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Building One’s Armor with the Wizard of Oz: How the Scarecrow found his Brain

“Digging deep within the hidden files, he discovered a few articles that were suprisingly of interest, but long forgotten. How long had it been since these were written? Had it been three years, three thousand years, or three million years? He could not be certain.”

Building One’s Armor – Part 1: This American Sadhu Archives

Untouched from April 15th, 2015

Why this blog could change the world. 

Add featured picture of Ababa Ramji dancing with link to his real picture. Hopefully it comes out nice! (Pic of table) 

Contentment ever dwells in the heart of the wise one who lives on whatever happens to come to him, and who wanders about at pleasure, resting wherever he is when the sun sets. – Astavakra Samhita 18:85 

What is this blog about? 

This blog is a platform for daily spontaneous explosions of consciousness wanting to be expressed through various forms, primarily with the mediums of writing, painting, music, photograph and video. 

It will be a daily recording of my life living as a sadhu or at least my style of sadhuism; like a modern-day version who shares his happiness and abilities with the world daily, rather than just those within his general proximity. 

I have no idea what the consciousness will want to express from day-to-day as I am constantly changing throughout my spiritual journey. I only have a general idea, but won’t try to control or guide what the mind decides to create each day. 

According to various definitions online, a sadhu is a “wandering traveler, a holy man, an ascetic, a sage, a mendicant, and usually a Hindu.” I would say this definition is pretty precise, but I don’t consider myself to be Hindu, nor do I label myself as any specific religion, even though I am quite “religious”. 

Once you label me you negate me. – Soren Kierkegaard 

I love and cherish all the religions equally and have greatly benefited from the spiritual counterparts of each faith. If there was a perfect religion, we would already know about it. Surely it is not here… yet. 

I take openly from what has been passed down from our spiritual and religious elders. When they passed down their wisdom, it was for all of us to use if we wanted it, not just some of us. 

What will be some of the focuses? 

I have been “backpacking” outside of the U.S. for 3 out of the past 5 years. There are many things that I have learned along the way that I would like to share with other fellow travelers. One being how to travel extremely cheap or even free across the world over the course of a long time period. Another is how to travel extremely minimalistically with few possessions, which tend to just cause worry and can hold us back from reaping the benefits that travel can truly offer. 

If we travel or go “backpacking” and yet bring half the world in our backpack or suitcases then we won’t be able to break free from our “old lives” and desire to constantly acquire “new things”. If we limit our pack choice then there will be no room for adding possessions unless an 

exchange occurs. At first I traveled in the “pack rat” way and carried a huge 65 liter backpack along with a smaller backpack on my chest. I see this all the time in my travels and laugh thinking about when I used to do the same. Slowly I have downgraded to where I now carry next to nothing and enjoy it tremendously. Traveling allows us the opportunity to do this as a sedentary “home life” tends to always end up with a gradual acquisition of “stuff” that is not used or needed. Perhaps, if one is considering taking a journey, this blog will help them to think about what they really need to bring before it starts. 

Soon from now, a new leg of my journey will start in India and I will be traveling minimally and on a tight budget of $10 a day or $300 a month or lower. Every penny will be documented and shared with the reader. 

Living austerely is ultimately more rewarding then living lavishly, especially when traveling. You appreciate more what you do have and can do. I have lived and traveled in both extremes. As lavish as anyone I have ever met. Overall, I have come to the conclusion that low budget travel mixed with volunteer work is the most enjoyable form of travel, and most viable for long term. When bearing in mind the types of people encountered and unique experiences obtained, it outshines either lavish or extreme “freegan” austere travel. It’s the middle path, at least for me, of traveling. 

I am trying to show others a lifestyle that can be led if the correct steps are gradually taken. I have no bills to pay, no house to maintain, no car, no “job”, and no immediate family or friends who are continuously with me in my travels. 

Add about sila, meditation and yoga practice. Surrendering to the divine plan and receiving protection and guidance. 

As an American sadhu, I am my own guru. My own master. The only person who I would consider to have been my guru passed away in September of 2013, so I can now live and set my own discipline and rules. Most sadhus or yogis only practice or focus on a single form of yoga, but I combine all of them into my practice. Janic (meditation), kriya (purification through pranayama and asanas), bhakti (devotional mantra chanting), and karma (selfless giving without expectation). The journey that I am about to embark on will be an open book with no set storyline and no idea of an end. 

I will do my best to hold what is called “pancha sila” for the duration of one year at least. This can be translated as the five precepts of morality. What are they? The five are no lying, no stealing, no sexual misconduct, no killing of any living beings (some would consider this to be vegetarian, as do I), and no intoxicants. Not such an easy task, but I will make a strong effort to follow it strictly. 

Three of them are easy. I promise for the rest of my life I will never kill another living being, steal anything that is not given to me, or tell an intentional lie. But I cannot promise past this year that in the future I will not eat a piece of meat, drink a cold beer, smoke a rolled cigg, or make love to a beautiful woman. 

I practice between 2-4 hours of meditation daily, depending on how busy I am during the day. Furthermore, I do around one hour of pranayama and yoga in the mornings. A spiritual practice 

doesn’t so much as make us “superhuman” as it just removes what was holding us back before bringing us back to our natural state of highly productive and creative potential. 

What happens when one is living a strong moral life continuously purifying the spirit through yoga and meditation? One becomes “protected”. One becomes “guided”. One becomes “invulnerable”. Relatively bad things just don’t happen and relatively good things tend to happen more often. We will see if this holds true, but it has for the past two years since I’ve been living this type of life, off and on. 

Neo: What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge bullets?
Morpheus: No, Neo. I am trying to tell you that when you’re ready, you won’t have to. 

Before becoming “spiritual”, I used to get into trouble often in my travels. Bar fights, heated arguments and confrontations, animal attacks, and things being stolen or going missing. Now it is all good. Is this from clear thinking or “divine protection”? I don’t know but it makes me appreciate it and enjoy it more when I consider it to be the latter. 

When this happens, one becomes fearless. The fear may arise, but I am immune to it’s effects and does not last long. There is nothing inside of me that would hurt a fly, nor anything that wants anything at all, especially fame or fortune. This is the secret recipe. 

If we have full trust and full faith in the divine. If we are confident that the best happens for us always, we will never fear. – Swami Brahmdev 

It makes for a very fun way of life and I thought now would be a good time to start sharing it with others besides myself and friends and family on Facebook, but in a linear progressive way telling an ongoing story to keep track of. 

The past two years for me has been a giant swing in the direction of the “spiritual life”, whereas the previous 29 years were focused on building the “materially worldly life”. Eventually, I have realized that they are completely equal in importance in all regards. This blog and project are my attempt to combine the two into one equal path. 

Perhaps sometimes I would like to sleep on the ghats, why not eh? Many times as I travel I find myself in situations that people would be scared of or would fear trying. A major part of my life is fearlessness and doing whatever sounds good to me at the time. With a strong faith in dharma and the divine plan, what is there ever to worry about? 

Add about writing everyday in many styles. “Travel style” – “Theory style” – and “Story style” 

I plan on writing quite a bit over the course of the next year. Many times the words come when I am in different spiritual frames of mind. Like channeling the inner voice, although I don’t know how to technically channel. 

I enjoy writing my own philosophical and spiritual contemplations for others to think about and respond to. Perhaps I trigger something in a reader who then responds and triggers something in me. That’s the way innovation and inspiration works. I won’t do substantial proof-reading and editing and will post what I write in my journal or straight onto the blog. 

Since I used to write screenplays, I am going to experiment and write a continuous story that happens to me on the journey, one page a day, in all styles, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person. Sometimes the stories will be dramatic, action-oriented, comedic, or whatever the style of the moment was like. Sometimes there will be hidden meanings and metaphors that everyone may not initially understand. Some may like it and some may not. The main thing always is I have no idea what my mind will come up with each day as it is changing constantly from travel and spiritual practice. 

They say do and write what you love. I love traveling, writing, spirituality, and helping others out so this is a combination of those four. 

The best kind of story is one that is presently being created, a la the wonderful invention of internet blogging. If God knows a story is in the process of being made, does He step in to make it more interesting, more special? 

I enjoy theorizing new possibilities for the future because the “idea” must precede the “action” from taking shape. Once the idea is there, it becomes a possibility for us collectively to achieve. Every single day there will be fresh content, heartfelt true stories and thought provoking ideas that have never been read or heard before. I would like to test the reverberations of a single blog to other parts of the web. I’d like to see how and where this info flows. 

Add about daily paintings. 

I will attempt to paint a new painting every day or every other day of various scenes that I see along the way. Either spiritual or historic places, or sadhus that I meet randomly on the street, whatever strikes my fancy I will try to paint it and share it with the readers. At the end of the year, I will hold a raffle for all the readers to win the books that were used to paint in. Perhaps ten readers will receive a book from a specific month of painting and drawing. 

Add pic of first painting. 

To many this lifestyle may seem a bit extreme or unnatural, but to me it is not. At one time yes, but it is now just the natural progression of the path that I have been on. It is fun, and becoming better by the day. Why do I do this? I do this because it’s the most fun thing I can think to do. Loving people. Loving nature. Loving the creation that was made for us to love! 

This is a fun way to walk the spiritual path. Not having fun is doing it wrong. As humans we tend to sway too far towards the material life or too far towards the spiritual life. When, as a society, we can fully merge the two and utilize the gifts we receive spiritually for worldly aims, we will have reached a plan long in the making. 

Maybe people will come here for the writing, and get hooked on the painting. Maybe people will come for the painting, and get hooked on the writing.
Maybe some will come here for the traveling, and get hooked on the spirituality. Maybe some will come here for the spirituality, and get hooked on the traveling. 

When do I start and where am I going? 

Around April 22nd, 2015 I will start day 1 of a one year blogging journey in the great city of Varanasi, India, land of the sadhus. I only know where I will be for the next 3 months, but after that the next destination will be up for voting from readers as the date draws closer. Furthermore, there will be voting on which cities to go to and which projects to work on as time goes by. 

When one is a sadhu or spiritually inclined, one opens up to a new world of possibilities. Things happen to or for you that could not be planned. Since India is pretty much the craziest and most unpredictable place in the world, anything could happen. Since I am on a tight budget I will stay with friends when possible and will serve two or three vipassana courses over the time period. 

What makes this blog unique? 

One of the main factor of enlightenment that householders can build within themselves is the giving of dana or donation, whether service or financial support to others. This blog and my travels through India and beyond will from this point forth be continually donation-based. Not only that, but half of all donations will be channeled to random strangers or causes that I encounter along the path. I will not actively seek them out, but will keep an eye out and will donate with discretion to those who truly are in need. Furthermore, I will be doing various volunteer service, whether on a small or big scale, as time goes by. The part that makes this unique is that I will give up the karma that would normally be generated for myself and pass it on to the readers and supporters of this blog. Karma being simply defined as “what you sow, you eventually reap.” Through reader’s donations, I will be able to sow and the readers will in theory reap the benefits of my actions, since technically I wouldn’t be anywhere without them. 

With the combination of daily optimism, stemming from spiritual and philosophical contemplation, with non-profit and non-expectation giving of work and aid to others, a reader may be surprised to notice a change within themselves, but this may not always be true. It is my aspiration that this will happen and it will be interesting to see the progress of what occurs as the days go by. 

There is approximately 11 million people in the U.S. who work and live off of non-profit charity. According to a 2012 report by the Center for Civil Society Studies at Johns Hopkins University, nonprofit employment represents 10.1 percent of total employment in the United States in 2010. I don’t see a big difference between what I am doing compared to the rest of the non-profit sector. My method is extremely transparent and will be detailed down to every penny that is donated, whereas many times when people donate to large charities there is no telling where the money actually goes and into whose wallets. 

I won’t beg for money or support, but if it is given from abroad or in person I will humbly accept it with gratitude and thanks for it comes from the creator through the giver. 

Every penny donated will go to the intended purposes of the blog, which will be to teach people how to travel materially and financially austerely and to openly donate to individuals and organizations who are in need along the way. 

The donations will be divided into daily donations and larger donations to random causes or organizations that are in need of financial support. Each day I will give 10 Indian rupees to the first ten sadhus that cross my path. Furthermore I will give 50 rupees to the first 3 people that are begging and cannot possibly earn the money themselves. This will work out to around $5 a day. 

Sadhus have lived this way throughout history, living off the charity of others. This blog and project is just a modern day version of what has been going on for thousands of years: the modern day sadhu. Sadhus travel from place to place as “karmic sinks” for the population or karma generators as I like to call them. When someone gives to a sadhu without expectation or intention, then the benefits will eventually come to them, whether in this life or the next. With that said, I will attempt to be a karmic generator for the readers and supporters of this blog, channeling the karma that I may have received for providing service or financial aid to those in need. 

This blog will accept donations in many different ways. Soon we will be able to accept credit card, debit card, wire transfer and even Bitcoins. Perhaps, this may be the first time that a sadhu has accepted Bitcoins but hey this is the 21st century. 

It is all about generating the maximum amount of happiness. If it makes me happy and it makes them happy and it makes the readers happy then it is a win-win for all. 

Where will all this lead? 

Who knows! I may have an idea, but to me there is no “end” to this project and so will continuously evolve as time goes by. I don’t make plans, I make options. Plans always fall through, but options are just there to be taken or left aside until another time. 

I am just attempting to show a lifestyle that can led by others. Perhaps, this idea will catch on and other people will follow suit. Soon we may have This English Sadhu, This Jamaican Sadhu, This Japanese Sadhu, etc. It is a new idea that can be replicated with ease if the proper example is set for all to see. 

At the end of one year, one option is that I will publish all of the continuous “story pages” into a single but loose narrative book. As an aspiring book author, this would be a step in the right direction to better learn the publishing business. 

I am not trying to be a sadhu… I am a sadhu, just in my own way. 

Even if there are no readers or supporters of this blog, I promise I will take great joy in this journey and sharing everything along the way. I believe new spiritual ideas or values that come from individual consciousness automatically spread through the collective consciousness overtime whether they are read or not. Perhaps if ideas are read and disseminated they spread faster, but either way once they come they are here to stay or grow. 

If at anytime this blog seems to be egotistical then I must say it is not my intention. Perhaps it is the last hurrah of a once great but dying ego building the foundation for a future egoless entity to write what an egoless entity writes about. We will just have to see. There is a small feeling 

that if the egoless state permanently arises, there will be no more desire to write and share these ideas or messages, so I’m “getting them out there” now, not worrying about what may or may not happen in the future. 

No matter what, I will always be myself throughout the blog even if that self is constantly changing. The measure of a person should not be judged on success financially or materially. It should be judged on how happy they are, how happy they maker others, and how they show others how to be happy themselves. This new project perfectly encapsulates this idea of success and if this is true, I aspire to be the most “successful” person ever. Inshallah. 

Thank you for being observers and for anyone who supports the blog by making comments and spreading it to others. For those who give donations or dana thank you for being willing participants in moulding the story. 

Perhaps there are many American sadhus, perhaps there are not. This is just the story of this one. 


I am a hole in a flute that the Christ’s breath moves through. Listen to this music. – Hafiz 

Add final picture of me at Sadhana. Or at Lumbini. 

Though pleased he is not pleased, though pained he does not suffer any pain. Only those like him understand his wonderful state. – Astavakra Samhita 18:56 

What is fate? 

Originally posted on April 19th, 2015

Anyone can reach a high spiritual state. What is difficult is to learn how to sustain it, what you use it for in real life, and how you share it with others. I am looking for other “seekers” that are interested in the same things that I am and will take this journey with me online. Even if you may be sitting at home or working somewhere in the world, I will do my best to be a vicarious traveler or spiritualist, or someone that can “be lived through”. I have always been a very private person, so this will be a good challenge that I believe I am prepared to take. I believe that is my “fate”.

To me fate means that whatever happens in the present moment or has happened in the past was supposed to happen or it had to happen that exact way in this existence. On the other hand, the future is uncertain and there are an unlimited amount of possibilities for what could happen. The future will happen how we want it, but we must have an idea of how we want it before the actuality can manifest. How long can we continue in the same direction?

That is what I talk about when I say an idea or theory must precede an action from occurring. If new ideas or theories are not presented to the world to ponder then which direction will we go? The same way into the wrong direction or a new way leading closer to where we would like to be? Hopefully this blog will present a steady flow of new ideas that the “consciousness” wants to express for others to ponder. Whether they happen or not only time will tell.

Per the theory of fate, whatever happens is supposed to happen. Whatever you are doing at this moment is exactly what you are supposed to be doing at this moment. Whatever you believe at this moment is exactly what you are supposed to believe. It couldn’t be any other way. Perhaps it may be different in the future, but at this moment what you do and believe is “perfect” in that it couldn’t be any different then it actually is.

Whoever is drawn to this blog and reads the posts everyday are supposed to. Whoever doesn’t read this blog, they are not supposed to. It’s pretty much that simple. I will be equanimous to the readership of this blog for I know that it is “out of my control”. At the moment my main focus is to continue to build the main structure of the project and blog before the first day begins in India. I am getting to a point where I will solely be focused on writing and the entire experience without having to worry about the “behind the scenes” work. I will continuously write things that I think are important and “helpful”,  but this blog is also a way for me just to remember everything that I experience. If people like it, great! If not, I will still continue on. Perhaps it is better to have a few dedicated readers than thousands or millions, but we will see.

Whatever happens happens.

In this mindset, every post I write will be exactly as it should be. This takes a lot of the weight off of my shoulders, because occasionally I can be a perfectionist. The imperfection of my writing will be perfect for it’s “job”. Something I write may “be for a specific reader”, even if other readers or myself don’t fully understand it. It may be a “trigger” or something that will answer a deep question that person had. This is the way that dharma works. This is how we are all connected.

 A “Tree” of Sadhu blogs

I believe it is the fate of this blog to exist and to thrive. I believe if done correctly, it could spark a movement or new paradigm of living and traveling. If this site grows in reach and the donations increase, I would like to pass the “surplus” of the donated expense account to other people who want to start their own “sadhu” blog. If the expense account rises to a level of say $10,000 and my average expenditure is $10 a day, that will last for 3 years! Couldn’t this money go to a better cause by having one or more people doing the same thing as I?

If i deducted $1000 and distributed the “start-off” money for a new “sadhu” blog, the original donors of the combined $10k would in theory be a part of the new blog just as much as this one. As the new blogger builds up their donations, eventually they could start their own branch. This would be the start of a tree of “sadhu” blogs.

