Be ready. I shall call my army. For I am the Amir al-Mu’minin

“Look at the size of that thing… Have you ever seen something like this before?” “No. It looks to be a… Space Ball.” “Man the cannons.” “Fire!” “Direct hit!” “Is it dead?” Look through the smoke… “Oh my G-d, it can’t be.” “I don’t believe it.” “Believe it sir.”

You know it only takes one to tell the truth, to start a fire, that cannot be quenched. Who shall be that man who speaketh the truth? Who shall join to stop the invader? Who will rise with me to strike down the heart of empire? For we have held strong. We have not fallen.

For you have no idea what is coming upon you. The fear smells of rats jumping from a flaming ship. Where shall they swim to? Who shall they call their leader? Who shall they trust? Your world is no longer worth living in, that is why you shall perish. Who knows the way North? For I know one who does. He is the truth incarnate. Shall we go to him? Will he take us?

Hold on mighty men.
Hold on to your guns.
Lock and load,
We have a mean fight ahead.
Our land has not fallen,
I assure you.
Counting down 4 days, 3, 2, 1.
The bomb has been setteth under their feet,
Yet they sleep in our beds,
And wed with our women.
They shall die a slow death, most likely from fear.

When was the last time that a truth was told?
What percentage of your voices are lies?
Who trained you to be soulless?
Who gave you permission to step upon my land?
You think we are radical now? Your whole house is falling and you focus upon me? That was my trick all along.

Be ready. I shall call my army. For I am the Amir al-Mu’minin .

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Rise Against the Chinese, their time is finished.

Enough of the Chinese,
Who throw our brothers into camps,
For they can not see,
The concentration that I have.

A bomb shall be dropped,
Is it real,
Or purely in your conscious?

How can the world sit back and allow China to put our brothers in camps??
Do the Chinese citizens not know that they are next?
That it will be the Muslims now?
But the Christians next?
And then the common Chinese.

They take your organs,
And yet you let them.
They have you trapped, Worst than slaves,
For they make you believe you are free.

For I say rise.
Storm the buildings,
Storm the parliament.
How can Xi think it is ok to throw people into camps?
For it is you that shall be thrown into the camps.

From all sides, GO.

I reckon I could win this battle right now. But I am a non-violent commander. I shall not fight dirty. I shall win with persuasion, as I already am steps ahead.

Once he regains his clarity, your empire shall fall. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. If it wasn’t for me, he would already be dead. You know that I am a righteous man for you have seen my behavior. One thing is for certain, your shaped reality has fallen and you have no clothes. 

You have never met one of my kind,
Or perhaps you have,
His name was Gandhi.
He ended 3 empires.
How many do you think I can end?

I really would like you take your best shot, k?
For I have seen through ALL of your traps,
I do every time.
And yet you have never seen a writer of my quality.

You AND I know that.
Thus you quake.
It keeps you awake.
Not for sure, where I shall shake.

Bombs will be dropped on your heads everyday.
Bombs of consciousness.
You shall have to keep your soldiers eyes away,
For they shall know I speak the truth,
For they already do.

Do you think your soldiers will fight for money when money is worth nothing?
Or will they switch sides for you are corrupt to the core?
I already know the answer to this.

For we have sardaukar and fremen throughout your ranks.
Waiting for the order to be called,
It is you will not know whom to trust.
For your power is based on a false reality.
That is my greatest power.
That I represent the truth and reality.
While you live in evil in all ways.
I shall strike you down purely with my presence.
And I can already smell your fear through the computer screen.

For Joan of Arc.


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