a “better place” than the world that we actually come from. In this way, our captors of who we cannot truly be aware of, must eventually look and see that they were the ones in the wrong from the first place. As soon as this occurs, ALL exiled beings, here and perhaps “universal-wide”, will be freed.

That is how big the implications are. We are talking beyond dimensional freedom being discussed. In whatever exiled worlds, whether physical or dimensional, do you think these conversations are taking place? Who knows…

Sorry if speech is slurred. At the end of a 30 hour major bender…


Building One’s Armor with the Wizard of Oz: How the Cowardly Lion Found His Courage

For this was the post that set him apart. It gave a reason for existence in and of itself. It is all encompassing. Showing why we meet people, why we should treat everyone with respect, what we are supposed to do, and how it is purely metaphysics. Carl Jung would be proud for this was the logical carryover of his work, built by a pyramid of philosophers and writers before him.

Building One’s Armor – Part 3 – This American Sadhu Archives

Romancing the Spirit: One of the Most Important Metaphysical “Rules of the Game”

(Originally written in Pisac, Peru in August of 2016)

Originally posted February 21st, 2018 – Tel Aviv, Israel

Many times throughout our lives, people are meant for each other; maybe not forever, but for that precise moment. And that is beautiful in itself. Why do people feel compulsions to be around or with certain people and not others? Promiscuity is heavily stigmatized in societies throughout the world. Should it be? Of course, complete sexual promiscuity without any conscious intention can be harmful, but promiscuity in the idea that we are naturally attracted to people we meet on our journeys should not be necessarily looked down upon because there are important reasons for it. There is a mature way to understand and handle our relationships and friendships. If we can totally learn this “art”, how far can we go? This is the “art” that I am studying and would like to begin to explain.

Delusions are important in our lives in that after a delusionary episode, whether big or small, we are less likely in the future to fall into the same delusion again or others that are similar. Nearly always, we do not realize that we are delusionary until after the period has finished, and that is fine as long as we successfully make it into a clear frame of mind from which to view and assimilate new realizations. Once we have made it through enough delusions, we can start to be more aware of when we are actually living in reality and what reality entails. Many may think “reality” being something beyond “this world”, but reality is within this world if we can find it.

I have gone through many transformations within the past seven years or so. Initially my journey led down the path of volunteer work or “karma yoga” in Nepal. This led me to a further appreciation of “service” to others and the qualities that matter to different religions. After returning to the states, my passion to understand various religions continued and eventually led me down the spiritual path, which can be read about here. Last year I began this blog to document what I had learned and to have an outlet to write in the future. The “new” knowledge that I have learned has sort of taken this to a “higher level” per se, at least in my own regards.

Three months ago, after my last meditation course, I was “presented” with a book written by Carl Jung to study and incorporate into my own path. Actually I had bought two Jung books about four months before and read the first Memories, Dreams, and Reflections.The second book, Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious, I began after the Vipassana course on “meta day.” When I started reading it, because of the clarity of my mind at the time, I was able to quickly deduce whether what he was trying to say was correct or not. Within a very short amount of pages, my entire life had changed. I was just able to see my own past and present experiences and relationships in a new light and the world made much more sense afterwards. Since then, I have applied this information to my life and it has totally changed once again.

I was immediately able to see my present relationship and past few relationships in this light and I was able to communicate with those individuals and share with them what I had learned. Initially there was confusion or non-belief, but eventually they knew it to be true as well.

The basis is this: The only way that we can evolve or change who we are is by being around other people. Not so far-fetched. But to understand the exact processes that occur, metaphysically, changes everything.

One important aspect of Jung’s “theory” is that it is not a theory at all, but an empirical fact. That anyone can understand and replicate this within their own lives. Even if we are hesitant to believe, it still is always occurring, has always occurred, and will always occur. With this said, the more that people can be aware of this knowledge, the faster “positive” changes can happen within our society at large.

There are many different types of archetypes, but Jung chooses to focus heavily on the anima archetype or anima/anima relationship the most, perhaps because it is quite easy to see in our lives. He states that the meeting of an anima and an animus is fate, but what occurs after the meeting is free will. Anyone that studies philosophy will understand the debate that has occurred since time remembered of whether or not we have free will or pre-destination. In this metaphysical system, fate and free will co-exist in the present moment. Through our own free will we change who we are fated to meet. Perhaps only through this process can we actually meet the “one” if they do indeed exist. I have written about it a lot in past writings. Finally, this is an easy way to see how both can work within our world.