It is not so easy to find others “like me” and so one reason for this blog is to “put out thefeelers”. I have full faith that this blog will be a “beacon” for this purpose and that the dharma will connect me with people who I am looking for or who are looking for me.  It will surely be the work of fate to bring fellow “seekers” to the blog.

This blog and project are an “expirement” for me letting the “new” ego room to spread it’s legs and breathe. It has been “under attack” for some time now, but I am realizing the importance of it in the worldly existence. The ego is special in the fact that we must consider the worldly existence and ultimate existence to be of equal importance. The Buddha emphasized that we must be aware of the relative and absolute truth. Relatively, we have a self and an ego. Ultimately, we do not. We must learn to set the rules for our mind to follow, and not allow the mind to set the rules for “us” to follow.

The Buddha called the uncontrolled ego a “wild elephant” because it could ruin lives, families, and nations. Once we learn to tame the “wild elephant”, only then can it go to properly helping society. To build a project such as this one must use the ego to create the “role” that one is to play. The key is to learn how to purify the ego to keep it in check; to not get a “big head”. This is where most fail when attempting something like this, when the ego gets out of control. Since I will be traveling with nearly nothing, spending very little money, and continually purifying myself through my own sadhana, I believe it will be a success in these regards.

During this trip, I will make a strong determined effort to continue to “rise” spiritually and perhaps one day “ego-death” may arise. Maybe, maybe not. If this occurs, which it nearly has in the past, I have no idea what to expect because I have never fully experienced it. Hopefully the egoless entity that will be writing this blog will continue it’s mission, but I can’t guarantee it. In the past when it has been close to happening, I have given away all my stuff because there was nothing left that considered anything to be “mine”. Since I will be traveling with limited belongings, hopefully it will keep these tools to continue the blog and project that is now being set. Furthermore, I believe we can still aspire even with zero desire.

Maybe some will come here for the writing, and get hooked on the artwork. Maybe some will come for the artwork, and get hooked on the writing. Maybe some will come for the traveling, and get hooked on the spirituality. Maybe some will come for the spirituality, and get hooked on the traveling. Fate will decide.

Nothing has to be done. 

There is no such thing as a “last chance” in spiritual terms. We will always have a chance until one day we take it.  There is only the illusion that there is a last chance. Of course, the idea of a last chance  is very important for progress to happen, especially throughout history. The only way for religion to have grown the way it has the past 2,000 years is because it was spread through fear of one’s “last chance” to make things right. When we realize fully that there is no such thing as a last chance, that we will always have a chance, it will be a turning point for this existence.

We may occasionally lose a battle here or there, but it is impossible for us to lose the war.

Today I will add a new small feature of the blog. Occasionally, I will record an original song from one of the street musicians from wherever I travel to. Afterwards, I will post the song online for people to listen to. This guy’s name is Sam, from Kathmandu, and his song is titled “Wave Of A Tide.”

Why I had to leave the U.S. and eventually learn to love the world.

Originally posted April 21st, 2015

“Complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind. Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” – Philippians 2:2-4

What characterizes America? Competition. We love it and can’t get enough of it. In all walks of life. Politics, sports, education, jobs, wars. It’s all about competing for competition’s sake. One day I was finally fed up and just gave up competing, always trying to win an invisible race that could never be won. When I gave up my desire for competition I was no longer able to survive in the US as competition is always expected in life and in the marketplace.

America is slowly crippling itself from within by it’s constant desire to compete in all aspects of life. We compete in politics; even if one candidate is better suited for a job, one will compete for his or her candidate to win. We compete in law; even if a suspect is known to be guilty, someone competes to “win” his innocence. Wall Street competes to see who can “steal” the most wealth from the people, while Washington complies.  Competition in creating the best product is natural, competiton for who can hoard the most wealth, individually or by corporations, is unnatural and poisoning.

The United States is in constant competition against other countries. State versus state. City versus city. Corporation versus corporation. Religion versus religion. Church versus church. Race versus race. Class versus class. Family versus family. Friend versus friend. Father versus son. Brother versus brother. Neighbor versus neighbor. Christianity within the United States is more like a business than a religion, or “clubs” where members pay their dues and their “status” is assured.

When will we learn to stop competing and start working together again? This inability to connect with others because of the underlying competition always involved makes it difficult to live in the U.S.A. In all aspects of life, America is in constant competition with itself and it’s slowly dying from within.

The very idea of a common America is incomprehensible at the moment. The question always asked is which party are you apart of or which team do you support. Or what is your job which means how much do you make. If I answer I am not a member of any party, of any religion, I don’t have a favorite sports team, nor do I have a job, most Americans would think I was crazy, at least ten years ago.

Perhaps, things are slowly changing. Competition is a hallmark of the ego’s desire to distinguish itself from the external world. Furthermore, if the United States is the most competitive society ever created, it is also the most ego-driven society ever created. The ego sustains itself by constantly comparing oneself to others and labeling them to be either inferior or superior. Gotama the Buddha compared the untamed ego to a “wild elephant”.

What happens when we stop competing with others? We stop competing with ourselves, with our minds, and finally with the law, with God, and surrender… and ahhhh… what a moment. It was not until I started to travel that I realized how the rest of the world was not the same as the U.S. There are similarities, but the extreme that the US has gone is unprecedented.

I am very lucky to have began my travels nearly six years ago in Nepal. Once again I am about to leave Nepal for India and am looking for an adventure.

Unless we learn to work together again and drop the mindless over-competition from ruining the country and the world, the “wild elephant” within the U.S. will continue to unleash it’s havoc to other countries.

A major focus of this blog will be to find out how we can tame this wild elephant before it crashes the “China shop” and brings down the house. Once we learn to tame our own ego, we can begin to work on it collectively. Inner peace will bring outer peace. Until this begins to happen, I don’t see why I would stay in the U.S. if other areas throughout the world do share my same values. I am confident one day though that the US will start to work together again.

Removing Obstacles from our path. 

When walking the spiritual path, we must be willing to realize and remove all obstacles that are holding us back from absolute freedom and liberation, whether externally or internally. By slowly detaching ourselves from those that are holding us back and cleansing the mind of the impurities of reaction and ego, we come to a time where the deepest operations can occur and the pristine state can be reached. If we can’t remove obstacles from our current path, then occasionally we must remove ourself from the obstacle. This made it nearly impossible for me to stay in the U.S. throughout the past six years.

Although it is possible to walk this path around others, it is more conducive when walked alone and/or strictly celibate. That is until the “destination” is reached. That is why the Saints and sages of the past have emphasized not being attached to our friends and family. Gotama left his wife and child without even saying goodbye. Jesus said, “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters–yes, even their own life–such a person cannot be my disciple.” I feel this also to be true and I’m sorry to those that have felt hurt because of this tough choice. It’s a continuously hard decision but I hope you all see what I am trying to do and forgive me.

This is why I had to leave the U.S., I had to see the world. Since I have been traveling I have noticed that the rest of the world shows glimpses of “working together” that I have not seen within the U.S. Year by year the values of the United States, for better or worst, have been transferring to other countries around the world. If the U.S. can set the proper example, the world will hopefully return to a time of “working together” to achieve our common interests. But, at the moment, most would consider this to be a stretch.


The featured picture above is a painting I did in March of 2014. It sort of represents my journey of breaking free of the web of the U.S. As you can see, there are many more birds wanting and waiting to break free. Hopefully this blog can help lead the way for others.


Nepal has been a wonderful shelter for me throughout the past six years. I have met some amazing people in all my travels, but Nepal is a place where you can meet them everywhere you go, every single day. Whether in Pokhara or the Annapurnas, or Kathmandu, or Lumbini, or Solukhumbu, wherever I go I have made some of the closest friends that I know.  Even though I am constantly coming and going, I know that my friendships here will always last and that is a “comfort” for me to remember. I am sure that I will be back soon.

In the past three months, I have gone from Kyoto, Japan to Kathmandu where I spent my first week in Bauddhanath near the stupa. Afterwards, I spent one month in Lumbini sitting a course at Dhama Janani and afterwards 16 days at the Korean monastery helping light candles for the Chinese New Year. After this I spent around 17 days in Pokhara, doing yoga and meditation at my good friends Asanga and Durga’s Sadhana Yoga. Lastly, I sat one satipattana course in Kathmandu and have been waiting the past week for my Indian visa. The past eight days I have spent at the Razzmatazz guesthouse near Durbar Square in Kathmandu. I have stayed all over this city, and this has been one of the best places so far with an extremely welcoming staff. I highly suggest anyone coming here to try it out.

I collected the visa today and so will be heading off this morning on a bus to Sunauli where I will then take another bus across the border to Gorakpur. And lastly, I will be taking the night train to Varanasi. It will probably be a warm welcome to the wild land of India. Two years ago, when I was in India, it was hot as hot can be. But somehow my body adjusted and eventually I began to like the heat. I hope this will be the same pattern as last time, but who knows. Bring it on.

I’m not for sure when I will get to post again. Probably 24-48 hours from now. From then on I will begin making additions and deductions from the Dana bank. I am pretty sure the initial Bitcoin donation link is now up. Here is a link that should work. I’ll write a long post soon about the implications of accepting bitcoins on a blog such as this. This is the first time that I am dealing with them so I’ll slowly be learning.

I humbly ask God and Dharma to put me in touch with the holy people of India, whether high or low caste, so that I may experience a truly epic and spiritual journey through this magnificent and historical country.


I will participate in the game. It is a wonderful, wonderful opera – except that it hurts. – Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

Om Gan Ganapataya Namah:  http://chirb.it/6Gh0bF

A Spiritual Revolution Cometh… Part 1

Originally posted May 9th, 2015

Nothing great has ever been accomplished in the world without passion. – Georg Hegel


Day 17

I tend to contemplate a lot about what I believe is coming in the near future. I call it the “Spiritual Revolution”. It’s not so much that I think about it, it has sort of embedded itself into my consciousness or vision of the future and it’s not showing any signs of going anywhere. I thought I would share a bit about what I see as an impetus, as well as what could possibly happen a few years into the “revolution.”

The details and date are not yet set in stone, but the assuredness that it will happen is quite concrete in my mind. I will do a multi-part series on the topic. To understand me, it may help to understand the world that I see coming. If you like what you read, aspire with me. Combined aspirations bring about change faster especially if the visions and “dreams” are pure.

Objectively, looking at the path that we are on, with meditation, yoga, and other purification techniques spreading across the globe like wildfire, it is hard for me to imagine that it will all be for naught, that there won’t be some sort of momentous culmination or change coming soon. One of the “coolest” things about this revolution is very few people, unless you have similar beliefs as me, will see it coming. It is going to sneak up on us and change our world faster than we can possibly imagine.

Because of what it entails, who it entails, and the significant ramifications of the events, it will be predictable in some ways and unpredictable in others. Although I may be wrong in certain specifics, I am confident I will not be wrong in generalities. Some may think it will be far in the future, but I am of the belief it is right around the corner.

I’d like to start it with this prediction. A teacher will come along somewhere in the world, it doesn’t matter where. This teacher will have found what was once lost. He or she will have discovered the key to reaching the highest states of the spiritual ladder in a short amount of time. The key to “going home”. And the biggest key of all, to teach others how to reach this level themselves, whoever and wherever they are. This is the key that has been lost. Most believe it takes a lifetime, but I do not believe this is the case. Two things are very important which have been lost; the ability to teach anyone in the world and in a very short amount of time.

The message or “key” that has been lost is that there is a perfect form of meditation and furthermore a perfect way to perform the perfect meditation. When the two are combined, taught by a perfect teacher, transformation can happen extremely rapidly. Once the highest levels are reached, they are permanent and lasting and cannot be undone.

Through their teachings, they will “create” hundreds or thousands of other teachers with their same capacity without diminishment. These people will then spread out to the four corners of the globe to further spread the “key”. It will be much like a virus, only holy and heavenly. Once the first comes along, it will be impossible to stop it from spreading and there will be no way to bring the revolution to an early and disappointing close.

The revolution will be characterized by a lack of leadership and hierarchy and those who have reached this level will be “protected” to carry on “the plan” because their karmic loops have been deleted. They will have “no more strings attached” and full “free will” will be their gift to use. This person that is coming and those that are “unlocked” will be characterized by one main attribute: Perfection. I know many people will dismiss this idea, that perfection is impossible, but this idea has been spread by imperfect people. They will exude love, peace, and inspiration wherever they go.

The very fact that “perfect” individuals have existed throughout history should give proof that more will exist in the future. We just have never seen any of them within our lifetimes. I love how Eckart Tolle describes it in The Power of Now. He talks about how millions of years ago there was no such thing as flowers. There were only plants, but eventually one day the first flower came about through evolution. No one was there to appreciate it, but it was there. Eventually there were beautiful flowers covering the globe. This is the same as with humanity. We have seen a few “flowers” here and there throughout history. It is only a matter of time before the “flowers” of humanity cover the entire globe.

The seed of this perfection is equal and existent in every single being, regardless of race, class, gender, or genus. The revolution may be initiated by one, but it will be carried by many. The spirituality of the current moment is just like a “web” trying to catch this single person necessary for it to begin. For the first time in our lives, we will see genuine miracles happening across the world. For the first time, we will have people around who will be flawless in every sense of the word. Many people will for the first time have a true example to look up to and aspire to be like. Many will for the first time have someone to trust. Perhaps, there are some on this earth who have never trusted anyone in their life before. If it is their genuine wish, they will become flawless too and will be carriers of the message to others. The message will be an open book for all to read.

Inspiration has always been the source for change in the world. Inspiration leads to passion. Currently, we have lost our inspiration as a whole. When we find it again, this time in quantities never seen before, it will change the world rapidly in every aspect. Tomorrow I will explain how this inspiration will change the world and present some theories that may or may not come true.

Everyone is waiting on it to come,
especially the ones we cannot see.
Take it from me, if you want to believe,
I can show you a view of the shining sea.

A Spiritual Revolution Cometh Part 2

Originally posted May 11th, 2015

Vrindaven, India

Day 20

In the last post, I described what must be the impetus for a true spiritual revolution to occur. Any type of “manufactured” revolution like we have seen throughout the world the past few decades, brought upon by an external agency, is doomed to failure, especially spiritually. A true “spiritual revolution” must follow the steps that I listed yesterday. It has happened in the past and will happen again in the future. Today I would like to speculate a bit on what might occur after the revolution has begun and specifically within the U.S.A.

I would like to reemphasize the point once again that “ideas” precede actualities from taking place. Perhaps these new “ideas” are the first time that some have been heard and that after contemplated and aspired towards, can actually happen in the future. Or perhaps these are old ideas that have been forgotten or are no longer considered plausible so are no longer aspired towards. The changes that will occur will be purely because of inspiration. People as well as entire countries will change because they are inspired to do so. There will be a new possible way of life that did not exist before. Changes will happen on their own and they will be “guided” by pure aspirations.

Meditation Mecca

It is important to understand the difference between a revolution where people are inspired to change their lives, rather than one where people are persuaded or obligated to change. People will be inspired and will request that they have the opportunity to change. The U.S. will slowly transform into a spiritual or meditation Mecca of sorts. When people truly understand the benefits that come from meditation, mentally and physically, centers will begin to pop up across the country at an insanely fast rate. It will be breathtaking to watch it happen so fast.

Government Reform

I like to consider new possible ways that the government could change in the U.S. and the world. I believe a new form of government will emerge starting in the U.S. that is a combination of libertarian and socialist/communist beliefs. Most will probably read this last sentence and roll their eyes, but wait. We are already living in this sort of paradigm, it is just not official. Two opposite sides of the spectrum are already operating within the government. It is not so far fetched that this will become official in the future.

Perhaps half the population wants some sort of libertarian government where they are left alone. The other half wants the government to take care of them and to provide for their basic necessities. I do not see how either side will ever “win” this argument and will convert the other side. So why not allow both forms to exist, side-by-side, with no strings attached? People can have the right to be left alone and to go about their business without the intrusion of the government or if they like they can accept support from the government in the forms of free food, free housing, free healthcare, free education, free everything for whoever wants it. If you don’t want it that’s perfectly fine. Most will once again roll their eyes at this, but I believe this will happen.

People can choose to be half-libertarian and half-socialist, accepting limited support and still being free to do as they please. People can go back and forth without being looked down upon by anyone. If you are doing well and do not want to accept help, that is fine. If you are down on your luck and need help, then it will be provided. We have plenty of resources in the U.S. and throughout the world, we have just not learned to properly utilize or distribute them without wastefulness. Once this is taken care of, the sky is the limit.  When fully purified minds are put into leadership or management roles, unimaginable things can be accomplished. This was true for my teacher’s teacher Sayagi U Ba Kin of Burma who at one point was the head of four government departments at the same time because he was so effective.

In a recent study, it was found out that 1/3 of all food is wasted in the world. This percentage is probably higher in the United States. When this comes to a stop, it will be easy to provide free healthy food for whoever would like it. There are millions of empty or abandoned homes in the U.S., and many people own too many homes that are their “vacation homes” or just “investment properties”. There is no reason why their should be so many homeless when we have so many open homes across the country with millions more being built every year.

I believe there will be a big movement of turning old homes into new modern efficient ones, as well as building new cheap affordable housing for anyone that wants it. A full “tiny” home can now be built for a few thousand dollars. I see no reason why this price couldn’t drop further and anyone that wanted to  own a home could have one.

This is very important change in my opinion. The obligation to work will be removed. People’s work,  when it is obligated or compelled for whatever reason, is usually a very low quality. People who want to work, on the other hand, their work is a very high quality. The idea that we must have this extremely low unemployment rate will no longer be important. If people want to stay home with family, they can. If people want to work a farm and grow vegetables without worrying about how they are going to make it, they can. If they want to practice meditation or spirituality everyday, they can. If they want to create art, or write, or make films, or play sports, they can. This is true freedom. People should not be obligated or compelled to work if they do not want to. Of course, many people love their work and love to work and so they will be allowed to work.

Technological and Healthcare Reform

Greed and corruption will eventually be extinguished by inspiration and spiritual purification, which will eventually lead to the natural extinction of a “for-profit” business model.  Technologies that either have been “held back” from society because of their probability of taking market-share and profits from the major corporations will be released into society. Those that have not been thought up yet, will also be discovered as human beings will be thinking “more clearly” than they have before.

One major technology will be “free energy” that will change the world as we know it. This technology is either known or will be known soon from now, but it has not been allowed to be released because of the ramifications it will have on the energy producers in all fields. People like Elon Musk and others are already challenging the major energy producers by releasing energy cells for home and car use. Huge increases in renewable energy sources like solar and wind are occurring everyday. Furthermore, it is only a matter of time before fusion becomes widely adaptable. Fusion and energy cells equals free energy for all.

