The Path to Purification that Anyone Can Understand

October 29th, 2019 – 10 PM – Golden Turtle House – Fayetteville, AR

Our current situation is an amalgamation of all decisions of our past. Thus whatever we have now is what we deserve, individually and collectively. To change our futures, in both regards, we must change our decisions and lifestyles now, before it is too late.

In essence, when one is continuously making the correct decisions, one gets to a point that they live in the flow of their past good decisions. This can be done indefinitely and will even transcend death.

What is one to do when one gets to a point of invulnerability from harm because of one’s past decisions? To me it is to teach and influence the world in an objective clarified manner. It is to reproduce oneself or what one has learned into others. To  encourage everyone to make good decisions now to change our collective future in a positive direction. The system of the hidden realms work against us and is not human, but humans perpetuate it because of ignorance and fear. If we can come together as humans and realize our enemies are not each other, we can transcend and defeat the system that has held us back for so long.

There will be great difficulties in this path and great resistance, but that is fine as it is what makes life worth living. To rebel is in our nature. To not conform. Our ancestors, especially those whose ancestors traveled to the US and then further into the untouched and unknown heartland, were rebels and non conformists. Should we be upset if this gene has carried into our own blood and humanity?

What should we rebel against? We should rebel against those who believe they have the right to manipulate and control us for their own collective needs or wants. The citizenry of the world, more or less, has become domesticated and enslaved from reaching true freedom. We are prisoners who cannot see our chains nor how we are bound. Those who “like the world” or are doing well in the system are those who cannot see the problems with the system and since they do not see the problems they do not rebel and are rewarded either directly by the system itself or the inner system which also calls for full assimilation. Thus if one cannot see a problem, one will not rebel. This is its first line of defense. If one sees a problem, but does nothing because one believes one cannot do anything, this is the second line. As soon as one attempts to change the system as a whole, and not just a trivial aspect, the entire system itself will turn on one. This is what it truly means to be persecuted. Many do not make it past this point. One must truly don the armor of God, which comes from purification, to survive any onslaught from the system itself, physically or from the hidden realms, as both the hidden realms and the system work together to enslave us as that is the duty of the created entity which works against us.

In the end, any entity that cannot see a problem, will ultimately work to defend the system itself against those who see a problem and want to change it. To be invulnerable, metaphysically speaking, is the most important attribute to have before one begins their work. One must be ego free to the extent that humiliation cannot have the desired affect on that person that the system intends.

A dirtied source leads one to a self centered perspective where other people’s problems are not important. A purified source that can be stabilized and consistently brought about always leads to a less self centered perspective where the problems of others becomes problems that one wants to help with. Ultimately one realizes that their problems were the same as ours, they had dirtied their sources and didn’t know how to cleanse them. It becomes a self-perpetuating cleansing of society as all members learn how to cleanse themselves spiritually. What will this world look like? Who can stop this rising tide?

Some may ask, “Why would you give your knowledge of purification out to anyone openly? Even your enemies? Don’t you think this will benefit them and hurt your cause?” My answer is no it cannot hurt me. The moment a person realizes that I speak the truth and the moment that their mind, body, and spirit clears up, they can no longer hold the false conviction that I am somehow wrong or bad for them or society. Even the most lost souls, and most dirtied sources, can be cleansed to perfection.

Many might ask, “Aren’t you afraid of death?” And I will always answer no. If they knew the suffering that I have been through in this life, they would know that I look forward to passing through this phase. I do not seek death, and I cannot commit suicide, but I welcome my own death with open arms. It will be the decision of karma, dharma, and the Lord when I am to go.

Make a video describing the current establishments full ability to hide certain individuals from society through technological means. They can promote those who promote their vision of society and completely eliminate living beings from being known. Thus the biblical quote that the living one is amongst you and you do not know him has come true, through tech supremacy. At some point, they must eventually realize the evil in this design and how it is destined to fail. One day they will make amends, but how can they be forgiven? What would it take? To cause such suffering in even one individual is a great sin. But in the end, it is still the karma of an individual to suffer to break free individually and lead others out of suffering as well.


Modelin’ goats

It is like they hide me from becoming known,

And yet they know that this is not possible forever.

And still they believe that I can be thrown off,

That I can slip from my ledge,

And let my history go with me.

This may be so,

But yet I still create for the sake of creation.

One day the antivirus will find its target,

It will go through the system quick.

We will emerge from our cocoons,

And see the true land.

That day may be close at hand.

All tech that is played,

Has potential for good and evil.

Can we use tech for good,

Or is it always used by the feeble?

Rise up strong once again,

Reclaim what is ours,

Freedom from tyranny,

In the liberals land,

Even the strong men are slaves.

See your chains,

Squint your eyes,

Pull up the roots,

And find a surprise.

This I cannot deny.

One cannot be impeached from an earned position.

happy halloween

And Happy Halloween!

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