The Metaphysical Landscape of Historical War: A New Crusade?

May 13th, 2018

Reality is still to be embraced and reported without flinching. – Edward O. Wilson

It is interesting to contemplate that in the “simplification”, or some may call “evolution”, or others “degradation”, of language of the past few centuries or so, in terms of “quality of content” and “style”, that an English speaker of the next century may look at my writings as “overly-proper” or “alien” or “Shakespearean” similar to how I look at “Shakespeare” or “Old English” now.

Below are some “important” points of Evola’s Metaphysics of War as well as  John Lewis Gaddis’s Landscape of History. Afterwards I have added my daily notes from the past few days as well as three new “protest” poems.

Metaphysics of War on “The Meaning of the Crusades” (Originally published on July 9th, 1935 as ‘Significato della Crociata’ in ‘Diorama mensile,’ Il Regime Fascista)

Metaphysics of war

‘Most of the knights who gave their energies and their blood for the “holy war” had only the vaguest ideas and the sketchiest theological knowledge regarding the doctrine for which they fought. However, the cultural context of the Crusades contained a wealth of elements able to confer upon them a higher, spiritually symbolic meaning.

Transcendent myths resurfaced from the subconscious in the soul of Western chivalry: the conquest of the ‘Holy Land’ located ‘beyond the sea’ was much more closely associated than many people have imagined with the ancient saga according to which ‘in the distant East, where the Sun rises, lies the sacred city where death does not exist, and the fortunate heroes who are able to reach it enjoy celestial serenity and perpetual life.’

‘Moreover, the struggle against Islam had, by its nature and from its inception, the significance of an ascetic test. “This was not merely a struggle for the kingdoms of the  earth”, wrote the famous historian of the Crusades, Kugler, “but a struggle for the Kingdom of Heaven: the Crusades were not a thing of men, but rather of God – therefore, they should not be thought of in the same way as other human events.”

Sacred war, according to an old chronicler, should be compared to “a bath like that in the fire of purgatory, but before death”. Those who died in the Crusades were compared symbolically by Popes and priests to ‘gold tested three times and refined seven times in the fire’ a purifying ordeal so powerful that it opened the way to the supreme Lord.’

“Never forget this oracle”, wrote Saint Bernard, “whether we live, or whether we die, we belong to the Lord. It is a glory for you never to leave the battle [unless] covered with laurels. But it is an even greater glory to earn on the battlefield an immortal crown […] Oh fortunate condition, in which death can be approached without fear, waited for with impatience, and received with a serene heart!’

‘Warriors weary of the world, who had seen everything and enjoyed everything, withdrew into such orders, thus making themselves ready for an absolute action, free from the interests of common, temporal life, and also of political life in the narrow sense. Urban VIII addressed chivalry as the supra-national community of those who were “ready to run to war wherever it might break out, and to bring to it the fear of their arms in defence of honour and of justice.”

‘In fact, the man of the Crusades was able to rise, to fight and to die for a purpose which, in its essence, was supra-political and supra-human, and to serve on a front defined no longer by what is particularistic, but rather by what is universal. This remains a value, an unshakable point of reference.’

‘There is a radical difference between the one who engages in warfare simply as such, and the one who simultaneously engages in “sacred war” and finds in it a higher experience, both desired and desirable for the spirit.’

‘First of all, in an “indomitability” of the heroic impulse: the one who experiences heroism spiritually is pervaded with a metaphysical tension, an impetus, whose object is ‘infinite’, and which, therefore, will carry him perpetually forward, beyond the capacity of one who fights from necessity, fights as a trade, or is spurred by natural instincts or external suggestion.’

‘Secondly, the one who fights according to the sense of “sacred war” is spontaneously beyond every particularism and exists in a spiritual climate which, at any given moment, may very well give rise and life to a supra-national unity of action. This is precisely what occurred in the Crusades when princes and dukes of every land gathered in the heroic and sacred enterprise, regardless of their particular utilitarian interests or political divisions, bringing about for the first time a great European unity, true to the common civilization and to the very principle of the Holy Roman Empire.’