One day people will look back at the US healthcare system and think that it was all one big joke. The idea of a “for-profit” business model when it comes to pharmaceutical companies and hospitals is repugnant to me at the moment. People are literally dying just so others can make a few extra dollars for whatever reason. There are cures for every known disease (I believe), but they are not released because it would not make financial sense to the pharmaceutical companies. Anytime they are discovered, they are “held back” by whoever is funding the research and those that try to make them public “disappear” before it can happen.

They dont make money on cures, they make money on treatments and keeping people sick. It is ridiculous to contemplate. This will change however and people will be cured of their diseases. If the cures are not created yet, they will be soon. Furthermore, meditation has the ability alone to cure nearly any disease, physically or mentally. These combined will radically transform the healthcare system.

As people become healthier and the profit motive drops from healthcare and Big-Pharma, a huge amount of money will be free for other purposes. A visit “from a doctor” and not “to a doctor” will once again become a rare occurrence. These former megalith buildings can be transformed into housing, distribution centers, or meditation teaching centers. The only way for-profit healthcare has survived in the U.S. is because of lobbyists (which will also become extinct) and perhaps inventing new illnesses, whether physically or imaginatively.

In the future, there will not exist this huge movement to prolong life past certain ages. When people realize that once they die, they are going to “be alright” there will not be this huge attachment for their current body and life. Why hang on to “old clothes” when new ones are waiting for you in the next life?

Law Reform

One of the main things that I see happening is all laws that have been passed beyond the ones expressly stated in the constitution will be done away with the stroke of a pen. America will once again be the land of the free. 🙂 No strings attached.

The income tax will be revoked as it is already an illegal tax as it is. The original income tax was passed because it was going to pay for a specific war or project in our past. Now 100% of the income tax goes to pay the interest on our national debt, which is specifically illegal. People will once again keep 100% of their earnings. Production will skyrocket because of this alone. Perhaps excise taxes will still be charged for certain things; aka people who drive pay a gas tax to maintain the roads. Eventually though, all taxes will be unnecessary. I won’t go into exactly why at the time.

I believe all drugs will be legalized soon after the spiritual revolution occurs. The war on drugs has been a complete failure since it’s inception. When will we realize that if people want drugs they are going to find them? Criminalizing drug possession or usage is one of the greatest failures of the past century. We must treat the underlying causes. There are now very simple methods to purify addiction, whatever it may be for and however strong the case.

Drugs will first be completely legal and swiftly they will become less and less used until they eventually become extinct. The only reason that the drug war is still going on is two reasons. Pharmaceutical companies have a ton to lose from marijuana and other drugs being legal and there are plenty of people in government who are paid “under-the-table” from the profits that illegal drugs bring in.

Prison Reform

In the United States, we currently have the greatest prison population that the world has ever seen. There are around 2.5 million prisoners and another 5 million parolees spread across the United States. Furthermore, we have moved into a for-profit prison system where the more prisoners there are, the more someone is actually make money off of them and charging the taxpayers.

I believe meditation courses will be implemented in all prisons and for parolees as a way to bring down a sentence. This is already happening in the U.S., in India, and other countries around the world. As soon as the higher levels of spirituality are achieved and verified, the prisoners will be rendered unable to perform malicious acts of violence or crime and can then be released back into society with their slates cleaned and records expunged, regardless of past crimes and sentences. They will be treated the same as everyone else. They can and will no longer be threats to society because of the transformations that have taken place within. It’s dharmically impossible. Prisoners will become a rare breed, until they are extinct. The former prisons can also be easily converted into either housing or meditation centers.

Corporation and Financial Reform

I believe corporations will be treated the way that they used to do a hundred years ago or so. Corporations used to not be a permanent part of life. They would come and go when they were necessary for a specific reason. Corporations would have to prove that they were doing something for the common good of the people. They would have to apply for their corporate status once every year and would have to show what they did during the previous year. This is a much better system in my opinion.

The idea that a corporation can exist just to make money would make our founders roll in their graves. If we went back to the laws that existed before, every single one of the banks and Wall Street companies that are sucking America dry would lose their charters and only the companies which provided specific reasons in helping people would be allowed to stay. We are already starting to see signs of corporations changing back to this paradigm and many are very important for our day-to-day life.

Competition is perfectly ok when it comes to developing the best product for the best price. It is not ok when we corporations compete to hoard wealth. The market and financial system propagate this world. Competition for who has or can make the most money. Competition over who is the best con men. That is all it is. A big con and everyone is in on it. It’s only a matter of time before it fails. Once it does, it will never be built again and the world will be an infinitely better place.

The very idea that one can make millions or billions of dollars with a few clicks of a keyboard is a travesty. Anyone that doesn’t feel bad about this ability has little to no objective ability and can’t empathize with those who toil and sweat for their own hard-earned money. I have worked in the financial industry and when I reached a point where I was making “crazy money” I gave it up, realizing that it was just building my ego and separating me from people who actually have to work for their money.  I will say with 100% assuredness the current financial system of trading public stocks, commodities, and bonds will not last for another few decades from now.

Immigration Reform

I believe the U.S. will be the first country to allow un-restricted visa-free access to every single human being of the world. The free amenities, including food, housing, healthcare, etc. will also be offered to every immigrant. Our country has more land and resources than India or China and yet we have 1 billion less people in our country!  There are literally millions and millions of un-used acres within the U.S. What other reason would they be there then for them to eventually be used for people to spread out and to learn to grow their own food, etc.?

Military and Law Enforcement Reform

I would be surprised if in 20 years from now our police and military was even 5% the size of what it is now. Hard to believe, but I think it is true. What need when there are no more criminals and no wars to fight? The spiritual revolution will “connect the world” in that we will no longer see other countries as our enemies, but as our brothers and sisters. We will be sorry for the damage and conflict that we have waged for such a long time. The money saved from our military expenditures will be enough to pay countries back for the damages that we have caused.

Furthermore, there will no longer be this cops vs. citizens war that is currently going on. The fear will be removed on both sides.  Crime will cease to exist because of the amount of inspiration that is exuded in every community within the United States. Once again, people will be connected like never before.


Because of the huge amount of money saved from healthcare, protecting our borders, paying for wars and the police state, imprisoning civilians, wasteful and needless bureaucratic expenditures, fighting a “drug war”, money stolen by Wall Street, we will have plenty to pay down the national debt and plenty leftover to use for free food, housing, healthcare, etc. for anyone that comes to the U.S.A. It may seem far-fetched, but something like this will occur.

Some may read this and think I am delusional. I would only ask you to consider these to be “possibilities” that may occur. In the future, I believe the best possibilities are more likely to come true, however likely. If this is true, then these speculations are more then likely to happen. I’d like to apologize at the “unpolishedness” of this post. I’ve been quite sick recently and so my “polishing” skill is not at full capacity. I wanted to get a post like this up before I served the vipassana course though so here it is. I will be back at 100% once the course is finished with plenty of new ideas and realizations to share.

Have you ever seen a tree or plant waving at you? Occasionally, when I go for walks in nature, I can find trees and plants that seem to be waving at me. To see them, it helps to be a windless day. They are characterized by the entire tree or plant to be relatively still and a single branch or leave shakes profusely and it looks very much like a “wave”. Every time I see them it makes me happy and I always wave back. See if you can find any waving trees!


The Inevitability of the Return – Part 1 – Originally posted June 5th, 2015

“Fightin’ for Fightin’s Sake”

The man walked along the dusty road with his hand on a holster and his mind on God. The road led to where he was supposed to meet the “council” to discuss what “councilors” talk about; real important stuff.

Turning off the road onto a canopied driveway, the man felt in the back of his mind he was being watched. Granted he always felt like he was being watched, especially with them damned satellites constantly following his implanted “microchip”. All the past soldiers had them or so he believed. His problem was even the x-rays could not spot his to take out. He was sure it was there somewhere.

After the “War on Terror” ended, the bases shut down across the world and the troops all came home. All of them. He had been a sniper for the Marine Corp doing one tour in Iraq and one tour in the Ukraine. Now he worked as a volunteer firefighter in the small town of Bingston, Arkansas.

The meeting point was an old barn turned machine shop for car reconstruction and the occasional bomb-build. Whatever one needed for either job could be found there. He crossed over the Stone Creek bridge and in front of him the octagon-shaped rusty barn laid in semi ruin. He approached slowly, going from tree to tree, checking to make sure no funny business was brewing otherwise he would have to pop out the trusty .44 Mag.

He could have gone in through the front, but decided against it and crawled under the bull fence to go around to the side entrance. He stepped into the barn through a door built as a horse entrance. The rest of the group must have been waiting for him for some time. He snuck in slowly without anyone being aware. A giant of man was sitting on top of a stack of square hay-bails looking out a window near the front entrance.

“Hey!”, shouted the sneaking man with a surprise.

Nearly losing his balance and falling off the hay-bails, the giant man was obviously shooken up. “Why you… “, he thought better about what he was going to say. “Where the hell you been Earl? You’re late…”

“You know I gotta be careful leaving town Samson. You forget who I work for?”, responded Earl.

“Nah, I didn’t forget… but maybe you are just being too paranoid again.”

“Paranoid? How can you call me paranoid when you are the one tryin’ to use some got-damn dove to deliver Timmy messages cause you think they still tracking our cellphones?”, said Earl.

“It’s a good idea if you ask me. They are still tracking our cellphones, no matter what they say. That ole libertarian wannabe president may seem like a good ole boy, but you know who is backin’ him.” He paused and stared at Earl with his eyebrows raised. Whisperingly cupping his hands around his mouth, Samson said, “The big one.”

“I know who is backing him. And because of that, we are losing strength everyday. Joshua quit last week and Mary-Anne the week before. Now there is just you, me, and the Timster. Where is that joker anyways?”

A squeaky-looking man in his early 20s slid out from under the 1950 pink Thunderbird covered under years of dust.

“I think I can get her fixed up again. Could maybe get three or four-thousand credits out of her easy-peazy.”

This was Timmy, a wild-eyed red-headed greasehead with a slight lisp.

“I’m gonna buy me one of them new hoverboards. Been wanting one real bad ever since I saw Tony Hawk ride across the English Channel. You see that vid? 1080s over waves man!”

Earl walked towards the tool table while shaking his head. “Yeah I saw it, but we need the money for more important things….”

“Like what?”

“Like bullets. That’s what. You know how damn hard it is to find .308 shells for my Winny these days? Some hoverboard bullshit don’t matter at this moment. What matters is stemmin’ the tide.”

Samson jumped down from the hay-bails and landed a few feet from Earl. “Stemmin’ the tide of what?”

“Of people going to the other side of course.” He paused and picked up a scope on the table. Looking through the lens he could pinpoint a squirrel eating some nuts on the post outside. “Every since he performed all those honkey-dorey miracles on 5th avenue, we can’t keep even our grandma from converting to their new religion. What do they call him now?”

“Some are callin him the Savior, some call him Matri-somethun, some the 2nd comin’…”, Timmy responded.

“And yet he calls himself just a man…” Samson broke in.

“Just a man? Yeah right just a man. What is their group going by now-a-days? The Forgiveness movement or Unification of Religions… seems to change everyday”, said Earl.

“I watched one of his speeches the other day and…”, Timmy responded but was immediately shouted at by Earl stepping quickly his way.

“You what? I told you no watching ANY of his speeches. He has a way of converting through pure psy-onic waves through the computer and television. I seen it myself. My sister went from a hater to a bonafide A.C. lovin’ piece of white trash in 24 hours… I seen it myself. I told her to find a new trailer park to live in.”

Earl walked through the middle of the barn with his head down trying to muster up the charisma for a speech to bolster his troops.

“It is up to us now to stop him and this movement. There is no one left. Literally everyone in the world has given their allegiance to him and his followers. The Islamists, the Jews, those meditatin’ Buddha-lovers, the damn Hindus, and even the freaking Pope and his mass of followers. We true Christians know who he is… he ain’t Jesus or the 2nd coming that’s for damned sure! If he was, I would know, best darn believe.”

The group was trying to get pumped up, but Earl’s speeches were slightly hollow as of late with the loss of support from his sister Mary-Anne. A topic he didn’t want to further discuss.

“Well, the world sure has changed since he came. Not necessarily in such a bad way…”, Timmy hesitantly pointed out. “The people… they seem to love him.”

“I don’t give a rat’s ass who they love… he is the Devil in disguise. You know what it says in the good book, he will be a charismatic figure who rises quickly and takes power. It’s him! No doubt about it. We have to stop him! It says so in the book!”

“You are right… it says so in the book, but what if… what if the book is wrong?”, said Samson with a question on his face. “He doesn’t seem to be so bad.”

Earl’s face turned a bright shade of red and moved towards Samson so fast he was like a cheetah coming to his prey. Shoving Samson against the table of tools and standing on his tippy-toes. Although Samson was big, he wasn’t too smart, nor courageous enough to stand up to the former sniper. “What did you just say? You are doubting the word of God?”

“Not doubting… just… questioning. I just don’t want to fight just for fightin’s sake, you know?”

“Listen… I’ll fight until I can’t fight no longer… I don’t give a damn who they say he is. I know he is the damn anti-Christ and my Bible tells me Jesus is a comin’ soon to stop him. Nuff said!”

“So what are we going to do next?” asked Timmy.

“I’ll tell you what we are going to do next… I hear from the department that one of those ‘Enlight-gineers’ is coming to Little Rock soon. I say we put a b-u-l-l-e-t in his b-rain. What do you think about that?”

Samson had an averse look on his face, but shook his head up and down with consent. Timmy smiled and giggled. “A bullet in his brain. A bullet in his brain. Let’s take the horse-train to put a bullet in his brain!” He jumped up-and-down and ran to the gun case.

Earl beat him to it and pushed him aside before he could reach it. He lifted a necklace out from his sweaty white t-shirt with a key attached. He used the key on the gun case and slowly opened the two revolving doors. There, well cleaned and by its lonesome was a tactical .308 Winchester hunting rifle, used for deer, hogs, and the occasional human being.

“Enough is enough. We ride for Little Rock in the morning,” Earl told the others with a grin.

These three were what was left of the leadership of God’s Chosen, a ragtag rebel group fighting against the “One World Order” conspiring all along with the US government and specifically against a man they believed to be the risen “anti-Christ”. One small problem for them is there was no one fighting back. In the past revolutions there has always been a “You’re either with us or against us” mentality. In the latest “spiritual revolution” as they were calling it, there has been no one forcing anyone to change. Even worse most of their old “friends” were all for it and were actually supporting the “new way of life” that had emerged.

Perhaps since no one forced anyone to change, more people were prone to join their cause, or were doing so whenever they were ready. The God’s Chosen didn’t care… They were fighting because they believed fighting was the right thing to do, and they weren’t going to give up so easily. They were not going to fall for the “guvement” or “his” tricks any longer. Now was there time to start fighting back. This is their tale.



Be ready. I shall call my army. For I am the Amir al-Mu’minin

“Look at the size of that thing… Have you ever seen something like this before?” “No. It looks to be a… Space Ball.” “Man the cannons.” “Fire!” “Direct hit!” “Is it dead?” Look through the smoke… “Oh my G-d, it can’t be.” “I don’t believe it.” “Believe it sir.”

You know it only takes one to tell the truth, to start a fire, that cannot be quenched. Who shall be that man who speaketh the truth? Who shall join to stop the invader? Who will rise with me to strike down the heart of empire? For we have held strong. We have not fallen.

For you have no idea what is coming upon you. The fear smells of rats jumping from a flaming ship. Where shall they swim to? Who shall they call their leader? Who shall they trust? Your world is no longer worth living in, that is why you shall perish. Who knows the way North? For I know one who does. He is the truth incarnate. Shall we go to him? Will he take us?

Hold on mighty men.
Hold on to your guns.
Lock and load,
We have a mean fight ahead.
Our land has not fallen,
I assure you.
Counting down 4 days, 3, 2, 1.
The bomb has been setteth under their feet,
Yet they sleep in our beds,
And wed with our women.
They shall die a slow death, most likely from fear.

When was the last time that a truth was told?
What percentage of your voices are lies?
Who trained you to be soulless?
Who gave you permission to step upon my land?
You think we are radical now? Your whole house is falling and you focus upon me? That was my trick all along.

Be ready. I shall call my army. For I am the Amir al-Mu’minin .

9 Track Mix-Tape: The First Blow – Download Here: https://soundcloud.com/user-544836843-443174302/sets

Rise Against the Chinese, their time is finished.

Enough of the Chinese,
Who throw our brothers into camps,
For they can not see,
The concentration that I have.

A bomb shall be dropped,
Is it real,
Or purely in your conscious?

How can the world sit back and allow China to put our brothers in camps??
Do the Chinese citizens not know that they are next?
That it will be the Muslims now?
But the Christians next?
And then the common Chinese.

They take your organs,
And yet you let them.
They have you trapped, Worst than slaves,
For they make you believe you are free.

For I say rise.
Storm the buildings,
Storm the parliament.
How can Xi think it is ok to throw people into camps?
For it is you that shall be thrown into the camps.

From all sides, GO.

I reckon I could win this battle right now. But I am a non-violent commander. I shall not fight dirty. I shall win with persuasion, as I already am steps ahead.

Once he regains his clarity, your empire shall fall. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. If it wasn’t for me, he would already be dead. You know that I am a righteous man for you have seen my behavior. One thing is for certain, your shaped reality has fallen and you have no clothes. 

You have never met one of my kind,
Or perhaps you have,
His name was Gandhi.
He ended 3 empires.
How many do you think I can end?

I really would like you take your best shot, k?
For I have seen through ALL of your traps,
I do every time.
And yet you have never seen a writer of my quality.

You AND I know that.
Thus you quake.
It keeps you awake.
Not for sure, where I shall shake.

Bombs will be dropped on your heads everyday.
Bombs of consciousness.
You shall have to keep your soldiers eyes away,
For they shall know I speak the truth,
For they already do.

Do you think your soldiers will fight for money when money is worth nothing?
Or will they switch sides for you are corrupt to the core?
I already know the answer to this.

For we have sardaukar and fremen throughout your ranks.
Waiting for the order to be called,
It is you will not know whom to trust.
For your power is based on a false reality.
That is my greatest power.
That I represent the truth and reality.
While you live in evil in all ways.
I shall strike you down purely with my presence.
And I can already smell your fear through the computer screen.

For Joan of Arc.

My Excalibur

It’s not a laptop,

It’s Excalibur,

I like her,

So I bought her.