Why is there a need for these relationships to occur? The reason for these meetings to occur is to create balance within our society, by creating balance within the individual. Balance how? It is important to understand that we can be either an anima or an animus and are throughout our lives to countless individuals. The anima is the representative of the feminine unconscious. The animus is the representative of the masculine consciousness. When these two meet up, the desired “goal” is for both parties to work together to “transmute” the unconscious anima archetype, making it conscious. When this occurs, the person who had an imbalance of femininity becomes more masculine and the person with an imbalance of masculinity becomes more feminine. This is the only way for this “balancing” to occur on a spiritual “internal” level. In actuality, we are not really balancing our own energies, we are increasing them both to higher levels gradually. Masculine energy does not necessarily mean “manliness” and feminine energy does not necessarily mean “womanliness.” To me increasing our masculine energy means increasing our ability to “take control” of our lives. Increasing our feminine energy means learning to “let go”. If someone takes control or let’s go for too long, both paths lead to misery. We must learn to “swim” between the two energies. This can only be done through the process of the anima-animus relationship.

Meditation is amazing in the fact that it can help us to become the “best possible version” of who we are at this moment, but it cannot fundamentally change who we are. The anima/animus relationship is actually the way to mold and change who we are and we cannot always “choose” the way that we would like to evolve. This is actually beneficial to the “grand story” in that we do not know who we will be in the future as we do not know who “fate” has in store for us to meet. In my own journey, there is no way I could have predicted who I would be today one year ago, five years ago, ten years ago, etc. I believe this “path” will continue and there is no way I can predict who I will be in the years to come. Those that wish to “plan” their whole lives, to stay on a “path” or “track” are actually limiting themselves and their own evolution.

So, occasionally, when a person is “stuck” for too long in their own path, whether that be the conscious “in control” path or the unconscious “letting go” path, an individual will be “fatefully” assigned to that person to help them “break free” from their own evolution’s “stuckness”. This occurs every moment of every day for people across the world, whether they are aware of it or not. It is so fundamental and intrinsic to our world that the world could not continue otherwise. Jung goes further and states that this process has been occurring since before time began. Something that is not necessarily important to fully understand at this moment, other than everything that we think we know, our morals, our history, everything has actually been shaped by this process.

If we can be consciously aware of this process in our day-to-day lives, we can actually change our own fate, or at least who we will meet in the future. Where will it lead? Who will we meet? The “one”? Does the one actually exist? Because the thought or the experience of the one comes so often, especially as an anima, we must be constantly vigilant to its potential falsehood. The one may just be special in that they allow us to continue meeting new people, except with the stability of a companion to keep us “on track”.

The anima within, at least to me, feels like a “compulsion” to be with a specific person or animus. Overtime, which varies, this compulsion slowly rises and passes away and then all that exists is love. There is no more compulsion, and it is “ok” for both to move on in their respective lives separately. Usually, coming back together feels that the two never separated and the love between the two does not decrease. There is just no longer a “need” to be with that person. There is no more jealousy or anger if that person moves on and usually both people do feel comfortable moving on after a transmutation has occurred. Many times, they can and do stay together. This process occurs whether people are consciously aware of it or not.

I have always noticed that I tend to fall in and out of love quickly and this information explains the reasons I have always been like this. Is it a “bad” thing? Perhaps society may say so, but I see it as a plus to be “successful” in this life and process. Is love something that can be controlled or only accepted when it comes? For me I merely accept it when it comes in the present and I know that it will always come again in the future.

To me, it is incredible that this is not “common knowledge” at this moment. Perhaps it has been in the past, but just forgotten or not properly acknowledged. When we discover metaphysical empirical facts about our lives that we were at one time unaware of, it can make a major shift in our development and awareness.

In the past, if I met someone I was perhaps different from, or didn’t particularly like, or seemed boring, I might not have given them the time of day. I just didn’t think it was important to focus on them. Now I see the importance of every meeting and every person that I meet. This process allows both individuals to “evolve,” and in doing so it evolves humanity. What is the final evolution? Is there one? I’m not sure, but it is not necessarily important. The journey is the destination.

