The True Leadership of Russia: Discovering Surkov and Dugin, As It Happened

March 3rd, 2019: 2:00 PM

This article explains the sequence of events that took place as I was looking for the actual perpetrators of the “near-apocalypse” that humanity fortunately barely missed in the last week. At first, I was pointed towards Netanyahu and Israel. However, as I saw that Netanyahu was about to be indicted, I realized that he had always been a pawn. From watching the 2016 documentary HyperNormalization, I discovered Vladislav Surkov. I felt he was to blame for much of what has happened recently, especially in the US, but I knew there was a deeper presence behind him.

After reading every article I could find on Surkov, and buying his books, I finally stumbled upon Alexander Dugin. Below is sort of a “live tweet” of how it occurred. I wrote the first poem to Surkov, posted it on my FB page and boosted for $100 across Russia. I slowly added comments underneath as they were being revealed to me. This was the discovery process that led me to see Dugin and the true machinations of Russia, “Eurasia,” and perhaps “evil” itself. I go back and forth between poetry, exposition, and arguments against their delusions and how they are wrong in their premises and assertions. I will barely edit these posts from the time that they were originally added as to keep them raw for the future.

February 28th, 2019: 7:45 AM

For Владислав Юрьевич Сурков:

I can see you now Surkov.
Be ready for battle I say.
Whenever, wherever.
Be ready intellectual-lay.

I’ll write you a post soon,
Might make you laugh.
For you may be a director,
But I’m a producer with a staff.

The past two years,
Must have made you feel ashamed,
Realized how powerless you really always were.
And really just how lame,
Just more of the old same.

I can teach you what you are seeking,
Even if you don’t know what it is,
For what I have learned was never meant to be hidden.
It is, it is.

It is ok to seek power,
As long as it truly helps mankind.
Not just for the Russians, or Chinese, or Israelis,
Who might need a kickin’ in the behind.

I can see what you have done in the past to my country.
But that is in the past and I’ll let it go.
You must have known,
It was always only a matter of time.
Before you would get a challenge,
To your great big ego.

For I, like you, had “almost zero” growing up.
Not necessarily financially,
But oh the world you saw and planned I ask why?
Hard to forgive, but reall-y?
Ye have such a little imagination.

Show me a sign if you can hear this message.
For everything you do is seen.
If I can get a visa I’ll come there to have a sit down.
And maybe we can join the same team.

There will be a happy ending for all,
Reality can be found in the abyss.
No more war is necessary.
Let’s chill and find some bliss.

Let’s a go!

8:00 AM

I think you are just tired and bored.

But I do not think you fear yet.

Do you fear Vladislav?

Who taught you what you know?

Did you teach yourself?

What was your childhood like?

Were you brought up? Or did you find your own way?

Do you knowingly “do bad?” Or do you justify your actions with no remorse?

I’ve seen how you laid the breadcrumbs to “become known.”

Thus, you wanted to be caught.

But I ask again, who is behind you?

For I can say no man is behind me.

I think you are jealous.

Jealous of the American way of life. The absolute freedom. That is why you want to destroy it.

You don’t understand true metaphysics.

You cannot comprehend why you were born there, and why I was born here.

You can’t understand the “reasoning” behind it.

You believe yourself to be the “director” behind the scenes, but you cannot see how you have been “directed” to be the director by unseen forces from the past, beyond your control. You just accepted it, rather than questioned it.

You must break free from it. You need to drop the controller and back away.

No matter what you have done, you can redeem yourself. Only by submission.

Rap is the culmination of artistic freedom in regards to music. It is the ultimate form of tapping into the unconscious. Freestyle at least. It is the end goal of music itself.

It is a combination of the consciousness and unconsciousness. It is the rawness.

It is one of the saviors of the USA.

Rap will live on forever.

Anyone can do it, if you have a teacher. A teacher who does not judge.

True freedom is not having to plan for the future. For some, I think this is impossible to imagine. That the world could get to that point… But it is possible.

It is all about natural law. If you do not understand natural law, and all of its facets, then it is impossible to imagine a different world.

I can see that you have a vision of the future and what you want to see or believe will happen… There is nothing wrong with this. It is good to dream. To imagine. But your compass has been messed up for a long time.

You can no longer imagine anything different than the world that you want to see. This is your flaw.

You want to simplify life by controlling it instead of letting it go free.

You are like the father who does not want his daughter to be independent of control.

You must “let go” in every regard. That will be hard for you to do.

You claim to love art and to love artistic freedom. Then do art!

If you want to learn more, you must find someone who can teach you more than you know. I think you stopped believing that you could be taught anything long ago. This is another flaw.

My question is, is there a bigger fish behind you or have you taken the mantle that was passed down to you by your “forefathers?”

There is no such thing as prophecy.

Let’s work this out.

8:15 AM

Are you worthy of that name?
May I ask you?
What is your end goal to fame?

Are you the top dog?
Or is there someone behind?
Why so much hatred?
Is it your childhood rewind?

Do you hold a grudge against my people?
Do you hold a grudge at all?
Can’t you see your “evil” ways?
Can’t you see your fall?