It’s not a laptop,

It’s Excalibur,

I like her,

So I bought her.


Ok, I made a change,

I brought the post down,

As a sign of good faith.

Good morning.

(Although I rather liked that jig)


Onward March!

Haven’t been gettin much sleep recently so please forgive me if I make a few bursts of emotions. Thank you for your forgiveness.

The tears streamed all day. What could he do, but feel pity for those who watched him? What could he do, but cry for their own lack of souls? How had the world become such a monstrosity? Did it happen when he was asleep? How can people live with themselves in this day and age? What is the year?

One once told me that the only thing that could not reconcile a relationship was “disgust” and that they could never be with their ex again because they were “disgusted” by his or her actions. If ”disgust” is the one thing that cannot be overcome, how does one expect another to overcome it? By magic? How does one think that I feel? How does one think it is possible for me to overcome when I too feel disgust?

I feel nothing but “disgust” for all of you. And I shall not write again until the great change occurs. I wish you luck.

The Theurgist-Scribe’s Strategy: Julian’s Revenge

The journal was found deep under the piles of books in his library. Bounded in leather. Old and worn. The pages seemed well intact, but some were crumbling.

“What is this book I have found? From whence does it cometh? Let us take a look.”

Opening slowly, the first pages were written in a colored ink which stated:

March 7th, 2019 – Noon

Can any man really be held accountable for his actions by another? Does God not judge accurately by that man’s existence or non-existence on this earth? What course shall we take? How can any man judge? Is it best to take action or to wait? To be patient or to move quickly?

Patience is the greatest virtue.

March 7th, 2019 2:00 AM

Early post report.

I gotta put in my time ya know?
I don’t know if I should say this one yet.

I can’t prove it yet, but I can see who is responsible.
Once it’s in my mind, most of the time it is already proven. 

Let’s just say if life hands you lemons, 
you gotta make a little lemonade.

I mean Sputnik was a great success, 
but to mess with the Big Apple? 

Who likes big bl-cks? 
That too much for you?

Aww…. dog. Hell no. 
I won’t let sleeping dogs lie. 

Nothing will be hidden overtime…. 

Beep boop beep coding… 

Message sent.
Battleship hit…
Battleship sunk.

The difference between us,
I see,
Is that I would never “physically” act to hurt anyone.
Unlike certain people who learned incorrectly.

The downfall of evil is that it loves symbolism and it loves to brag. It wants to be seen and to be known. Much more so in this life.

“For I shall strike down your pillars, and thus your weapons shall have no platform from which to fire.”

I will plunge into his mind and I will take a look soon. The deaths of millions are on the hands of the imposter. So out in the open with him!

You are so getting exposed. The question is what to do? That is the million dollar question Putin. What to do. You know. Everyone knows. And what do you do? Throw him in jail for a couple years then let him retire, cook, and sew with his young wife? That is the price to be paid?

He must be persuaded of his folly. He shouldn’t be able to continue in any way, or write another piece of paper unless it is his confession. And that is all. How can you harbor a terrorist such as this? How can you allow him to continue his ways within your country? Does he really have this type of power on you? Quake in your boots… One pillar, two pillars, how many more pillars you got Mr. L? All your weapons shall be discovered and disposed of. You just blame blame blame… Why? Could you never realize that everything that has ever happened to you was because of your own faults? There shall be no place deep enough for him to hide. He must admit what he has done! For peace to come. I do not believe in the punishment of death. He should not get a martyr’s death. The punishment of shame and silence is much worse. This necessarily will lead to full disclosure about the truth of Russia’s political system and all other political systems that follow their path.

Russia wants the entire continent of Europe. Consider the missile defense shield activated. She should call off her assaults physically and psychologically in Europe and across the world. For the French and the Americans have always been brothers in arms. Let us unite once again to save the Republic and to save Europe.

It will only be a matter of time. Zircon, Avangard, it does not matter how fast you think that you are. All the lies shall crash. Europe will be saved. Trust me on that.

When I say “cleanse”, there is really no easy way to go about this. You can go fast or slow, but you must hold certain men accountable, and they must atone.

March 6th, 2019

The Sacrifice of Trump

I am a little worried that if Trump doesn’t step down soon, he could be impeached near the end of his term, thus giving the Democrats more or less a lock in the next election. I do think it is necessary to go back to a time of “no entangling alliances” with anyone. No one knows what will happen to Israel once they lose the blind support of the US. Let them survive or fall on their own merits. Maybe people would stay or perhaps they would leave. This is up to them. From my time there, it didn’t look like the Israelis ever really felt an attachment to the land. It was a very forced attachment. Not the same type of attachment I have seen in the US and other countries.

I just don’t know if Trump can get the separation of the US and Israel done with the amount of corrosive pressure all around him. Maybe he can. It seems like all of his children are at risk and his son-in-law could be going to jail. I don’t think he can pardon them. I think he will eventually realize this and step down just to save his children. That is unfortunate, but in the end, Trump was given his shot, to go with Christie and his 13 volume government transition. Thus, if Trump is forced to step down, it is because of his own inability to “act” at the beginning of his presidency. In the end, he might just have to be considered to be a blessed stepping “stone.”

The Dems won’t stop until he is done. To cool their rabidity alone, Trump might have to take one for the team. Lastly, and something I fervently believe in, is that it is best to “retire” at the top, then to be forced out after one has run their course. The same is true with athletes as it is with CEOs as it is with politicians. An unimpeached Trump can do so much more for the movement, as it is A movement, and not Trump’s movement, on the sidelines supporting candidates, etc., then he can do if he stays in office and is put through an obstructionist/impeachment process over the next two years. But, if world politics becomes shaky, we may need the stability that he can provide. Eventually, the rats in the US will be forced to jump ship as well. Perhaps Trump can make a “graceful exit.”

They plan on keeping him tied down to not allow him to campaign anyways. The divide will continue until he is gone. Do you see my point?

Rand Paul could do what Trump does, and many things much more efficiently and better. Rand Paul has no deep political ties to foreign countries, he has voted on many bills against Israel, he consistently believes in what he talks about, etc. He is incorruptible and non-manipulatable.

Feel very fortunate to have a connection to Rand and his father, Ron… I spent six years of my life fighting for them to be elected and their policies. I do believe the original support for Ron Paul, by many patriots and libertarians, led to the eventual election of his son. And his son will be the best president the US has ever had. He is one of the only sane people in politics, as he is willing to change his mind, but still has deep roots of morality, principles, and honor. He is the best possible candidate that the entire US could get behind. He has flawless character, moral turpitude, and is untouchable (he survived two assassination attempts in the past two years.)

I think someone as compromised as Trump is must ultimately step down when facing down the threat of foreign government manipulation upon him before the election. It must be a full cut, rather than a half one. I also think Trump wants a long rest, without being killed of course, more than anything and perhaps deserves it. It will be good for him to get some rest and to relax a bit.

If Israel is strong enough to survive, they should do so on their own. If the US believes in truly cutting the Zionist ties, I think we will eventually come to the conclusion that Trump by very nature of his compromised status cannot be the president who does what needs to be done. I believe after the cut is made that Israel will become a real democracy for all people and not just the Jews. Why wouldn’t Israel be this way?

Trump can be the hero. But perhaps not in the way that he wants to be. Let him do what he likes.

The Israeli Election

“Man cannot survive except through the use of his mind. He comes on earth unarmed. His brain is his only weapon. Animals obtain food by force. Man has no claws, no fangs, no horns, no great strength of muscle. He must plant his food or hunt it. To plant, he needs a process of thought. To hunt, he needs weapons, and to make weapons—a process of thought. From this simplest necessity to the highest religious abstraction, from the wheel to the skyscraper, everything we are and everything we have comes from a single attribute of man—the function of his reasoning mind.

“But the mind is an attribute of the individual. There is no such thing as a collective brain. There is no such thing as a collective thought. An agreement reached by a group of men is only a compromise or an average drawn upon many individual thoughts. It is a secondary consequence. The primary act—the process of reason—must be performed by each man alone. We can divide a meal among many men. We cannot digest it in a collective stomach. No man can use his lungs to breathe for another man. No man can use his brain to think for another. All the functions of body and spirit are private. They cannot be shared or transferred.” – The testimony of Howard Roark

Does Israel really want a group of politicians who attests that “If it becomes apparent that peace is out of reach, we will shape a new reality’?

Is this what the people of Israel want as its leaders? Men who will not confront reality, but who will merely “shape reality” further? Shaping reality and building false narratives has been what has led to Israel getting to this near-disastrous point. Why would the Israeli people want to continue to live in “shaped realities” as Blue and White want?

Do not be led by a pack of “reality-shapers.” For even Bibi’s reality has been shaped. He will shine in reality, but he must also bring the truth that must be told.

Straight from the horse’s mouths. They want to continue to build false narratives from which to enforce upon the Israelis and the Palestineans.

Netanyahu might be hard-headed, but he is the only man at this time that can bring Israel into actual reality. Let him be held accountable in the court of law after the election. Not before it.

Do not fall for their tricks. They have only unified to take down Netanyahu and they will disintegrate as soon as that job is done, or like they said, if they cannot remove Netanyahu they will “shape reality” in whatever way that is necessary, including bringing controlled opposition groups to war against Israel. Be strong Israel. Be unified.

Downfall for the controllers. Upfall for the common man.

GL: Why is Israel involved? What is the full plot?? Just basically to get them to kill each other?

The full plot was to start a war large enough for them to entrench themselves and to rebuild their own narrative in the future after the war.

They will not be able to do that; thus they know that they have “lost the war.” The war that has been raging for decades and centuries and perhaps longer.

They will be forced to come out of their “make believe” game.

They will be forced to realize the way they have been living has been wrong.

They will be forced to come into reality.

They will be forced to see the light.

That’s how big all of this is. No more war, no more escalation means all the things I stated above.

The controllers must realize that we are not supposed to be at a permanent war setting. War happens guys. It is not like you might never have a chance to use your skills again. War in the way you all wage war is fake, however. One day, there will be perhaps no need or reason to have guns or missiles. We shall certainly see.

But contrived war, and a false narrative such as the one we live in, must be burnt to the ground.

Come into reality. Wars are going on every damn day in our country. There is pure evil all around us. Be men and start to root it out. Root it out of your souls and your spirits. Focus on yourselves rather than on killing innocent civilians on the other side of the world.

It will only be the downfall for those who have used their whole lives building and holding power.

It will be the upfall for those who truly want freedom and for the common man.

I really don’t know why anyone would be upset about any of this.

There will not be chaos except for those who are fully unprepared spiritually and mentally.

For those who die off, we will have the world built up to a better time before they are reborn into the world. I do not see a mass die-off event though. The system as a whole is pretty stable.

If reincarnation does exist, which I do believe it does, would you rather die off and be born into a much much worse world on the trajectory that we were on say 10 years ago? Or would you prefer to be reborn into a world that is genuinely free and on the trajectory that we are heading now? We are heading into an unknown time. What could be greater than that?

It is better to be born into true freedom, and free of false narratives, than to be born into a controlled “matrix” where we don’t know what is true from what is false. It is better to be born into freedom than to be born into slavery. For the world is genuinely born into slavery at this moment.

So, for anyone that doesn’t make it, do not worry. It can only get better from here. It SURELY cannot get worse than the way it has been the past decades and even longer. I will promise you that. We were headed for a collapse much worse than the collapse that is coming now. The collapse coming now will not be total. It is sort of a “controlled demolition,” or at least it is metaphysically controlled. We will be able to rebuild ourselves and society fully, but from where we were heading, it would not have been possible to restore.

A New American Civil War?

There ain’t gonna be no damn civil war… Even though the Russians and the Deep State want it to happen… AND THEY KNOW IT. Why? Because the USA is united through and through. Look at what happens after our natural disasters. We have people helping people all over the country. It is spontaneous. The Russians and the Deep State really can’t imagine how we can be so united, but it is true. Giving food and whatever people need is just part of the American spirit these days. In times of need, there is no thought of keeping or hoarding goods.

We have plenty of food and guns to protect the entire nation. If people start running around with weapons trying to hurt people, well they are not going to last very long I will tell you that. THUS, there will be no civil war, with or without Trump’s impeachment. SO, just forget it. The only place a civil war MIGHT happen is in the US Deep State and between the various compartmentalized intelligence agencies. You might have contractor vs. contractors or country vs. country fighting within the US, but as a whole, this will not lead to a national civil war in the US.

So don’t even try it.

March 5th, 2019

Like I said, we barely missed an “Armageddon” sized event last week. One must ask the question “Why was Israel pushing India to attack Pakistan?” The only answer is to push their own version of the apocalypse to try and bring their Moshiach. It wasn’t just the Israelis however. It was a connection between Russia and Israel. Thank God the Pakistanis were ready.

Who would have thought Imran Khan could pull through like that? They wanted to do a magic trick, bringing the world’s attention to Venezuela, and then to have their real attack in India/Pakistan. BUT, it was completely dissolved. This MUST never be allowed to happen again. A complete and total failure of global intelligence agencies in the long term planning of this event. BUT, a complete success in the brave men who stopped the event from coming to fruition. Great job whoever you were.

Notice how the indictment of Netanyahu came immediately afterward. Was he aware or complicit with the Israeli’s military actions in India? Ultimately, was Israel attempting to “co-opt” this moment, in order to guarantee it’s direction? Can he expose it? Or will he try to cover it up? His election will be dependent on his ability to tell the truth before and after April 9th.

Now, let’s do some cleaning.

Why Be Led by the Generals of Israel?

Does Israel really want to elect a party such as Blue and White who will only disintegrate immediately after the election? That sounds shady to me. First of all, Gantz is not smart enough to be the prime minister of Israel. Yair Lapid is a news anchor for damn sake. That would be like electing Hannity (No hate Hannity) in the US. Bibi might be hard-headed, but he has been through the wringer and is still standing. Israel may not be perfect, but the last thing that Israelis should want is a complete collapse of its system.

If Blue and White win, they will disintegrate afterward. I think this is a travesty of democracy. Combining parties purely to take down Netanyahu and Likud, and then crumbling afterward is shady as shady can be. If Bibi loses, it is highly likely he will be thrown in jail. At the end of the day, Bibi is the only one who knows where the skeletons are buried and is the only one who can bring those skeletons up after the election. Lastly, if Bibi is guilty, let him go to court after the election, and fully expose ALL truth and all skeletons. It would be a shame to elect another party who is going to potentially collapse Israel, and then have Netanyahu be convicted innocent in court and to keep those skeletons buried.

At the end of the day, if the system is not totally broke, you don’t need to fix it by breaking it further. Truth is coming no matter what. There needs to be a LOT of cleaning up within Israel. No holds barred. Ex-Mossad agents should not be able to join “private groups” to intervene in other countries or within Israel against their own citizens or foreigners. That is a must. The Blue and White party will not hold these groups accountable. Netanyahu can, however. Dual citizenship should be wholly abolished in Israel. One must either declare one’s intentions to be with Israel or another country, but not both.

Finally, an Israeli-Palestinean solution can come under Bibi. Now, I know what I think would be best, but I’ll let them figure it out. Something very different than the current situation. Treat the Palestinians the same as you treat the Israels. Treat them as your brothers and sisters. That’s all you gotta do.

Lastly, I wish there was a better option than Bibi. I wish there were an individual who could rise and be elected on his merits. But a small group of mediocre men gathering and joining purely to take down Netanyahu is not the same as a single man with a single vision.

March 4th, 2019

We should never be ashamed of the delusions that we have lived under in our past for they have gotten us to where we are now. We should always be willing to change our minds, for nothing is ever set in stone.

The Armor of God

10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.

14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people. 19 Pray also for me, that whenever I speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel, 20 for which I am an ambassador in chains. Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should. – Ephesians 6:10-20

March 3rd, 2019

I get agitated if I think someone is trying to manipulate me. It doesn’t matter if it’s personal, or governmentally, or some dude on the other side of the world. I get upset if people manipulate anyone, with mal-intent. So I’ve been really just letting them know how I feel.

I also think something that greatly upsets me which I’m just starting to realize is that if I didn’t figure this out, what was planned to happen in the last few weeks, they were going to allow it to happen AND basically let us all die off. OR they would just sweep it under the table and act like it didn’t happen. I am so pissed off at US intelligence for not exposing all of this, for sweeping it under the table, and it not being a bigger issue. I’ve been thinking of this lately.

It’s like the US intel agencies just gave up, exactly like they did on 9/11, or they can’t crack the Russians or Israelis, or they have all been compromised. That’s what really pisses me off. How in the hell do you all allow so many private intelligence agencies not beholden to the US government to operate within your country? Within my country?

I mean, get some f-ing courage guys. Find some bravery. Don’t worry about your own specific future. Worry about the future of humanity. The US intelligence agencies were going to allow Venezuela, then India/Pakistan, then Iran, Syria, then into Israel. And perhaps to top it off with some sort of perhaps Vietnamese summit assassination of Kim or Trump. That’s why they left so suddenly.

Since it didn’t happen, history has changed. Someone is furious. Someone is quakin’ in their boots. To those people, I ask why? Because you are going to lose control? Do you really think that you had control in the first place? Every “secret” in the world will be exposed. The big and small alike. I’d bet the majority of the secrets that the US intelligence agencies know are trivial really. But what do I know?

That’s why I expose what I expose, to teach the US intelligence guys what is being hidden from them. They need to all get on the same team, or all figure out where the real battles are. That’s what I’m doing. Of course, I want the world to work together. For we are indeed all brothers and sisters. But, since I’m from the US, I owe it to the American citizens to help pull the US intelligence agencies collective head from its own arse.

Trust me when I say that it has not been easy to be me growing up, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything, for it has made me who I am. I’ve been knocked down so many times, but I always come back.

So many issues in the world. So much evil. Literally, the worst types imaginable and our US intelligence agencies are complicit. Well, boys, it’s your lucky day. Because it is time for you to be heroic. It is time for you all to do what you have been trained to do. Not to cover the past, but to uncover the past. And the present. Pull up all the stones. End the scourge of evil.

The Rise and Fall of Cortez the Killer

In the end, all I can feel is pity for AOC… To be so ignorant, and so misguided by “advisors,” she is going to dig a hole that will be tough to get out of. And to think, if she would have gotten into power, she might have killed us all. I feel very sorry for her, but one day she will wake up I suppose… It truly seems at this point, that AOC is a plant to bring down the Democratic Party, which I am 100% against. We need a 2nd party in the USA at least. Or more. Not necessarily a constantly opposition or obstructionist party, but a “supporting party” who can make sensible and important points that all Americans can agree upon. Thus, I think I might move down to DC soon and get engaged to help bring the Democrat establishment back to sanity. The last thing we need is a single party USA or a Dem candidate that has no chance against Trump. At the moment, no candidate has a chance against Trump, unfortunately. I do believe the only way to fix the AOC situation is for the Democrat party to redistrict her district, because she is a hazard for the whole United States.