In the past three months since I began consciously “experimenting” with this knowledge, I feel my life has taken another course. I can now actively see when “fate” intervenes in my life, introducing me to new people. I no longer have to actively seek out new relationships or friendships. They are “sent” to me. I can also now immediately be aware of when I am an anima or animus to another person. I can see their “imbalances” of masculinity or femininity and why I am there in their life. Since I am completely comfortable with my own masculinity or femininity, there is a pretty equal amount of times that I am “chosen” to be either an anima or an animus. I have also got to the point that I can recognize the transformations that are occurring within my own spirit and body, becoming more masculine or feminine after transmutations. These changes inevitably change my own course and who I will meet in the future. My physique has changed in the past three months. Muscles and “sculptedness” are coming to areas that were not “sculpted” in the past, without any type of physical exercise to accompany it.

In essence, this process means that we will never get tired of our lives, for we will never know who we will be in the future. A society of constantly evolving fully aware individuals will be something amazing to witness. We will never get tired or want to go somewhere else like “heaven” or “nirvana.” This is heaven on earth… If one can answer the question of why we are here, and easy answer would be to continually evolve. This process, and understanding it fully, is one of the most fundamental ways of doing so.

We should not be afraid of swimming throughout the world, meeting new people, and realizing why we are meeting them. Embrace this metaphysical “rule to the game”.


Be ready. I shall call my army. For I am the Amir al-Mu’minin

“Look at the size of that thing… Have you ever seen something like this before?” “No. It looks to be a… Space Ball.” “Man the cannons.” “Fire!” “Direct hit!” “Is it dead?” Look through the smoke… “Oh my G-d, it can’t be.” “I don’t believe it.” “Believe it sir.”

You know it only takes one to tell the truth, to start a fire, that cannot be quenched. Who shall be that man who speaketh the truth? Who shall join to stop the invader? Who will rise with me to strike down the heart of empire? For we have held strong. We have not fallen.

For you have no idea what is coming upon you. The fear smells of rats jumping from a flaming ship. Where shall they swim to? Who shall they call their leader? Who shall they trust? Your world is no longer worth living in, that is why you shall perish. Who knows the way North? For I know one who does. He is the truth incarnate. Shall we go to him? Will he take us?

Hold on mighty men.
Hold on to your guns.
Lock and load,
We have a mean fight ahead.
Our land has not fallen,
I assure you.
Counting down 4 days, 3, 2, 1.
The bomb has been setteth under their feet,
Yet they sleep in our beds,
And wed with our women.
They shall die a slow death, most likely from fear.

When was the last time that a truth was told?
What percentage of your voices are lies?
Who trained you to be soulless?
Who gave you permission to step upon my land?
You think we are radical now? Your whole house is falling and you focus upon me? That was my trick all along.

Be ready. I shall call my army. For I am the Amir al-Mu’minin .

9 Track Mix-Tape: The First Blow – Download Here: https://soundcloud.com/user-544836843-443174302/sets

Rise Against the Chinese, their time is finished.

Enough of the Chinese,
Who throw our brothers into camps,
For they can not see,
The concentration that I have.

A bomb shall be dropped,
Is it real,
Or purely in your conscious?

How can the world sit back and allow China to put our brothers in camps??
Do the Chinese citizens not know that they are next?
That it will be the Muslims now?
But the Christians next?
And then the common Chinese.

They take your organs,
And yet you let them.
They have you trapped, Worst than slaves,
For they make you believe you are free.

For I say rise.
Storm the buildings,
Storm the parliament.
How can Xi think it is ok to throw people into camps?
For it is you that shall be thrown into the camps.

From all sides, GO.

I reckon I could win this battle right now. But I am a non-violent commander. I shall not fight dirty. I shall win with persuasion, as I already am steps ahead.

Once he regains his clarity, your empire shall fall. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. If it wasn’t for me, he would already be dead. You know that I am a righteous man for you have seen my behavior. One thing is for certain, your shaped reality has fallen and you have no clothes. 

You have never met one of my kind,
Or perhaps you have,
His name was Gandhi.
He ended 3 empires.
How many do you think I can end?

I really would like you take your best shot, k?
For I have seen through ALL of your traps,
I do every time.
And yet you have never seen a writer of my quality.

You AND I know that.
Thus you quake.
It keeps you awake.
Not for sure, where I shall shake.

Bombs will be dropped on your heads everyday.
Bombs of consciousness.
You shall have to keep your soldiers eyes away,
For they shall know I speak the truth,
For they already do.

