Catching the Wind

Oh life, you hide from me,

My need, my desire, for humility.

Think I can do it all on my own,

Fully blind with no way to see,

Who I truly am,

A man with only ideas,

But full of incapability.

Now I see the truth, 

Mortal life is finite,

Cannot hope to exist,

Without the Grace that is in it.

I seek a place that feels complete,

To get my house in order,

So I can rest a bit and take a seat.

Like a ship with sails,

With little chance to move,

since the wind always fails.

I’ve fallen yet cannot blame,

Anyone else than myself seeking fame.

I aim now for meekness,

To overcome my pride,

Make me a servant to uplift others,

Who also yearn to glide.

In this I pray, amen.

They plan on using your own hubris against you @KremlinRussia_E @ZelenskyyUa and @Ye. Learn to constantly utilize humility and meekness and consistently to protect yourself. That’s how they control the world.

One cannot find true self love until one learns the beauty of meekness. 

When one learns to see the beauty of meekness, no other beauty will ever surpass it… 

When we can see it in others, we can see it in ourselves and natural self love begins to form…

“St Augustine argued that human pride is an attempt to replace God as the center of our existence. As we replace a trust in God with a complete reliance on self, we commit idolatry. We were never meant to be the center of our own existence, and once we deify ourselves our lives become very disordered.” From Cooper’s Sin, Pride, and Self Acceptance 

Through your struggle you will bond. Always a good time to come to peace. May God Bless the three of you to find mental peace and bring a deeper peace.

A good thing to study can be found below. The ignorance of hubris is the greatest cause of our personal and national destruction. We must be vigilant after fully conceptually understanding hubris, humility, and meekness. And watch out for the hubris that can come after learning and applying all three. Peace be with you.

The Hubris – Nemesis Complex

Three messages sent into the wind,

Where shall they go as they spin and they spin?


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