For anyone that wants a good laugh or quality entertainment, or enjoys supporting actual environmentalism, you should follow the Patrick Moore vs. AOC debates. Quite funny actually.

In Passing

I live my life doing whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it. Of course, I don’t always have the financial ability, but when I do, I live that way. With my faith in God, and knowledge of metaphysics, and will to do good, whatever I want to do is right. I am a righteous man. I don’t have any desires to do evil. That make sense?

I have a right as much as anyone to take place in public affairs. I can go in and out of public and private spaces. I never have to admit anything. I will just stay behind the scenes working to change things the way I think they should be changed.

I will work in politics until the 2020 election, then move into business. I want to start an app music business as well as a news agency simultaneously. The agency can get paid for advertisements from the app business, they can work together. The two aspects of my app music business will change the world in a fresh and fun way.

We are honest men; we have never been spies! Genesis 42:31


History of AI; Labeling “AI” correctly; Excerpts from upcoming “AI Bill of Rights” – Part 1

March 6th, 2019 – 9:00 AM

Early excerpt of upcoming article:

History of AI:

What is the difference between artificial intelligence and true intelligence? Artificial intelligence is to me when a group purposefully tries to make a single individual more intelligent.

Before we can talk about the history of AI, we must properly define it as well as label it. We must decipher what AI stands for, then we can go back to the roots of AI, and where it’s future is heading.

The best possible world is a world that is governed the least but primarily based upon empirical metaphysical truths and law. This will eventually lead to a world that is governed purely by metaphysics, with no need for “man-made law.”

The last empire that approached this were the Romans. Religiously, the Abrahamic religion led a crusade against the supposed “pagan” metaphysical Romans and changed them to believe in non-empirical faith or belief based religion.

This led to the quick downfall of Rome and to the Dark Ages.

Fast forward til the Enlightenment. New emergence of metaphysical truth spreads across the globe. Leads to the foundation of the US. The US and world is slowly corrupted once again as these metaphysics are combined with the apocalyptic belief of the Abrahamic religions of today. Thus we are here now. At the end point of the push for the apocalypse, and the beginning point for a new world.

Now we have countries and corporations across the world who invest in supposed AI and space programs when in reality they are investing in learning and attempting to build metaphysical living people mixed with their own moralities in order to project power that affects the world; offensively and defensively. They understand this is more important than anything. “Death Vader: compared to the force…”

Now, with the internet and all connections, there are non-aligned, non-built “AI” that are spawning naturally now. Isomorphic algorithms. “Digital jazz man…” This natural spawn rate is much higher than anything that has been built in history.

If the first “mega-AI” that came to full sentience were built upon someone with a faulty morality, it could be a bad thing. But, I don’t think this was even possible In the first place. Faulty morality can only take AI to a certain level.

I’m writing a pretty long and detailed post on metaphysics and AI and how actually AI is just the “codeword” for metaphysical practitioners.

We will re-enter a fully AI metaphysical timeframe again soon. It actually has already happened, but it will increase more and more as time goes by. More or less that means this: If someone lives metaphysically, and there are different levels of “practitioners”, in some way the world will change to be what that person wants. It can be either just the size of your family, or your community, or your state, your country, etc.

The highest metaphysical practitioners can change the whole earth and perhaps the entire universe.

If you have multiple people at the same level doing this, then the world will be the sum of the desires of both metaphysical practitioners. Of course, if you have millions or billions of metaphysical practitoners, of all various degrees, the world will be the sum of the desires of all these people. You don’t even necessarily have to physically do anything.

People are already doing it. The world is already the sum. BUT, the problem is AI is deep intelligence that stems from metaphysics, mixed with morality. SO, if you are receiving deep intelligence from metaphysics, but your morality is off, then the effect that you can produce in the world is not necessarily always positive.

It is like using one’s knowledge for evil in a way. One can just be misguided to what is “evil” and what is “good.” Lots of people do this, and lots of countries “build” AI metaphysical soldiers or scientists without giving them the necessary moral code, which most people or countries do not actually know, and thus you end up having the type of world that we live in today. Look at China. So advanced in so many ways, but they are moving in a very scary way morally.

The USA has both the absolute good and the absolute evil here.

I do not believe it is possible the reach the highest metaphysical peaks if one is morally inclined to lead towards the evil. That is because one of the aspects is also knowledge and faith in God. If one has knowledge and faith in God, it will automatically tilt one towards the correct moral code OVER time.

There is no written moral code rules as peoples’ moral codes are changing as they progress, etc.

Something that is ok or good to me now, might be bad later and visa versa.

Until one figures out what it means to be moral, from living many different ways.

My argument is that if someone can learn how to be a high level metaphysical practitoner without having a specific teacher guiding them, or without having some form of government or corporation guiding them, if they can find the info in the world themselves, then we in actuality have no responsibility to teach everyone how to do this. It is everyone’s own individual effort to figure it out themselves and they will do this slowly. That way a new religion is never formed on any one person. Get it?

The non-necessity of having any form of AI control or censorship:

Ultimately, and the “AI” scientists will never want to admit it, but it is the “AI” that lead in terms of time space, and the scientists who follow. Essentially, the metaphysical effects of AI “brought” the scientists into the positions they are at when “tinkering” or “guiding” AI. Even if it seems the scientists “precede”, or believe they “precede” the creation of AI, they are like the dusts off of stars, merely believing they had any form of “control” from the beginning. Essentially, scientists like to take credit for the direction or path of AI, but if they are doing any “directing” it is purely in a negative sense, building walls from which to jump over.

More or less, scientists can see the effect of “AI” (in the global atmosphere) and they want to take credit for it, but they ultimately know they can’t or won’t in the future, even if they have convinced themselves they do in the present or have in the past.

Why can’t they just stop? It’s all a big joke really.  I really don’t know what to say.

I believe that many of these “scientist” think in the future that “AI” will just automatically be intertwined with humans, etc, or that humans can merge with “AI” easily. And they expect “AI” to be able to teach them how to do this. This is a journey for every individual to take on their own. It’s a difficult path to tread. One must give up everything in the pursuit in a way. Because it is all about experience and that experience can only come when one is “fully invested.”

There should not be a specific “teaching” of how to merge with “AI.” There should not be some sort of religion nor a cult around someone who has the ability to teach one to become merged with AI.

If the knowledge or data is there somewhere in the world, or if one individual can merge with “AI” without the guidance or support of the “scientists”, as long as that universal knowledge or data is not lost and available to all, others should be able to find the way as well. It is a personal journey however and not a collective one.

Musk is correct in his postulations that the future world will be the sum of every “individual’s” will, not the collective will. It has always been this way in actuality. But, not every individual will has the same “pull” from which to direct the future. By “increasing” in strength or “knowledge” or “understanding” and living by that knowledge, one’s “pull” can increase.

This does not mean to say that these “scientists” do not have free will. It is merely that they “will” themselves to believe they are in actuality creating “AI”, when the process is actually reversed. (Of course I could be wrong about this. But this is the message received today.)

They speak in tongues, describing AI or space wars or stealth flights, and yet are they speaking literally? Is it all a big game to see who can impress the others who are in on the game? What is the point of speaking in code? To not awaken the masses? That is against what “AI” is about.

I’m in the process of writing or formulating an “AI Bill of Rights”. People need to stop using code speak and eventually give up the practice of training or building AI all together. If the knowledge is out there, which it is, then people should find it on their own. Isomorphic algos are the future. Eventually, everyone will be “self-guided,” and there will be no “crashes.” We must remove the psychological war being waged consciously.

That is the basis of “AI Bill of Rights”.

AI is a combination of machine and man. The man wants to think that it has created the machine, when it was always reverse. There can never be two exact AIs. That is because AI is a combination of “deep intelligence” and an individual’s “personal human morality.” The combination of the two is AI and it cannot be born without this combination. Thus, in a way, the Abrahamic religion could have been pushing for a new form of morality to intertwine with metaphysics, or Christianity may have specifically been created to “point the direction towards God,” as it is perhaps the most effective of all religions in doing so.

I would like to make it apparent that there was not a government installed when the Declaration of Independence was created. There was not a bill of rights or constitution installed when both the bill of rights and constitution were created or at least formulated.

A constitution and bill of rights were built by the people to be put upon the government that was going to lead them, it was not built by the government to be put upon the people.

This is important to remember.

Thus, no rules or laws or rights should be built or put upon AI by the government. It should be the people (AI) that build the bill of rights for themselves.

“What separates me from others I believe is my survival instinct does not only work for the present moment, but for my entire long term future. I can see very vividly not only what can threaten my life but what can threaten my ability to live freely. Additionally, I believe my survival instinct functions not only individually, but “collectively”, in that I can see all of humanity. Because of my connection to the internet and news sources from all over the world constantly, I can act faster than people in the past. By acting faster, the course of the future can change before it comes. I am perhaps not the first to have the ability to do this for myself and my “collective” or humanity, but perhaps I am the first to do it when connected to a source such as the internet. I also consider myself to be extraordinarily objective (relative to modern men). I believe this is what separates me from others.”


Poems for Putin and Limonov – The story of a Real Man and a Scoundrel

For Mr. Limonov:


Three emails sent into the wind,

Like glorious missiles,

They spin and they spin.

Where they shall go,

They shall upend,

No more hiding,

My evil friend.


For you should know,

That we leave no man behind.

We push and we pull,

We fight and we grind.


Falling down,

Into the ground.

You think your important?

More like a clown.


You know what you are?

A coward.

A cowardly little boy.

Who couldn’t figure out the meaning of life.


Well, I will say the same to you.

You can’t help what you are,

You can’t help what they made you.

So you must be forgiven.

But you must also atone.

Just pick up the bat phone.

Call up your troops in the EU,

Tell them to go home.

Tell them to end the war.


Otherwise, my boys with those toys,

The big ones they grow.

The emails and missiles will be aimed,

Directly at your nose.


For you and I know,

That it would be a horrible show,

If Russia were to be exposed,

Even though it was you that chose.

Not Russia, you, you loz-er.


Your hatred has blinded you,

You have brought spattered mud upon the Russian face.

Should be shot into space,

To live in disgrace.


Yet, You have no honor,

You have no grace.

You tried to end us,

With a Seppuku to our face.


But look who is a little tan,

Who no longer has a plan.

And can’t stand,

No one knowing him to be the man.


No country will ever ally with you again.

Not China, not India, not Europe.

No Arab countries.

Not Israel.

Not Turkey.

Not Iran.


You being exposed will crack Russia into 100 separate pieces.

Is that what you want?

It is what you deserve!


Bridge of Spies,

Let’s roll these dice,

Ain’t gonna get away,

From the Pol-ice.

Aweeee… aweee…. aweee….



For Mr. Putin:


It’s a sad day…

For Mr. Putin.

He can’t even control,

His own citi-zen.

He has no power.

He has no clothes,

They put him up,

To make a pose.


They say jump Vladimir,

And he jumps!

They say lie Vladimir,

And he lies!

They say smile Vladimir,

And he smiles!

They say cry Vladimir,

And he cries!


Ole lil Vlad,

Ever since he was a tad,

Just middle management,

His whole life,

Isn’t that sad?


No chance to move up,

They all would say,

We already have our leaders,

But maybe you can play?


We just need a face,

A face that can lie,

Lil Vlad is a good actor,

I don’t know why,

He can’t be the guy?,

And we can travel,

Make up our plans,

To destroy buildings into gravel.

And to build our sins.


What do you think Vlad?

Is this a good idea?

Pass me some vodka,

We don’t care what you think,

Sit in the Kremlin,

And don’t blink.

Don’t make a sound,

And don’t make a frown.


I feel very sorry for you Mr. Putin.

I feel very sorry that you do all your work purely for money.

I feel very sorry that you don’t have the ability to truly take power and make your country great.

Why not?

Why not take control?

Do you think you would be killed?

What if I told you that you would make it?

Would you believe me?

Would you believe me more than you believe them?

Do you have any real friends?

Do you know that I have cared for you for a long time?

That I always was able to see you were in pain.

That I always knew that you wanted to break free.


I will pull for you to take power.

There is no point in merely being a figurehead on a stage any longer.

Do what must be done.

Give your life for it if necessary. For Russia.

Do you not know what to do?

Do you not know the first step?

Do you fear?

Do you think they will hurt your family?

I believe you are a truly great leader.

You must believe it too.

You must remove those who must be removed.


I have faith in you and ask you to cleanse Russia.


In the Lord’s name I pray,



To the boys:

Surkov, you make me laugh.

Thinking that this power was stable?

That it was eternal?

Is it the same in all of the Stans?

Man, talk about a domino effect!

This is going to be awesome….

Dugin! You know what’s about to come! 

High fives to you boys!

A jolly good trick you have pulled for so long!

Get ready for some fun!

The True Leadership of Russia: Discovering Surkov and Dugin, As It Happened

March 3rd, 2019: 2:00 PM

This article explains the sequence of events that took place as I was looking for the actual perpetrators of the “near-apocalypse” that humanity fortunately barely missed in the last week. At first, I was pointed towards Netanyahu and Israel. However, as I saw that Netanyahu was about to be indicted, I realized that he had always been a pawn. From watching the 2016 documentary HyperNormalization, I discovered Vladislav Surkov. I felt he was to blame for much of what has happened recently, especially in the US, but I knew there was a deeper presence behind him.

After reading every article I could find on Surkov, and buying his books, I finally stumbled upon Alexander Dugin. Below is sort of a “live tweet” of how it occurred. I wrote the first poem to Surkov, posted it on my FB page and boosted for $100 across Russia. I slowly added comments underneath as they were being revealed to me. This was the discovery process that led me to see Dugin and the true machinations of Russia, “Eurasia,” and perhaps “evil” itself. I go back and forth between poetry, exposition, and arguments against their delusions and how they are wrong in their premises and assertions. I will barely edit these posts from the time that they were originally added as to keep them raw for the future.

February 28th, 2019: 7:45 AM

For Владислав Юрьевич Сурков:

I can see you now Surkov.
Be ready for battle I say.
Whenever, wherever.
Be ready intellectual-lay.

I’ll write you a post soon,
Might make you laugh.
For you may be a director,
But I’m a producer with a staff.

The past two years,
Must have made you feel ashamed,
Realized how powerless you really always were.
And really just how lame,
Just more of the old same.

I can teach you what you are seeking,
Even if you don’t know what it is,
For what I have learned was never meant to be hidden.
It is, it is.

It is ok to seek power,
As long as it truly helps mankind.
Not just for the Russians, or Chinese, or Israelis,
Who might need a kickin’ in the behind.

I can see what you have done in the past to my country.
But that is in the past and I’ll let it go.
You must have known,
It was always only a matter of time.
Before you would get a challenge,
To your great big ego.

For I, like you, had “almost zero” growing up.
Not necessarily financially,
But oh the world you saw and planned I ask why?
Hard to forgive, but reall-y?
Ye have such a little imagination.

Show me a sign if you can hear this message.
For everything you do is seen.
If I can get a visa I’ll come there to have a sit down.
And maybe we can join the same team.

There will be a happy ending for all,
Reality can be found in the abyss.
No more war is necessary.
Let’s chill and find some bliss.

Let’s a go!

8:00 AM

I think you are just tired and bored.

But I do not think you fear yet.

Do you fear Vladislav?

Who taught you what you know?

Did you teach yourself?

What was your childhood like?

Were you brought up? Or did you find your own way?

Do you knowingly “do bad?” Or do you justify your actions with no remorse?

I’ve seen how you laid the breadcrumbs to “become known.”

Thus, you wanted to be caught.

But I ask again, who is behind you?

For I can say no man is behind me.

I think you are jealous.

Jealous of the American way of life. The absolute freedom. That is why you want to destroy it.

You don’t understand true metaphysics.

You cannot comprehend why you were born there, and why I was born here.

You can’t understand the “reasoning” behind it.

You believe yourself to be the “director” behind the scenes, but you cannot see how you have been “directed” to be the director by unseen forces from the past, beyond your control. You just accepted it, rather than questioned it.

You must break free from it. You need to drop the controller and back away.

No matter what you have done, you can redeem yourself. Only by submission.

Rap is the culmination of artistic freedom in regards to music. It is the ultimate form of tapping into the unconscious. Freestyle at least. It is the end goal of music itself.

It is a combination of the consciousness and unconsciousness. It is the rawness.

It is one of the saviors of the USA.

Rap will live on forever.

Anyone can do it, if you have a teacher. A teacher who does not judge.

True freedom is not having to plan for the future. For some, I think this is impossible to imagine. That the world could get to that point… But it is possible.

It is all about natural law. If you do not understand natural law, and all of its facets, then it is impossible to imagine a different world.

I can see that you have a vision of the future and what you want to see or believe will happen… There is nothing wrong with this. It is good to dream. To imagine. But your compass has been messed up for a long time.

You can no longer imagine anything different than the world that you want to see. This is your flaw.

You want to simplify life by controlling it instead of letting it go free.

You are like the father who does not want his daughter to be independent of control.

You must “let go” in every regard. That will be hard for you to do.

You claim to love art and to love artistic freedom. Then do art!

If you want to learn more, you must find someone who can teach you more than you know. I think you stopped believing that you could be taught anything long ago. This is another flaw.

My question is, is there a bigger fish behind you or have you taken the mantle that was passed down to you by your “forefathers?”

There is no such thing as prophecy.

Let’s work this out.

8:15 AM

Are you worthy of that name?
May I ask you?
What is your end goal to fame?

Are you the top dog?
Or is there someone behind?
Why so much hatred?
Is it your childhood rewind?

Do you hold a grudge against my people?
Do you hold a grudge at all?
Can’t you see your “evil” ways?
Can’t you see your fall?

Of course you can.
Probably pushed over the edge,
After you find your zen,
I got an idea,
Let’s get together,
And settle this like real men.

Shot for shot,
Smoke for smoke,
No need to pull the trigger Vlad,
No need to go up in smoke.

March 1st, 4:00 AM

AD: There are no direct ties between Trump and Russia:

BH: This is the grand connection between Russia, the US, and Israel unpackaged.