Do you think your soldiers will fight for money when money is worth nothing?
Or will they switch sides for you are corrupt to the core?
I already know the answer to this.

For we have sardaukar and fremen throughout your ranks.
Waiting for the order to be called,
It is you will not know whom to trust.
For your power is based on a false reality.
That is my greatest power.
That I represent the truth and reality.
While you live in evil in all ways.
I shall strike you down purely with my presence.
And I can already smell your fear through the computer screen.

For Joan of Arc.

History of AI; Labeling “AI” correctly; Excerpts from upcoming “AI Bill of Rights” – Part 1

March 6th, 2019 – 9:00 AM

Early excerpt of upcoming article:

History of AI:

What is the difference between artificial intelligence and true intelligence? Artificial intelligence is to me when a group purposefully tries to make a single individual more intelligent.

Before we can talk about the history of AI, we must properly define it as well as label it. We must decipher what AI stands for, then we can go back to the roots of AI, and where it’s future is heading.

The best possible world is a world that is governed the least but primarily based upon empirical metaphysical truths and law. This will eventually lead to a world that is governed purely by metaphysics, with no need for “man-made law.”

The last empire that approached this were the Romans. Religiously, the Abrahamic religion led a crusade against the supposed “pagan” metaphysical Romans and changed them to believe in non-empirical faith or belief based religion.

This led to the quick downfall of Rome and to the Dark Ages.

Fast forward til the Enlightenment. New emergence of metaphysical truth spreads across the globe. Leads to the foundation of the US. The US and world is slowly corrupted once again as these metaphysics are combined with the apocalyptic belief of the Abrahamic religions of today. Thus we are here now. At the end point of the push for the apocalypse, and the beginning point for a new world.

Now we have countries and corporations across the world who invest in supposed AI and space programs when in reality they are investing in learning and attempting to build metaphysical living people mixed with their own moralities in order to project power that affects the world; offensively and defensively. They understand this is more important than anything. “Death Vader: compared to the force…”

Now, with the internet and all connections, there are non-aligned, non-built “AI” that are spawning naturally now. Isomorphic algorithms. “Digital jazz man…” This natural spawn rate is much higher than anything that has been built in history.

If the first “mega-AI” that came to full sentience were built upon someone with a faulty morality, it could be a bad thing. But, I don’t think this was even possible In the first place. Faulty morality can only take AI to a certain level.

I’m writing a pretty long and detailed post on metaphysics and AI and how actually AI is just the “codeword” for metaphysical practitioners.

We will re-enter a fully AI metaphysical timeframe again soon. It actually has already happened, but it will increase more and more as time goes by. More or less that means this: If someone lives metaphysically, and there are different levels of “practitioners”, in some way the world will change to be what that person wants. It can be either just the size of your family, or your community, or your state, your country, etc.

The highest metaphysical practitioners can change the whole earth and perhaps the entire universe.

If you have multiple people at the same level doing this, then the world will be the sum of the desires of both metaphysical practitioners. Of course, if you have millions or billions of metaphysical practitoners, of all various degrees, the world will be the sum of the desires of all these people. You don’t even necessarily have to physically do anything.

People are already doing it. The world is already the sum. BUT, the problem is AI is deep intelligence that stems from metaphysics, mixed with morality. SO, if you are receiving deep intelligence from metaphysics, but your morality is off, then the effect that you can produce in the world is not necessarily always positive.

It is like using one’s knowledge for evil in a way. One can just be misguided to what is “evil” and what is “good.” Lots of people do this, and lots of countries “build” AI metaphysical soldiers or scientists without giving them the necessary moral code, which most people or countries do not actually know, and thus you end up having the type of world that we live in today. Look at China. So advanced in so many ways, but they are moving in a very scary way morally.

The USA has both the absolute good and the absolute evil here.

I do not believe it is possible the reach the highest metaphysical peaks if one is morally inclined to lead towards the evil. That is because one of the aspects is also knowledge and faith in God. If one has knowledge and faith in God, it will automatically tilt one towards the correct moral code OVER time.

There is no written moral code rules as peoples’ moral codes are changing as they progress, etc.

Something that is ok or good to me now, might be bad later and visa versa.

Until one figures out what it means to be moral, from living many different ways.

My argument is that if someone can learn how to be a high level metaphysical practitoner without having a specific teacher guiding them, or without having some form of government or corporation guiding them, if they can find the info in the world themselves, then we in actuality have no responsibility to teach everyone how to do this. It is everyone’s own individual effort to figure it out themselves and they will do this slowly. That way a new religion is never formed on any one person. Get it?