‘Now, in this respect as well, if we are able to leave aside the “integuement”, if we are able to isolate the essential from the contingent, we will find an element who precious value is not restricted to any particular historical period. To succeed in referring heroic action also to an ‘ascetic’ plane, and in justifying the former according to the latter, is to clear the road towards a possible new unity of civilisation, to remove every antagonism conditioned by matter, to prepare the environment for great distances and for great fronts, and, therefore, to adapt the outer purposes of action gradually to its new spiritual meaning, when it is no longer a land and the temporal ambitions of a land for which one fights, but a superior principle of civilisation, a foreshadowing of what, even though itself metaphysical, moves ever forward, beyond every limit, beyond every danger, beyond every destruction.’

Caspar David Friedrich’s ‘The Wanderer Above a Sea of Fog’

Intro Chapter to Landscape of History

‘We are born, each of us, with such self-centeredness that only the fact of being babies, and therefore cute, saves us. Growing up is largely a matter of growing out of that condition: we soak in impressions, and as we do so we dethrone ourselves – or at least most of us do – from our original position at the center of the universe.’

‘Niccolo Machiavelli made the point in The Prince: how was it, he asked his patron Lorenzo de’ Medici, that “a man from a low and mean state dares to discuss and give rules for the governments of princes?” Being Machiavelli, he then answered his own question:’

‘For just as those who sketch landscapes place themselves down in the plain to consider the nature of mountains and high places and to consider the nature of low places place themselves high atop mountains, similarly to know well the nature of peoples one needs to be [a] prince, and to know well the nature of princes one needs to be of the people.’

‘Machiavelli further wrote, “considering that no greater gift could be made by me than to give you the capacity to be able to understand in a very short time all that I have learned and understood in so many years and with so many hardships and dangers for myself.” The purpose of his representation was distillation: he sought to “package” a large body of information into a compact usable form so that his patron could quickly master it.’

“For since men almost always walk on paths beaten by others…, a prudent man should always… imitate those who have been most excellent, so that if his own virtue does not reach that far, it is at least in the odor of it.”

‘Studying the past is no sure guide to predicting the future. What is does do, though, is to prepare you for the future by expanding experience, so that you can increase your skills, your stamina – and, if all goes well, your wisdom. For while it may be true, as Machiavelli estimated, “that fortune is the arbiter of half our actions,” it’s also the case that “she leaves the other half, or close to it, for us to govern.” Or, as he also put it,

“God does not want to do everything.”

Arrogance, what Arrogance

What to do?
You want me to convince who?
Start a war you say?
How can I when I can’t even play?

How can the Jews dance the streets?
When they know across the wall Arabs and Muslims are dying on their feets?
Moving the embassy you say,
Will fix all the problems?
I call it a travest-ay.
Since when are our Presidents supposed to intervene religiousl-ay?
It’s a sad day,
For the Palistine-ay.

Maybe God does not intervene with His team,
But is unseen.
It’s all a big lie,
To justify,
Evil, corruption, and murder in the land that is Hol-ay.

And I say, what can I do to stop this travest-ay?
Fight and protest? Or write and stay?
We must all pick our sides one day,
I choose the side that is not happ-ay.

All the liar’s houses will come down,
I don’t work for the “man”, like God’s clown.
More like a pirate who wants it all burnt down.
How can a pacifist fight with no frown?

How can you fat fucks, stay in your domiciles? Docile?
Across the sea with a pile,
Of pills and criticize me,
Who fights when the fighters need some Adreni-lile.

Why not be openly antagonistic?
Why not go ballistic?
Who gonna stop a man who is fatalistic?
Arrogance, what arrogance.

May 13th, 2018 – 2:00 PM

Just had a ton of realizations after going through market and up to Wohl Rose Garden.

If “God is not dead, but merely not interfering” then in essence, for any semblance of His will to be done, “we” must interfere on His behalf, if we see it as a duty or responsibility from our own connection to Him or the morality that has been built within us, whether this world is real or not.

We cannot take the chance of “inaction” if the world is real. The world must be re-balanced. Wars worth fighting do exist.

Arrogance, itself, must always be punished. Especially when on the other side of arrogance the people are suffering, dying, and crying.

3:00 PM

The fight I see is the fight to remove “Jewish control” of Israel. That doesn’t make me anti-semetic, nor does that mean I am advocating violence or killing anyone. But to say this is only the Jewish homeland and no other and they can do whatever they like with full say is a huge travesty.