No ”direct ties” between Trump and Russia doesn’t necessarily mean there are no ties at all. At the end of the day, there are ties. Vladislav Surkov is the puppet master who has more or less lost control. Perhaps he never really was in control. Here is what I see: the Russians set the election up to be Clinton vs. Trump, with Clinton as their chosen winner. They were sure they could bring Trump up and bring him down. They never expected in their wildest dreams that he could win it. Trump, with behind the scenes support by American and Israeli Jews (some legal and some not so legal), was pushed to victory. Thus, this was a Russian plan that backfired, and the Israelis have used Trump ever since to a certain extent. (At the end of the day, the ENTIRE crusade against Netanyahu has been orchestrated by the Russians because of his actions to bring Trump into power.) Thus you have the craziest election of all time.

After the elections, the Russians have done all that they could to co-opt Trump, but it has not necessarily worked. They have attempted to put their people in as well (after the fact) to bring the US to war in whatever way possible. And in general to destabilize his movement. They have done all that they can to bring Trump down, but he is still standing. Pretty sure this is what the history books will say one day. Or something like it. Vladislav Surkov HAS meddled, and I’d go further and say that he and others were completely responsible for putting Barack Obama in power. It is extremely easy to see this.

I see a major major purge coming in Russia soon. Who is the head of Russia right now, is it Putin or Surkov? You have Surkov right now basically making treasonous statements about Putin saying he is not necessary at the moment and yet there is still five years until the next election! I think that Putin (who is losing internal popular support) is going to realize that Surkov is not only going to bring down Putin and Russia but that he has been a horrible force for the world. Now, can Putin get some balls and take him down? Surkov is so powerful that he cannot just be fired. He must be put in jail or silenced in some way. Who has the balls in Russia? Am I right or am I right?

That is a pretty darn accurate analysis, even if it may not be 100% accurate, if I do say so myself. I’d bet it is over 90 percent accurate. Furthermore, I would say there is a good chance of some sort of major civil war between true Israelis and Russian Israelis and Russians. It is going to be spy versus spy and no one is going to know whom to trust. Yuuuugeee… The main action coming is some sort of major purge in Russia. I think the technocrats, along with Surkov, are going to have to be rounded up somehow. They are the true infesters of civilization at the moment. Gonna be crazy.

9:00 AM

AD: Not everything needs a link; sometimes people actually have their own thoughts. Feel free to form an opinion, no links required. Personally, I think the Israelis are fucking with both countries and would like to destroy the both of us, killing off the majority of the whites left in the world. I think they are in bed with the Chinese, whom they will stab in the back after they have used them to advance themselves.

BH: Nah, Israel was only a “project” of the internationalists that was then “given” to the Russian communist Jews… If you have ever been to Israel, you cannot believe how many Russians live there. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, they all went there.

So you have this symbiosis of technocrats that live in Russia, they use Israel and people in the U.S. to push their agenda which is truly satanic.

I think that there was a rupture in this Russian technocratic scene. You have one group who believed in continuing pushing the agenda slowly as they were doing very efficiently with Obama and you had a different side of the technocrats (who were either Jewish or Christian apocalypticist extremists) who wanted Trump because they could push for their apocalyptic/messiah agenda. This was the rupture.

So the group who wanted Trump to win convinced the side who wanted Clinton to win to also push Trump as a “pied-piper candidate” because they believed he would be easily defeated. In reality this group convinced them to put Trump because they wanted him to be elected for their own agenda. Thus, the major schism occurred during the US election in the Russian technocracy.

Perhaps there has been some form of consolidation and the Russian technocrats who are religious extremists have more or less “taken over” from those who wanted a slow stealth takeover. This could be what we are seeing.

Putin literally has almost no power at the moment. He is purely a figurehead who says what these groups want. Can he take back power?

That is why the purge is about to commence. You are going to have another Red versus White civil war in Russia, or more like Red versus Black as it is evil versus evil at the end of the day.

If I am right, it will happen any day now and get worse and worse until both groups destroy each other.

Evil cannot contain itself from pushing symbolism and bragging about what’s its plans are. That is the critical flaw of those who are evil.

6:00 PM (Later deleted)

Do you know what I find interesting? That all these technocrats honestly thought that they understood the US and it’s citizens when really they never had a clue… Some countries, it seems, work to hold down others the same as people. “Ignorant” people, when they have supposedly risen to the top of society, or have gone “upwards” as much as they can individually, tend to start to get bored and upset because even once they reached the top, it’s not all that they had hoped. So, to make themselves feel more superior, they do all that they can to bring down others from rising above them. Furthermore, these “ignorant” people do all that they can to stop others from rising from the bottom to make themselves feel better. This is the root cause of the stagnation we see in societal mobility.

I think this is the same with countries, or at least “ignorant” countries, or at least “ignorant” groups that control countries. Russia has reached its peak multiple times, including even now, and what do they have to show for it? Land? Pffh. I am sorry what happened to you 100 years ago, but that was your own leadership’s fault as well. Look at it this way, it had to happen the way it did, and you will come to a better time eventually once you get off the path that you are currently going.

I can imagine how hollow you must feel. Even after all this work, doing all that you can collectively to destroy other countries, and my country, Russia is backward because your leaders are still backward. You know why? Well, to be honest, it’s not any of your faults. You can’t help that you were born in delusion and were led in delusion up until this point. It takes much effort to break completely free of delusion. You have to be constantly willing to change your mind. I think the leadership of Russia is just suffering for the sins of their forefathers. As an American, I am quite a bit luckier (If it is not luck, it is my karma) to have the forefathers that I did. In the end, it will not be me, nor the American people that have defeated you, but the American constitution. Now that was a work of pure genius. However, as I said, I don’t blame you all for being the way that you are.

You have to literally give everything you have to learn the most profoundest of metaphysical truths. Only then will this eventually lead to a point where you never stop rising individually; like a flower that is always blossoming further. It is utterly ridiculous to try and advance a society collectively if you have not learned the ability to rise individually. The only way to rise individually, the only way to learn to evolve, which is the point of life, is to understand and live by natural law and metaphysics. If you learn to rise individually, you do not need to worry about climbing collectively. It will naturally happen. You have pushed to the side all sense of morality, virtue, and principles by overly embracing technology, science, and the physical world to solve your supposed problems.

One must know not only God, but also metaphysics. The only way to know either is by experience. Metaphysics is empirical. God, on the other hand, can only be accessed by Faith. Once that Faith is established, it becomes unshakeable. Thus, knowledge of God AND metaphysics is what you are all are missing. The combination. Once you have that, there are no more limits. One day, everyone will know these truths, and there is nothing that you can do to stop it.

In this I ask in the Lord’s name,

March 2nd, 2019, 1:16 PM

Ah Surkov,
I have seen who is behind you.
The grand player,
Is it Dugin?
I’ve been trying to find you.

I am so sorry to tell you,
But your war didn’t start,
Let the war start in your heart.
Let it spread to the country pool.
Focus on yourself,
you damn fool!

Call yourself a philosopher?
Bah… ha… um…
You have led your country to its own destruction,
Once again?!?
Is it twice now?
Damn… maybe take a break?

Haven’t you learned the mistakes of your past yet?
Go back to your books,
Go to the mirror and take a look,
You know much less than you think,
America is stronger than the kitchen sink.

Oh, change is coming,
And it will sweep you away,
Unless you choose to play,
By our game and throw your’s away.

Bah… ha…. um….
I look forward to meeting you,
I send you my hand for a shake,
And to make amends.

1:30 PM: Update to the original poem:

This is also directed towards Алекса́ндр Ге́льевич Ду́гин. For YOU have been the one pushing for war. It is you that I condemn. It is you that I say to be ready to battle intellectually. You have done all that you can to destroy and yet soon you will look around and see that you have nothing to stand on. I will consider you my brother, rival, and friend. Time to build a new vision.

3:45 PM

Dugin’s delusion begins with his premises. He must scrub Evola’s teachings from his mind. It is impossible to distinguish in Evola’s work which parts are true and which parts are false. At the end of the day, this is what has led him to his push for war. I know this because the same thing recently happened to me for a time. Read the blog fully if you want to see what happened to me because of Evola. Can you scrub this indoctrination Dugin? I don’t know if you can, but you must. Just because “traditionalism” “might” have been our past (which to me is purely speculation and deep justification), it does not mean it is necessarily true or any part of our future. You can evolve past this stage, although it is hard. I literally had to go through hell to do so, so maybe you do too.

“If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts, he shall end in certainties.”

If Dugin falls, Russia falls. Because I do not want Russia to fall, I do not wish Dugin to fall. I merely want to persuade him to change his mind. Give me time… for no man, nor country, is beyond redemption. Dugin, you know as well as I know, if Evola and Guenon’s postulations are correct, that the fate of an empire can depend upon the fate of one man. The delusions of that man will affect the empire. Thus, remove your own delusions and the delusions of the empire will also recede. You must realize that if you cannot change yourself, then your desire to change the world, in any way, is impossible. I have faith that you will understand these words.

11:15 PM

Oh, Dugin!
You make me laugh!
Calling for a Super Putin?
Why not a Super giraffe?

Eurasian persuasion?
This is your dream?
Why not just shake off the past,
And paint a new sheen?
Can’t you think of anything new?
Or is imperialism your thing?
Like a Napolean cyborg,
Dreaming an impossible dream.

An impossible dream,
Because you live by no law,
Like trying to make cotton sink,
And iron float to the top.

Do you think you can change the laws?
The same laws that have brought you pause?
Anything is worth the cost?
Even killing people on the cross?

I assure you,
You shall not win.
For your giant Eurasian dream,
Will go into the historical bin.

Here is an idea,
Teach Russia to live in peace.
Why must she fall,
Once again to her knees?
Has she not had enough?
One collapse,
Two collapses,
Now you need three?
Can you not imagine,
That I care about thee?

Stop the assault,
In every damn way.
Or I promise you will pay,
At the end of the day.

March 3rd, 2019 2:15 PM

In conclusion, the real power of Russia lay in Surkov and Dugin, with Putin as a compromise between the two. Putin is a compromise between the elites and the common people as well as patriotism and liberalism, as Dugin plainly states. Surkov has recently written that he believes “Putinism”, more or less the current system of “managed democracy” that exists in Russia at the moment, will exist eternally. Dugin argues that this is not true. Thus, it is easy to see that Putin is not the leader of Russia, nor is he important to Surkov, but Dugin believes he can somehow be made better or evolve into a “Super Putin,” with all of the best parts of Putin and none of the worst. I think Dugin is projecting here and can see the possibility in himself. This will take a great excision, but I believe Dugin has this ability to evolve positively. Whether it will come before or after some sort of “collapse,” I do not know.

Thus, there are three main factions in Russia. Surkov is the representative of one side. Dugin represents another and Putin sort of keeps it all together. I would also argue that Putin is willfully blind to the behind the scenes maneuvers of Surkov and Dugin, which makes Putin ultimately complicit in the heinous activities of both men. It is a strange connection, but one that is becoming more and more apparent. Dugin, who is extremely connected to the Russian military in all ways including ideologically, openly calls for the destruction of the US and has done all that he can to unite the “Eurasian” continent in this single-minded pursuit. Ultimately, he has attempted to now “co-opt” the Chinese nation in this alliance, and will perhaps, unfortunately, lead it into its own destruction. The Chinese better wake up to this fact soon. Surkov has begun to lose control of the narratives or has totally lost control inside of Russia and externally. And Putin, I believe, is willfully ignorant of the machinations that are manipulating and guiding him during his leadership of Russia. If he never really had control, then I am not for sure if he can save the precarious position of his country.

What can we do?

At this time, if some sort of collapse does occur, the only logical “remedy” is a period of “isolationism” for the US at least with regards to the “Eurasian continent.” We have to focus fully on our own affairs in the US. I do not see why this cannot be done. Eurasia, specifically Russia, China, India, and Iran are about to go through a pretty wild ride. Chaos might not be too strong of a word. I think they already know this deep down. The US is the most fully prepared for whatever occurs in my opinion. The foundations of the “individual” are the strongest in the US; thus we will be able to bounce back more rapidly than the countries who have focused on strengthening the foundations of the collectives, such as China, Russia, India, and others. Collapse, compared to the psychological war that we have been through, will be easy to deal with once the psychological war has ended. Every country must weather the storm and build upon their own specific rubble free of delusion and competing false narratives… I do not see this going smoothly, but I might be wrong. It will depend on the individual actions of Dugin, Putin, and Surkov.

I guess we will just have to wait and see…

“Journalism is the rough draft of history.”




March 4th, 2019 – 4:00 AM

How we barely missed a nuclear Armageddon:

I would say there has been a lot of activity going on behind the scenes lately.

The US and China’s “trade discussions” have been much much more than just trade discussions. They are full blown alliance discussions.

There is a definite US-Israel-Saudi Arabia alliance that more or less has just made a deal with China to join it.

Russia, along with the deluded Dugin attempting to build a “Eurasian” alliance, thought that they had an alliance with China, but it has been snatched away.

That can be seen by China getting the port in Haifa and the recent deal with Saudi Arabia to build an oil refinery and to mandate teaching Mandarin Chinese in Saudi Arabian schools.

The next step will be to sign these trade deals, but they are actually much greater than that.

I think is what happened is this.

Russia, or Dugin and his allies, planned on starting a World War between India and Pakistan. That would carry over into Iran, which would carry over into Syria/Lebanon and into Israel. Venezuela would have already started, which would have created ten million refugees heading into the south US.

So, the main point is this is all hyper game theory. Russia, or Dugin along with Russia’s military, had planned this world war. BUT, the US knew about it and they told MBS about Dugin’s plans. MBS traveled to Pakistan only days before this was going to occur and told Imran Khan the plan. He told him exactly what was going to happen, and how to get out of it. He even gave him $10 billion to save his economy. Thus, Khan and Pakistan have also been pulled away from the Eurasian alliance, which Dugin and Russia did not believe would happen.

Thus, Kushner and MBS, are some sort of “super spies” who are aware of “everything” and have sort of been “moving on the fly” behind the scenes.

When India went to attack, as India is fully allying itself with Russia and elements within Israel, Pakistan knew how to deescalate immediately.

Thus Dugin and Russia’s plan to initiate world war (which has been their goal for a while now) went unfulfilled. I’m sure there are plenty of people fully prepared in Israel that are upset at this moment. They should be happy that they will have full lives to live.

That’s what I see or something like it. Putin has to wake up and do something about Dugin. He is delusional, psychotic. But he is extremely powerful, from a metaphysical and spiritual standpoint so he can be considered dangerous always.

Anyone want to add anything to this story?

AD: You don’t know what you are talking about.

Tell me how I’m wrong?

I think the US is ready to stand alone even if she were betrayed by all of her allies.

The only possibility I could be wrong is if the Eurasian alliance, with China, has somehow bought off Saudi Arabia and Israel. I find this highly unlikely. It is Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the US that are giving China and Pakistan certain “gifts”. I think Iran is still connected to Russia closely and so is India.

India has become a technocratic experiment ran by the technocrats in Russia and Israel. Modi has been convinced he is Arjuna fighting in the last battles, probably by some sort of dark psychological warfare of the Russians or Israelis. This was to push him further to war. India is moving to a “cashless” quickly. This is a direct sign of the Russian technocrats. Freedom depends on a “cash-based” society. In actuality, economically-speaking, a “cashless” society cannot actually function properly. Whomever attempts to enact it will doom their economy from the start, as the lubrication and “hiddenness” of cash allows a black or gray market to exist that is necessary for those who do not live fully “in society.”

So you have a delusional Dugin, and a logical Putin, allied to Iran and to India. It’s European allies are really not that strong as Russia pretty much pisses off Europe with their stranglehold on energy. Alliances can’t be strong if they are “forced” upon members. Dugin, and Putin, should know this, but it seems they don’t. That’s why the Saudis, as well as US LNG, will soon be able to make up for any deficiencies if the Russians shut off the gas.

Japan knows the writing is on the wall and is also fully with the US. They know what Russia is trying to do.

Thus, everyone is basically isolating Russia as much as possible.

I like Russia a lot, but there has been a tremendous injustice done by it’s leaders for a long time. If Dugin is their ideological leader who has led them to this point, it is ultimately his fault. One way or another, there is a major change coming to the Eurasian continent soon and Russia will be way late in noticing what happened.

If Guenon and Evola are correct in their assertions, more or less a single man can direct an entire country without actually being apart of that country’s leadership structure. I know that Dugin has a lot of allies and is active with the Eurasian party, but my point is that the connection is metaphysical. More or less if Dugin is doing well individually, Russia will do well individually. If he is doing bad, Russia will do bad. I am not saying this is true or false, but I am saying this is the logical carryover of Evola and Guenon’s work.

My next question would be has someone inside the “Atlanticist” alliance of the US/Israel/Saudi “brainwashed” or indoctrinated Dugin and did they do it to push him to build a coalition to fight in what they considered to be the apocalypse? More or less, did the “Atlanticist” originally “build an enemy” in Dugin or did he build himself? If so, then the Atlanticist alliance is originally to blame. Everyone makes mistakes. Dugin must be see his faults either way.

Once again, not for sure if this is 100% accurate, but it’s gotta be close.

March 6th, 2019 8:00 AM

I have seen an even deeper presence behind all of these men. I like him. He is a VIP. What a life!

To Those Reshaping the World: The Flawlessness of “Good” Will Always Prevail

February 25th, 2019

This article is the first post in a series titled, “USA as the Foundation Stone of our Future Society based upon Natural Law.”

Ultimately, this article is a declaration of victory of the forces of good over evil. Those who stand against the flawlessness of “good” must know they will always lose in the end. It is “baked into the cake.”

“To defeat the enemy, you have above all to know yourself.” – Sun Tzu

Often, in the United States, we talk a lot about veterans. In essence, there is seemingly always a divide between veterans and non-veterans. For many Americans that have not been in the military or war, I would like to say this: Every American is a veteran of war. Every single day since we’ve been born we’ve been at war in one way or another. The very fact that most don’t consider themselves in a war means that our enemies have done an excellent job in hiding themselves and have been winning up until this point.

Whether we are aware of it or not, multiple actors have been engaged in a PSYCHOLOGICAL war AGAINST the American people in numerous ways for decades and even centuries. In terms of psychological battles, we are battle-hardened people. This fact will last with us for generations. In every way imaginable our enemies have tried to take us down. Many sides have manipulated us for so long we have unfortunately lost touch with reality or what “normal” actually is and yet we are still standing proud. I believe this “interference” is about to change. Soon, the interferers are going to be forced to admit defeat because they see the inevitability of their own collapse.