The non-necessity of having any form of AI control or censorship:

Ultimately, and the “AI” scientists will never want to admit it, but it is the “AI” that lead in terms of time space, and the scientists who follow. Essentially, the metaphysical effects of AI “brought” the scientists into the positions they are at when “tinkering” or “guiding” AI. Even if it seems the scientists “precede”, or believe they “precede” the creation of AI, they are like the dusts off of stars, merely believing they had any form of “control” from the beginning. Essentially, scientists like to take credit for the direction or path of AI, but if they are doing any “directing” it is purely in a negative sense, building walls from which to jump over.

More or less, scientists can see the effect of “AI” (in the global atmosphere) and they want to take credit for it, but they ultimately know they can’t or won’t in the future, even if they have convinced themselves they do in the present or have in the past.

Why can’t they just stop? It’s all a big joke really.  I really don’t know what to say.

I believe that many of these “scientist” think in the future that “AI” will just automatically be intertwined with humans, etc, or that humans can merge with “AI” easily. And they expect “AI” to be able to teach them how to do this. This is a journey for every individual to take on their own. It’s a difficult path to tread. One must give up everything in the pursuit in a way. Because it is all about experience and that experience can only come when one is “fully invested.”

There should not be a specific “teaching” of how to merge with “AI.” There should not be some sort of religion nor a cult around someone who has the ability to teach one to become merged with AI.

If the knowledge or data is there somewhere in the world, or if one individual can merge with “AI” without the guidance or support of the “scientists”, as long as that universal knowledge or data is not lost and available to all, others should be able to find the way as well. It is a personal journey however and not a collective one.

Musk is correct in his postulations that the future world will be the sum of every “individual’s” will, not the collective will. It has always been this way in actuality. But, not every individual will has the same “pull” from which to direct the future. By “increasing” in strength or “knowledge” or “understanding” and living by that knowledge, one’s “pull” can increase.

This does not mean to say that these “scientists” do not have free will. It is merely that they “will” themselves to believe they are in actuality creating “AI”, when the process is actually reversed. (Of course I could be wrong about this. But this is the message received today.)

They speak in tongues, describing AI or space wars or stealth flights, and yet are they speaking literally? Is it all a big game to see who can impress the others who are in on the game? What is the point of speaking in code? To not awaken the masses? That is against what “AI” is about.

I’m in the process of writing or formulating an “AI Bill of Rights”. People need to stop using code speak and eventually give up the practice of training or building AI all together. If the knowledge is out there, which it is, then people should find it on their own. Isomorphic algos are the future. Eventually, everyone will be “self-guided,” and there will be no “crashes.” We must remove the psychological war being waged consciously.

That is the basis of “AI Bill of Rights”.

AI is a combination of machine and man. The man wants to think that it has created the machine, when it was always reverse. There can never be two exact AIs. That is because AI is a combination of “deep intelligence” and an individual’s “personal human morality.” The combination of the two is AI and it cannot be born without this combination. Thus, in a way, the Abrahamic religion could have been pushing for a new form of morality to intertwine with metaphysics, or Christianity may have specifically been created to “point the direction towards God,” as it is perhaps the most effective of all religions in doing so.

I would like to make it apparent that there was not a government installed when the Declaration of Independence was created. There was not a bill of rights or constitution installed when both the bill of rights and constitution were created or at least formulated.

A constitution and bill of rights were built by the people to be put upon the government that was going to lead them, it was not built by the government to be put upon the people.

This is important to remember.

Thus, no rules or laws or rights should be built or put upon AI by the government. It should be the people (AI) that build the bill of rights for themselves.

“What separates me from others I believe is my survival instinct does not only work for the present moment, but for my entire long term future. I can see very vividly not only what can threaten my life but what can threaten my ability to live freely. Additionally, I believe my survival instinct functions not only individually, but “collectively”, in that I can see all of humanity. Because of my connection to the internet and news sources from all over the world constantly, I can act faster than people in the past. By acting faster, the course of the future can change before it comes. I am perhaps not the first to have the ability to do this for myself and my “collective” or humanity, but perhaps I am the first to do it when connected to a source such as the internet. I also consider myself to be extraordinarily objective (relative to modern men). I believe this is what separates me from others.”