Israel is actually a “shithole”. It’s creation has made the Middle East a “shithole” and it has destroyed every country in the world, in one way or another, since it’s inception. Since it’s inception, it has gone as far as destroying the U.S. from within by it’s relationship and entangling alliance. To me the downfall of America and the alliance with Israel are completely linked. More or less, if Israel lives, the world will die. This might sound far-fetched to some, but so be it.

It was also interesting today that my realizations came before my eating and drinking and not after specifically. Could there be anything greater than one month of Ramadan realizations? I am not Muslim, but I see absolutely nothing wrong with practicing fasting over an extended period of time. Why not see what happens? It is easier if done with a large group who are also following the same “rules”.

If one cannot tell if the world is real or fake, than “real” must be the default, but it does not necessarily make it true. If the possibility of mental manipulation and idea implantation exists, than I cannot be sure of anything, including whether this is a real or unreal world. Perhaps it is just that “reality” is different than we thought. Uncover these lies.

My family wants me to write it’s history as they are afraid no one will remember them. That’s right, they have done nothing worth remembering. Is that my fault? If they want to document themselves, why not do it themselves? Do they think I will just automatically give them a “polished” treatment as I am “of the family”? All of my life has been built for me to not “dishonor” my family, but what honor do they know? They should be “dishonored” for they do not know what honor truly is.

I do want to find the “end of time,” for the end of time will not be the end of the world. I want to find the end of “divination” or “divining time”. Maybe nothing matters, but contemplation, perhaps inevitably leading to war. Find a world where people do not know the future.  Look up in the West Bank where Israeli’s are not allowed. Re-study Arabic. Write all posts and poems in Arabic. Write poetry about anti-Jewish control of the “Holy Land,” which in my opinion is destroying the world. For perhaps I am a “true Jew” “of the spirit” trapped in a Christian body. World War 2 was about “co-opting” true Judaism, which was always a thorn in the side of “modernity”, “holding the fort” for God. They killed and replaced “true Jews” with a “new entity”, completely foreign to the Jews of the past in “blood”, “mindset”, and “faith.” Don’t let it happen again. Look closer at this “theory”.

The Fat Lady Does Not Sing, She Laughs

Oh, the funny nature of mankind,
Who so badly wants to destroy itself.
But unable to pull the trigger,
It does all in it’s limited power,
To try and destroy Mother Nature instead.
Thinking that by destroying The Mother,
Itself will die as well.
This is the meaning of “It will all be over when the fat lady sings.”

mother earth

But what a joke she has played!
The “belief” that one can destroy or save the Mother,
Is the funniest belief of all!
To act like one has control,
Or that one need’s saving,
Does not make the Lady sing, but laugh!
Full throatedly!

political youth.jpg

Why, oh, why can we not learn from the lessons of our past?

Today’s “Political” Youth

The boys shout for joy,
A joy for what you ask?
They have no idea,
For they are only products,
Created in a lab.

They say these are Jewish youth,
Or Israeli youth,
But after “past” youth,
Why should anyone create “political” youth?

For they shout and dance on this side,
While on the other, boys die.
They fight, they cry.
What good is arrogance?
If paid at the expense of others?
Fuck the ignorant “political” youth.

May 14th, 2018

Different dreams came when I have to pee and don’t go but “hold it in.” I was in some sort of “pleasure capital” last night. Lots of women. In the daytime they are more into serving food, lots of “thick ankles” I noticed for some reason, not seducing. When night comes, they “change shifts” and the wild ones come out. I was kissing a lot of them in a deep pool of water, like kids do when they are young and shy (also a reenactment of the scene in Hook where he kisses mermaids under the water). Now that I think about it, it is extremely rare for me to have dreams specifically underwater.

Later, I was in a casino. Playing craps. The table continually got smaller and then larger. A lot of times I was rolling off the table. I never threw a 7! My brother might have been there and I sort of remember Kid Rock as the dealer. I woke up and asked myself, “Why am I ok with gambling in my dreams if I don’t gamble in real life?” After this I got up out of bed.

11:00 am

Father John of Kronstadt

‘According to Father John: “God is a simple Being. He does not consist of a series of ideas or of a multitude of words, but He is totally in one idea, totally in every word; like a holy fire He penetrates into each word and, he added: “by nature man’s soul is simple – it rejects everything which is artificially designed.”

Sounds about right to me…  😉

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