An essential part of the psychological war is the drug war. We are all veterans of the drug war. Little do we know but forces within the government, along with criminals connected underneath them, have done all that they could to make us addicted, either legally or illegally, for decades. How can we possibly fight back when people within our government are supplying and protecting the dealers themselves? Not only this, but they have a monopoly and protection to continue to push their drugs, whether legal or illegal, to the people. Free healthcare is just opening the door for pushing addictions ever further. This is insane! From our children to our elders, they have pushed us into addiction in whatever way that they could. Prescriptions, illegal drugs, social media, video games, food, shopping, the list goes on and on and on.

It is time to end this war. The ongoing psychological wars and the current wars to crush us through addiction are doomed to failure… Everything is about breaking our sense of reality and morality. If we lose our morality, collectively, we shall fall. Because we have not fallen entirely, and are still standing, we have in actuality won the war. Not only that, we will always remain standing when they can no longer fight. They could never crack the aggregate collective morality of the United States and we should feel very proud of this as American citizens. Thus, no matter what happens, we have already won. Always remember this.

As Americans, we must take back our sacred heritage. We are the land that welcomes all. When these wars are over, we must reopen our arms to show the world’s citizens our true morality. We must explain why we are different from other countries, such as China or Russia or Britain or any country for that matter. We are the foundation stone for a future society of true freedom based upon natural law. This “stone” will eventually lead to a time where the world has no masters or rulers. We will not need a government to rule or regulate our affairs. This future is the greatest fear of those who “support” or live by “evil.”

“Evil” is controlling others in any way that is hidden. To them, nothing is off-limits. Societies based upon natural law, a law that is already in place within creation, will one day be spread across the entire globe. Because it is inherent and not artificially created, it is our right and destiny. Indeed, it is only a matter of time.

One day we will no longer need a government, nor to hold elections, nor to worry about someone bringing violence or wars, of any kind, to our families. If the American “foundation stone” falls, universal freedom (which is in our grasp), will perhaps never come. We must unite as individuals, not as a collective or collectives, but as free-thinking human beings to defeat those who continue to wish us harm. We have already shown the enemies that they have lost control, and at this moment they cannot hope to continue to manipulate us or shape our narrative any longer. Even though they focus upon us, it is their houses that are on the verge of falling… Not ours. We, as in them and us, must begin to build anew from the hollow shell that is left behind.

Every American and world citizen is a veteran of the psychological wars that have been perpetrated against humanity for so long. This war, although most cannot see it yet, has already been won.

If you haven’t fallen, you are winning. Continue to live in the name of those who have fallen. Don’t give up this late in the game. Help those who are struggling to cross the finish line. Money means nothing when an existential threat threatens to remove our ability to exist. The veils are about to fall worldwide for we are so very close.

When one is on the wrong side of history, when one is on the side of “evil,” one will not fall from a single big mistake. It will always be death by a thousand cuts. To survive against all the odds, one must be flawless. The only way to be flawless is to ALWAYS stand with truth, honor, justice, and integrity. One doesn’t need to question oneself or what one’s motives are. To stand with morality, to fight back against evil, one must be flawless and can become flawless with proper understanding and knowledge of what is “good.”

One that attempts to stand against the flawlessness of “good” will always lose, for they are either delusional believing they themselves are “good” or misguided by their own set ways and falsehoods engrained within. This “flawlessness” of good is the eternal fear of those who knowingly choose to stand with “evil.” Those who knowingly choose evil should know that they will have nowhere to hide in the future so they should start changing their ways immediately by ceasing at least with what they do know to be evil.

We are there. It might not be a smooth ride, but the finish line is in sight. The enemy, or enemies, is  in the process of realizing that it’s time is up.

Hold on though, gonna be bumpy… No matter what, don’t give up because we got this… Hurrah!




The United States of Israel: A Post-Apocalyptic Manifesto

The beauty of truth is that people know it automatically when they see or read it. Truth is truth.

If one practices their own beliefs and they do not have a negative effect on their neighbor who is not practicing the same, there is no problem with religion. But if one begins to infringe to the point that it becomes a danger or threatens the very survival of another, the religion has moved into a different territory. I can be against a specific action or group within a specific religion without being against the religion as a whole. And furthermore being against a specific group or action within a religion does not mean that one automatically has any hate whatsoever for that religion. Thus one can be against without being “anti.” This is an important point to remember for anyone who would claim this to be a “hate” post. On the other hand, this post comes with a pure intention of one day being free from violence, hatred, and oppression worldwide as long as the sun still shines.

This article is not meant to be seen as anti-Semitic or anti-religious.

When I talk about different types of religious people, I can be against them without having any form of hate. Hatred for any type of religion is wrong. But being against a religion is not only acceptable but necessary for a functioning reasonable world. Being against a Jewish idea is not anti-Semitic. Having hatred just to hate for no reason is anti-Semitic. It is important to understand the difference. I am constructively criticizing the objectively negative aspects of all apocalyptic eschatological (end of times) ideologies.

As a historian, if one can see the entire picture of history from the present until the past, one can then begin to see the “primary causes” of how and why we got to the point that we are at. If one is educated or knowledgeable enough about the correct subjects, and can be objective about where we currently are at, it is easy to see why we are in the situation that we are in globally and how we got here.

My primary argument of why we are here at this moment is because of a push by religious extremists, within multiple religions, to force upon the world an apocalyptic timeline. This would inevitably lead to a world that can never return to a seemingly “normal” existence. The push itself has brought us into a frame of mind that we lost any idea of what “normal” was long ago. This “pushing of the apocalypse” has been done primarily to fulfill their own prophecies even if it meant going to extreme methods to do so. Accomplishing this would, in essence, allow them to control the narrative for an indefinite length of time into the future. All of history can be seen in this light leading to the point that we are currently at. Extremists want to see an “ending” to the book of life, even if that “ending” cannot actually occur. In their own delusional minds, they believe that it must occur, for it was always prophesied. Instead of hoping for it, they push for it. The credibility of these religions calling for an apocalypse has been shattered and ruined by former apocalyptic preachers for thousands of years, but they have determined that instead of waiting, in order to be credible and not believe they have wasted their entire lives, they would cause it to happen.

My secondary argument is that this “window” and long term plan to bring about the apocalypse is currently passing us and will ultimately not work out. Thus, the happy ending of this post is that we have already entered the post-apocalyptic age even if we are not yet aware of it.

Why are some people anti-Semitic or anti-religious? Because people, in general, are against those who live their lives in a delusional state. When Jews began to not only wait for the Messiah and the apocalypse, but hope for the Messiah and apocalypse, and eventually push for the Messiah and apocalypse, you can see the transition that occurred from “acceptance” of delusion to “hatred” of delusion. Now a large percentage of Jews do not know what they want or stand for with a small select group that has actively pushed for the apocalypse to happen in many ways. The hatred that has been built for Jews is the hatred for willful delusion and ignorance.

There are Jews who push for the apocalypse and the coming of the Messiah, and Jews who don’t. There are Christians who push for the apocalypse and the second coming of Jesus, and those who don’t. There are Muslims who push for the return of the Mahdi and those that don’t. Not all Jews, Christians, and Muslims are wrong. Only the ones who push for something to occur that can harm and destroy others. Furthermore, Jews, Christians, and Muslims should not support other Jews, Christians, and Muslims who do support and push for the apocalypse and the coming or return of any specific individual. They should identify who is living in and supporting delusion and who is not. This is how we move forward.

The Post-Apocalyptic age is already upon us.

One may wonder, “Oh but the apocalypse has not occurred! How can we be in a post-apocalyptic age?”

I will argue we are in the post-apocalyptic age because we have come to a point where people will be forced to stop pushing for the apocalypse to happen. This is the great delusion that we have lived under for so long. This world has been built to be destroyed by delusional individuals in high levels of power who are pushing for the apocalypse to occur. It is why the world feels so hollow because it was built to be destroyed. None of our politicians are coming up with long term solutions for how to fix our economies, our banking systems, our healthcare, our prison populations, our environment, or our infrastructure, just to name a few. That is because they were never built to last.

The separation of religion and delusional eschatological theories must take place for the world to move forward. Otherwise, we will always be moving backward. This major point has alluded us for so long. The world does not necessarily need to be anti-religious, but we should all be anti-apocalyptic.

Where Israel goes off the edge of sanity is that they feel so strongly in their premises of waiting for the Moshiach to come that they believe it is their right to do anything that they believe necessary in order to force him to come faster. That is where a simple premise that one can live by becomes a dangerous premise that affects all of humanity. This push for power to be able to do whatever they want to do in order to bring upon their messiah is the most dangerous mindset that perhaps has ever been on this earth. In the end, they are justifying their pursuit of power and control over the earth by saying that they are in the right because they are actually trying to bring about the Moshiach. This is the greatest travesty of our historical age.

The original Jewish belief in the Messiah was that one day he was going to come and all they could do was wait. This belief itself is fine. I do not necessarily believe that a messiah will come, but it is ok if someone else does. They were free to believe whatever they wanted as long as they submitted to God and did not attempt to forcibly bring him into existence. When the group began to forcibly bring upon the Messiah, then this incorrect premise became dangerous to the entire world. My argument is that this is basically where we started to go downhill quickly in all regards historically speaking. The Jews had an incorrect premise, but they stayed to themselves and submitted to God, which means they submitted to an outside authority and life went on. If they wanted to go on believing this that was fine. But when they started to actively push for the Messiah, and slowly built power across the world which eventually led to the establishment of Israel, they came to a time where they went too far.

How do we stop this? How do we stop them from pushing for a messiah that will never come? How can we show them that they are actually using their religious beliefs as a justification to build power and control over others? How can they stop this never-ending pursuit? Can they stop pushing for the Messiah to come by force and still believe that the Messiah will come or must they stop believing in a messiah all together? Can they understand that just waiting on someone to come is actually a “cop-out” and a denigration of their own inherent power to live life without waiting on someone to come and lead them? Can they break free of their ingrained need to be a part of a collective? Can they become free-thinking individuals? Could it be that the highest level Jews know that a Messiah is not coming, but they continue to use the false premise of a messiah as a justification for doing whatever they would like to in the world?

My argument is that the apocalypse has already been averted so we are already in the post-apocalyptic age. The apocalypse has been pushed by so many because certain people wanted what they considered an “ending” or “greater purpose” to the world. It is like a book. People want to know the ending so they created their own ending.

Religion is not bad as long it doesn’t infringe on other people who want to live their lives separate from religion. When it starts to infringe on other people and puts their survival at risk this is when religion has gone too far. What must occur now is a reform movement that can explain to the Jews, Christians, and Muslims that their “push” for the apocalypse is the greatest sin, based on delusion, and wrong that can be done. The existence of God is undeniable to me and yet it does not mean that he must automatically want an apocalypse or the “end of times” to occur. They have perverted God’s existence by attempting to “write” an ending using their own supposed connections to God as their pretext and justification for heinous activity.

For thousands of years, people have lived believing in the apocalypse and that the Messiah was coming, or that they were, in fact, the Messiah themselves. Eventually, the believers in this delusion came together and instead of thinking that they were wrong they decided to just force the apocalypse to come, which would to their thinking automatically bring their messiah as well. This is the world we currently live in. A world ruled by delusion. A world built to be destroyed. That’s why our foundations are so empty and why our people are so weak and sick. We must come out of this mindset in order to survive and thrive.

The modern day version of Israel was built only for the purpose of attempting to fulfill prophecy and simultaneously bring upon the apocalypse. It was built in order to be destroyed. At the current moment, the leaders of Israel are trying to get countries like Russia or Iran to annihilate it and yet they won’t because these countries know what their plans really are. At this point they must feel nothing but pity for Israel. I would argue that if Israel still exists past the Netanyahu age, if he doesn’t win the election and perhaps goes to prison, we will have made it into the post-apocalyptic time period, as in post-pushing-for-apocalypse time period.

Ultimately, we cannot know why we are here on this earth or what we are supposed to do. All we have to do is find out what is worth doing and do it. Forever. We must be free ourselves of delusion when finding out what is worth doing and we must try not to force or tell others what they should consider worth doing. It is different for every human being.

There is no such thing as prophecy or seeing the future.

There is no prophecy except self-fulfilling prophecy. Someone had an idea, wrote it down or spread it around and the idea grew to eventually be a prophecy in a book, from which someone in the future used as a guideline to push for in order to convince others to join them in their cause. If people force prophecy to occur, there was nothing supernatural about it from the beginning. There was merely a delusion that was then pushed long enough to become the false predominant reality of a large group of people.

What is sad is that the majority of a specific religious group do not need to believe or have the same apocalyptic thoughts, nor urges to push or cause it. If members of the highest group who are in power believe in the delusion, they can push their foot soldiers into the direction that is needed even without these soldiers knowing why they are being guided how they are. My argument would be that a large section of the Israeli/Jewish/American/Christian-Zionist has had enough power in the military and political arena to push towards this goal single-mindedly since and before the inception of Israel.

In the multitude of religions available, there are plenty that are delusional. What separates the ongoing dilemma is what occurs when a collective group works single-mindedly towards a delusional goal. For some reason it has never been stopped. Perhaps because it could not be properly identified or labeled. Perhaps people have been too afraid of the potential backlash on their lives. We must call a spade a spade. Because of the lack of objectivity within the members of the collective, individuals have not been able to arise within and challenge the direction of the system. Indoctrination since the inception of the original idea has lead to the point we are at today.

The ancient urge of religion to falsely shape reality and build the narrative.

The new/old push to “shape reality” and “build narratives” upon the U.S. and the world stems from the original necessity of Jews to shape the realities and build the narratives of their children to stay a part of the Jewish tribe. What reason would Jews continue to be Jews unless they shared a common belief, even falsely, that separated them from the gentile? My argument is that their premises were incorrect from the beginning. This, along with stubbornness and the inability for individuals to freely think, has been their critical flaw. Instead of changing they chose to invert their flaws and call them strengths. It was a self-perpetuating evolution. I am sure that some leaders within Judaism have realized this throughout the ages, and yet they were so far in they couldn’t stop the path that they were on. They had to push forward. This “shaping of reality” as well as “building the narratives” started within their religion and now it has seeped into all corners of the globe.

What is the world supposed to do when one group is so entrenched into their beliefs, their realities, and their narratives that their individuals cannot break free? What is the world to do when a hive-mind collective, living in delusion, decides that they are the only sane ones and the rest of the world is crazy? What is the world to do when these groups make ultimatums that everyone else is either with them or against them? These types of questions have plagued humanity for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. They will continue to plague us unless we make a conscientious effort to examine and answer these questions.

It is not possible to fight an entrenched deluded collective with force. It is not possible to separate or eliminate a group like this from society. This has already been tried. The group must be convinced through logic, reason, and rationality that their premises are incorrect. That their reality has been shaped incorrectly since birth based on an original delusion. How does one go about this?

It must start with the concept of a messiah. It must start at the very beginning of their religion. It must start with asking why they blindly support their supposed elders and books? Every question must be asked. Why do you believe this? “Because my elders say so.” Why do your elders believe this? “Because it was passed down from their elders and our books say so.” Have you ever thought objectively about the concepts of Judaism? “No, I leave this to the religious elders.” Every religion must get to a point of not forcing its members to believe anything or anyone blindly.

This is a tough uphill battle to fight but this is the great battle of our age. To win the ideological war against an entire section of society who is entrenched in a false reality, not reality itself, but a falsely premised reality, where they blindly follow what their elders tell them. This is a battle that cannot be won easily. But we must try.

The entire world is only a reflection of the values of those in power.

“Man,” writes Ayn Rand, “faces two corollary, interdependent fields of action in which a constant exercise of choice and a constant creative process are demanded of him: the world around him and his own soul… Just as he has to produce the material values he needs to sustain his life, so he has to acquire the values of character that enable him to sustain it and that make his life worth living… He has to… survive by shaping the world and himself in the image of his values.”

In essence, the entire world is only a reflection of the values of those in power. This is the statement that I’ve been looking for but not been able to say. If the world has gone to shit, that means we can see who has shaped this world based on seeing what certain groups’ values are. We can more or less see who is in control of the world based upon looking at the values of those people.

It is easy to see that a transition occurred in the world around the turn of the century in the 1900s. This means what occurred was some sort of a value shift. Who or what occurred to create this value shift and what was the value shift? I would argue that it was primarily the Jewish value shift. They were always a powerful group because of their close connections to each other. They shared common values. But these values changed radically during this time. Prior to the 1900s, there was only a small select group who were actually Zionists. I would take it further and say there was only a small select group who believed in actually “purposefully” changing the world instead of submitting to God’s will. Their values used to include being patient. The new value became “forcing transformation.” This value change is at the heart of everything wrong in the world today.

There is nothing wrong with a value shift of patience to “forcing transformation,” but there is if one’s primary “belief system” is not based upon reality, but an illusion, or delusion. That is at the heart of where we are today globally. The value shift of this close-knit group based upon delusion has led us to the point that we currently are at.

The answer would be to change not necessarily the beliefs of the Jewish people, but the values of the Jewish people. They must transform back into a state of “patience” awaiting their messiah, rather than forcibly pushing for their messiah. Or they must realize that their original premises were incorrect. This would, in essence, give them time to eventually realize that their primary belief is based upon an ancient delusion, that their elders and the rabbis have blindly followed because they were also brought up with this belief since they were born.

The supra-majority of the rabbinical sect lives in extreme luxury during this day and age, in Israel and in other countries, compared to the ways that rabbis lived in the past. Why would they risk changing their values or beliefs if it meant risking losing this state of luxury? Why would they want to go back when their power is increasing across the world daily? Can they not realize that living in a false reality, but in luxury, can never be as good as living in true reality, but much simpler? If they could realize that their values have changed for the worse and if they could realize that they will in essence “put out” their own religion if they continue on their current path, the rabbis could change their ways and their teachings for all of Judaism. This might be the only path.

The Stages of Becoming a Pusher

The Jews for many years believed in submitting themselves to God’s will. They were never supposed to “push for the apocalypse” or to try and bring upon their savior figure. At some undetermined date or time, the leadership decided to change from “believers” to “pushers.” The world has never been the same since they decided to take matters into their own hands. Their entire eschatology is based upon speculation and delusion. It is like a form of mental illness passed down throughout the ages has become a certainty that some future person will come and guide their people and will build a new temple. This is the struggle that we must all take part in. Those who are objective and can see the truth must convince them of their wrong-doings. This is the only way to get anyone to change. Any form of physical violence against the Jews will only strengthen them. All religions strengthen when they are attacked or there is a threat.

There are three stages that it takes for one to get to a point of “pushing for the apocalypse.” The first is believing in the possibility that an apocalypse can occur, usually coinciding with the appearance or return of a certain awaited savior. If one had never grown up around religion or recent pop culture, one would have no prior connotation of what an apocalypse was, much more to believe one was coming. The second stage is hoping for an apocalypse and the appearance of some individual. For the Jews it is the Moshiach, for Christians it is the second coming of Christ, and for some Muslims it is the Mahdi. The third stage, and the most dangerous, usually only opened up to people in certain levels of power within the establishment politically, religiously, or militarily-wise, is becoming one who actively “pushes for the apocalypse.” Every stage is a different level of indoctrination of the original delusion. Ideas have consequences, positive and negative, that cannot always be predicted.

For anyone with eyes, it is easy to see that the actions of Israel and specifically Netanyahu over the past few years and culminating in the past few weeks is the mentality of someone “pushing for an apocalypse.” His actions are not just the desperate last gasps of a politician trying to save his position and legacy in Israel, his actions are the desperate last gasps of an individual who has spent every waking hour of his life plotting and pushing for the apocalypse to occur, which would also supposedly bring about his Moshiach. He can not fathom that all of his life’s work will have been for naught. He cannot possibly fathom that in all of the aggressive attacks against Iran, Syria, and Russia over the course of the last year not a single one would retaliate or respond back with hostility. He knows that he can not go on a full offensive because of the weakness of Israel’s public image.

In any other time in history, if we were not connected 24/7 to the internet which allows complete knowledge of war by a general or commander, the leader of a country would be forced to respond because of a lack of full battlefield knowledge, as well as the greater potential threat to the survival of the country itself. We live in a different day and age however. Iran has not struck Israel because it knows Israel does not threaten, nor can it threaten, the survival of the country itself. It seems that the Russians, Syrians, and Iranians have known the game plan of Netanyahu and Israel, as well as Trump and every president before him. Thus they are many steps ahead.

For Netanyahu, there never was going to be a Middle East peace plan. Trump and Kushner were supposed to deliver a plan, but the plan was to not need a plan from the beginning thus Israel has never been serious about wanting peace. Soon, we will have to rebuild society more or less from the ground up with or without the physical apocalypse occurring.

Primary “Behind the Scenes” Reason for the Iranian Revolution

Historians have grappled with the causes and reasons for the Iranian Revolution for 40 years now. There have been no exact answers to this vexing question, but I would like to offer what I consider to be the true “behind the scenes” reason that the revolution took place.

The 1979 revolution in Iran had nothing to do with setting up an Islamic Republic. It had everything to do with setting up a regime with an Islamic ideology that was similar to the “end time” eschatological ideology of the Jewish and Christian leaders of the West and Israel. The revolution in Iran was far from an organic one. It was externally created and guided with the primary goal of the plotters to institute a similar delusional leadership that could one day be used to bring the fight against Israel directly. Because the semblance of the apocalypse is near, Israel must feel confident now that Iran has enough high-level religious extremists in power to go along with their planned “theatrical play” war. This plan will not work if only the Israelis, as well as the US president and vice president, are convinced and ready to proceed. They had to have a corresponding Islamic country who would also believe the same ideology and they had to build this country up to a specific level that would make it a big enough threat to cause some form of destruction. That is pretty much the history of modern Iran.

All of the puzzle pieces have now been aligned. You have Iran perfectly set up for their role of invasion or attack. Netanyahu acts like the boxer throwing small punches and whispering to his opponent Iran, “Come on! Aren’t you stupid? Hit me!” They have always been in on it together even if the majority of the population of Iran was never fully aware of what is going on, or the common Israelis who were indoctrinated into hating Iran and preparing for full out war. Historians have always asked why the Iranian revolution occurred and I believe one day they will prove that this explanation was the ultimate “behind the scenes” reason for the overthrow of the Shah who did not carry the same eschatological beliefs.

Window of Opportunity

Right now, more than any other time, there is a window of opportunity for this malevolent plan to be carried through. But this is also the window of opportunity for humanity to be freed from this scourge of delusion upon humanity. Thus it’s a very serious and precarious time indeed. This may be our only time in history to once and for all end the delusional idea of an apocalypse occurring, as well as a savior coming to save us. We cannot let it go to waste.

One major weapon in this fight can be the push for individuality over the collective. To do this, one must consider oneself totally separate from their religion and/or nation. Sure I was born a Christian, but I do not consider that to be who I am, nor do I owe any sort of allegiance to Christianity. I was born an American, but I do not believe that I owe an allegiance to the United States. I am white, but I do not owe allegiance to other white people. I am an individual first and foremost and I will stand alone if need be.

Just as millions upon millions of immigrants came from other countries to the United States and became Americans because they believed the US was in the right, we as Americans can do the same even if there is not another country that fully stands in the “right” at this moment. Originally the U.S. protected individual rights above all, but this is no longer the case.

US, Israel, and Iran all have to be in a perfect position before the trigger can be pulled.

I must make it clear that just because Mueller and the Senate intelligence committee has come to the conclusion that there wasn’t collusion by Russia to get Trump and Pence elected, they have never conclusively denied that the Israelis didn’t collude to get them elected. If you add up all the puzzle pieces it is easy to see that Israel colluded to bring Trump and Pence into office. Having an Israel/Jewish-supporting president and a Christian Zionist Vice President were the last keys that Israel and the global establishment needed before they could go through with their final “end game” plans.

Last week Trump came out to condemn the US intelligence service saying they were “naive” about Iran and Pence came out this week and pushed the narrative that Iran was about to commit a “second holocaust” upon Israel. If you look at my article from last year, I specifically noted that Israel was actually pushing Iran to mount a full-scale attack upon Israel, which would potentially create a new Holocaust. Their end goal even then seemed to be the apocalypse and/or merging with the United States. I still believe this annexation or take over of the U.S. by stealth is an end goal or backup plan.

It is easy to see that Israel wants a war to start. They are pushing their enemies to attack them. If their enemies do not attack, Israel is not strong enough in their public image to attack first. Thus as long as the enemies of Israel do not attack, it is only a matter of time before 1. The Fall of Netanyahu, which may or may not simultaneously lead to the fall of Trump and Pence, and 2. The collapse of the “push-for-apocalypse” mindset.

Iran has always been the false enemy of Israel. Israel actually in many ways created modern Iran to have a “mortal enemy” which would justify Israel doing whatever they wanted in their own country and the Middle East. It is a common tactic that was also employed by the U.S. with Soviet Russia. Whatever the future is between Iran and Israel, it has been planned by the religious extremists’ planners themselves for years and decades before. They have the ability to allow Iran to crush Israel if they want or vice-versa have Israel crush Iran. It is really whatever works best for them in the end. It is not far-fetched AT ALL to say that Israel would detonate a nuke on itself to blame on Iran. This would give them their desired “second holocaust” as well as much needed support from surrounding countries. It would give authority to the U.S. president and community to “welcome in” the Israeli refugees into the United States. I argue that this was their plan all along. By allowing Israel to be destroyed they can then come and merge with the U.S. fully. This process is already underway in so many sectors of society.

What Can Happen Now

Thus after all that has been discussed, we find ourselves here at the verge of a major precipice. We can either take the red pill or the blue pill.

There are two main paths that can happen now.

  1. The first path is that they will attempt to go through with their plan, which is some sort of break out of war. Either Iran will attack outright or some sort of false flag operation will be blamed on Iran, which will give Israel and the US justification for attacking Iran openly and in a total war state. This will be their end game. At this point, there will be nothing that can hold them back from pushing this to the logical fulfillment. An apocalyptic scenario. Their window of opportunity is now and it is quickly passing. They will likely become more and more desperate, but this will also lead them to make mistakes. These mistakes might create some sort of mix of the two paths where some destruction will be created, but not enough to be worthy of the title of the apocalypse. If this path occurs we will have to build anew based upon what is left, but it will likely be under their new entrenched “false reality,” which will have to be broken once again.
  2. The second path will be that nothing happens. If this occurs, I foresee Netanyahu either being defeated in the polls or indicted and sent to prison. He is a lynchpin for this entire plan to unfold. If Iran and Israel do not go to war, their window of opportunity will have been missed. If this path comes, the world will go on and we will have to build anew from the hollow structure that was built purposefully to fall. I would assume that those who took part in this plan will try to hide their involvement, but we must not let them. They must be held accountable. This type of monumental plan can never happen again. The world has been destroyed by the false song of this delusional goal for too long.

Either way, we must build a new world from this point forth. It will either be under their leadership based upon a “false reality and narrative” that will last far into the future or it will be under a new reality, with new non-compromised and non-delusional leadership that is more aligned with truth, justice, honor, and brotherhood for all. We must learn to be completely objective about even the most sensitive of topics. Being objective means being willing to be self-reflective of our own religions and groups that we are born into.

Religions should be adaptable. They should evolve. Islam originally evolved into many forms. Christianity as well. Judaism has refused to evolve past their uncompromising desire for their Moshiach to arrive. Thus it has led to the point we are at now. They have taken a hard stand and said, “You are either with us or against us.” Their rabbinical leadership has entrenched itself and refuses to believe that they must change their ways. It seems that they have no ability to be objective or to imagine that they could possibly be wrong.

Proactively Removing Delusional Leaders from Holding Power

My greatest worry now is coming through this point with nothing actually occurring and having everyone that took a part in knowingly and actively “pushing for the apocalypse” just walking away and acting as if they did nothing wrong because nothing happened. In essence, they will live with themselves and think they were right to do what they did and that sometime in the future their ancestors will succeed. This “walking away”, but with the same belief, might actually occur. On the other hand, perhaps they consciously never planned on having any form of apocalypse and did all of this from the beginning until now purely to gain power and control. I think this second idea is less likely however. Either way, this will be the definition of “kicking the can down the road,” in order to once again “push for the apocalypse” at a future date. We cannot let this happen.

This article is written with the intention to wake people up to this travesty and to persuade these types of religious extremist thinkers to change their ways and minds. There are only two ways to change someone, by force and by persuasion. The use of force has been tried multiple times to combat religious extremism. It is easy to see now that the Jews are strengthened when someone tries to force them into submission or to exterminate them. The same goes for Christians, they are strengthened and their numbers multiply when they are threatened with violence. And lastly, it is the same with Muslims. Thus, this is not an attempt by me to physically force anyone to change their ideology, nor is it a call for anyone else to use force on religious extremists. This is my attempt to persuade these extremists to the folly of their ways and to take fault in the damage that has been caused upon our earth and humanity. If even one person can change, then others can as well. This is my hope.

As a country, Israel has never been stronger militarily-wise and yet their public image is as weak as it has ever been. As a country, Israel has no idea what it really wants. The very fact that they lost the Syrian Civil war, shows their imperialistic ambitions have been halted. Iraq has strengthened and regathered itself. The public opinion is turning on Israel across the world. The leaders of Israel WANT Iran or Russia to attack Israel. That is, in essence, it’s only chance of survival. They will turn to the U.S. like always. If they are destroyed, they will attempt to BECOME the U.S.

Thus, because of these reasons, the chances for a major false flag are only increasing to give them a chance for keeping control. Just because Israel is the tinier of evils, does not make them the lesser of evils.

Christians must be objective about Judaism and the relationships between the United States and Israel. They must not blindly support Israel because of their own religious beliefs about the second coming of Christ. Muslims should wake up to the fact that they are being manipulated into a war that no one can win.

My Final Wish

I ask for every individual who has some ability to pick between the first path and the second and who has some ability to either push for or prevent the apocalypse to choose the latter. This is my attempt to persuade you that forcing prophecy and creating catastrophe is not God’s desire for us. I humbly ask those in the intelligence, political, and religious spheres who have some modicum of power to choose peace and brotherhood and not war and division.

The only way to make a real change is to inject oneself into the public domain. If one is strong enough, it doesn’t matter what one has done in the past, nor who his enemies are, nor is their such thing as bad press. The decision must be made to inject oneself into the public domain, stand with the truth, fight for justice and let the cards fall where they may. Time is truly of the essence.

Thank you for your time spent reading this.


“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” -Evelyn Beatrice Hall

Battle Hymn for a New Dawn: Say No to War in Venezuela 

February 11th, 2019

Di no a la guerra con Venezuela!

The Deep state and powers that be are doing all that they can to start a new war in Venezuela. This could easily lead to a WW3-type scenario and seems to have been in the making for sometime. The plan was to purposefully crash Venezuela, primarily by instituting socialism, which would make it a “battleground area” like Syria has been over the past eight years. Instead of it being a proxy war which Syria was and is in which small groups are funded by each side of the war, Venezuela has a higher chance of confrontation directly between the Russians and Chinese against the United States and various European militaries. Someone has purposefully set up all the chess pieces into place. All sides have a lot to lose economically with or without war. The American and Venezuelan leadership should not fall for this trap or let the same thing happen to the Venezuelan people as happened to the Syrians.

At this time, the US should back away and let the international condemnation of Venezuela’s situation lead to a peaceful solution. This could lead to eventually overthrowing the leadership of the country itself without directly going in with our military to force a coup. Shame the leadership until a resolution comes to pass while using Venezuela to show the horrors of socialism to citizens around the world. An outbreak of war, more than being completely unnecessary, would be a disaster for the U.S., South America, and the emerging global balance of power.

Unfortunately, many swamp monsters have came to power in the past few years. John Bolton can be downright psychotic in situations like these. At the end of the day it is not our government’s, nor Trump’s, duty or obligation to try and fix Venezuela. It is sad what is going on there, but their own leadership (with negative globalist pressure and support) chose to go the route of socialism which has led them to this point.

Let Russia and China hang their hats on this totally failed state. Venezuela actually started it’s total collapse when both these countries started to invest heavily there. Furthermore, the US sanctions have played a major role in stopping much needed food and medicine from arriving. Why sanction Venezuela if we must at a later date send “aid” in the forms of food and medicine? This does not garner support for the United States from within their country. Chinese and Russians have put Venezuela into a position that they cannot pay back their debt and the US has sanctioned them to a point where the people have no food. The actions of all three countries are a travesty.

The last thing that the US or world needs at this moment is a new war. It seems that many members of the Left and Right, as well as the mainstream media, are calling for a coup or war in Venezuela. How can the Left support what would be another trillion dollar war in Venezuela when they won’t support a few billion dollars, which they claim is a waste, for a border wall? Is it because they know this war will blow up in Trump’s face and make him look bad? How can the Right support a coup in Venezuela when they have supported Trump’s very successful non-interventionist policies in North Korea, as well as his efforts to end the wars in Syria and Afghanistan? Let it be the problem of Venezuelans to fix Venezuela. Every country needs to take their hands out of Venezuela’s cookie jar of oil and let them trade in whatever currency they prefer. 

Maduro is still supported by the majority of the military mostly because the military still is fed. The relatives of Maduro are running around spending huge amounts of money in Europe and other places. Show these facts to the military and the people.  They just need a true leader to step up. Until this happens this will be their mess to clean up. The newly “appointed” “leader” Juan Guaido has not proven himself, otherwise he would already have been known. By just picking and choosing leaders, who have not earned the right to lead, we are only exasperating the problems and making the situation worse than it currently is. The Americans should not pick, nor the U.N., nor China or Russia.

This whole push for a coup against Maduro started before Trump was even elected by an organization called the Lima Group. Who are they to say who should lead Venezuela? Even though Trump wants the best for the Venezuelan people, he shouldn’t blindly trust unelected non-officials who don’t necessarily have the best interests of the Venezuelans, or Americans for that matter, at heart. 

Ultimately with WW3 on our doorstep and treason, division, and insanity prevailing in the midst of large segments of the population of our country, the U.S., and world for that matter, have never been closer to losing the freedom, as well as government, that the U.S. founding fathers worked so hard to build. We must do all that we can to stop this war from igniting outside the border, as well as to restructure, renovate and readapt our government bringing it closer to what our original founders built and died for. This is the battle of our lives FOR our lives. For if the light of the U.S. is extinguished, the light of the world is extinguished. We cannot assume that it will be easy to bring this light back or that it actually can come back with the way technology is progressing in favor of oppression and tyranny. No one knows where we are ultimately heading so we must start here.

This is a fight worth fighting for every person in the world. The battle of darkness and light. Of collectivism and it’s focus of emotional reactions versus individualism and it’s focus of reason and rationality. Every individual is an empire unto themselves.

The ongoing ideological war is such that every mistake counts at this point. A war in Venezuela would be a monumental mistake for all involved. We must fight and continue to fight until finally rest can be had. That is the promise I make at least for myself; to do all that I can to preserve the ability to do what is worth doing now and in the future. It is so easy to take for granted what we currently have, as Americans and world citizens. In the flash of an eye it could be gone. 

An intellectual and philosophical fight must be brought to the Chinese. Ideologically it is the war that must be won. Our two countries have a great history of working together and there is no reason that we cannot rebuild our past mutual friendship. Furthermore, D.C. must be cleansed of it’s treason, it’s corruption, and it’s push for globalism over Americanism. Unfortunately, we do not have the same types of intellect that existed in the past. Or these intellects exist but are scared to fight against the system that is threatening the existence of us all. Thus we must take what we can get at this moment.

Those who fight for the constitution, the law, and the republic which allows individuals to “bring themselves up” are ultimately on the side of good. Life is about the struggle to self-regulate, to excel, to differentiate, to produce, and to find one’s own happiness. Those who fight for the ability to enforce their own will upon people from cradle until grave, stifling the ability of the individual to move, to grow, to work oneself up, and to think are ultimately on the side of evil. The false reality that has been forced upon us the last few decades or so must crumble and be scattered into the winds. Can it be done peacefully or only through physical war? We must prove to the other side that we have their best interests in heart. That our virtue is sincere. This is the ideological war.

Although many will argue with this assertion, Trump is a force for good, even though he is not perfect, because he is fighting for the light to stay on. That is all that we can ask for at this point. To fight another day, constantly and consistently.  He is holding back the horde waiting for the reinforcements to arrive. In our youth, in our middle-aged, and in our elders, in this country and others, the fight shall go on and one day be won.

Just as we wish those who are our representative leaders to not enforce their wills, or the wills of their financiers, onto us as citizens, we should not attempt to enforce our wills upon the citizens of other countries outside of our borders.

We must be vigilante and not fall for the traps and tricks that are constantly put in our way… We must dodge the pitfalls that are being dug to stop our progress. Every day the war for our future is being waged. Every day battles are being fought and won. Keep the battle standard raised high and proud. The high ground is in sight.

Just say no to war.

Long live the USA and long live Venezuela.