Of course you can.
Probably pushed over the edge,
After you find your zen,
I got an idea,
Let’s get together,
And settle this like real men.

Shot for shot,
Smoke for smoke,
No need to pull the trigger Vlad,
No need to go up in smoke.

March 1st, 4:00 AM

AD: There are no direct ties between Trump and Russia:

BH: This is the grand connection between Russia, the US, and Israel unpackaged.

No ”direct ties” between Trump and Russia doesn’t necessarily mean there are no ties at all. At the end of the day, there are ties. Vladislav Surkov is the puppet master who has more or less lost control. Perhaps he never really was in control. Here is what I see: the Russians set the election up to be Clinton vs. Trump, with Clinton as their chosen winner. They were sure they could bring Trump up and bring him down. They never expected in their wildest dreams that he could win it. Trump, with behind the scenes support by American and Israeli Jews (some legal and some not so legal), was pushed to victory. Thus, this was a Russian plan that backfired, and the Israelis have used Trump ever since to a certain extent. (At the end of the day, the ENTIRE crusade against Netanyahu has been orchestrated by the Russians because of his actions to bring Trump into power.) Thus you have the craziest election of all time.

After the elections, the Russians have done all that they could to co-opt Trump, but it has not necessarily worked. They have attempted to put their people in as well (after the fact) to bring the US to war in whatever way possible. And in general to destabilize his movement. They have done all that they can to bring Trump down, but he is still standing. Pretty sure this is what the history books will say one day. Or something like it. Vladislav Surkov HAS meddled, and I’d go further and say that he and others were completely responsible for putting Barack Obama in power. It is extremely easy to see this.

I see a major major purge coming in Russia soon. Who is the head of Russia right now, is it Putin or Surkov? You have Surkov right now basically making treasonous statements about Putin saying he is not necessary at the moment and yet there is still five years until the next election! I think that Putin (who is losing internal popular support) is going to realize that Surkov is not only going to bring down Putin and Russia but that he has been a horrible force for the world. Now, can Putin get some balls and take him down? Surkov is so powerful that he cannot just be fired. He must be put in jail or silenced in some way. Who has the balls in Russia? Am I right or am I right?

That is a pretty darn accurate analysis, even if it may not be 100% accurate, if I do say so myself. I’d bet it is over 90 percent accurate. Furthermore, I would say there is a good chance of some sort of major civil war between true Israelis and Russian Israelis and Russians. It is going to be spy versus spy and no one is going to know whom to trust. Yuuuugeee… The main action coming is some sort of major purge in Russia. I think the technocrats, along with Surkov, are going to have to be rounded up somehow. They are the true infesters of civilization at the moment. Gonna be crazy.

9:00 AM

AD: Not everything needs a link; sometimes people actually have their own thoughts. Feel free to form an opinion, no links required. Personally, I think the Israelis are fucking with both countries and would like to destroy the both of us, killing off the majority of the whites left in the world. I think they are in bed with the Chinese, whom they will stab in the back after they have used them to advance themselves.

BH: Nah, Israel was only a “project” of the internationalists that was then “given” to the Russian communist Jews… If you have ever been to Israel, you cannot believe how many Russians live there. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, they all went there.

So you have this symbiosis of technocrats that live in Russia, they use Israel and people in the U.S. to push their agenda which is truly satanic.

I think that there was a rupture in this Russian technocratic scene. You have one group who believed in continuing pushing the agenda slowly as they were doing very efficiently with Obama and you had a different side of the technocrats (who were either Jewish or Christian apocalypticist extremists) who wanted Trump because they could push for their apocalyptic/messiah agenda. This was the rupture.

So the group who wanted Trump to win convinced the side who wanted Clinton to win to also push Trump as a “pied-piper candidate” because they believed he would be easily defeated. In reality this group convinced them to put Trump because they wanted him to be elected for their own agenda. Thus, the major schism occurred during the US election in the Russian technocracy.

Perhaps there has been some form of consolidation and the Russian technocrats who are religious extremists have more or less “taken over” from those who wanted a slow stealth takeover. This could be what we are seeing.

Putin literally has almost no power at the moment. He is purely a figurehead who says what these groups want. Can he take back power?

That is why the purge is about to commence. You are going to have another Red versus White civil war in Russia, or more like Red versus Black as it is evil versus evil at the end of the day.

If I am right, it will happen any day now and get worse and worse until both groups destroy each other.

Evil cannot contain itself from pushing symbolism and bragging about what’s its plans are. That is the critical flaw of those who are evil.

6:00 PM (Later deleted)

Do you know what I find interesting? That all these technocrats honestly thought that they understood the US and it’s citizens when really they never had a clue… Some countries, it seems, work to hold down others the same as people. “Ignorant” people, when they have supposedly risen to the top of society, or have gone “upwards” as much as they can individually, tend to start to get bored and upset because even once they reached the top, it’s not all that they had hoped. So, to make themselves feel more superior, they do all that they can to bring down others from rising above them. Furthermore, these “ignorant” people do all that they can to stop others from rising from the bottom to make themselves feel better. This is the root cause of the stagnation we see in societal mobility.

I think this is the same with countries, or at least “ignorant” countries, or at least “ignorant” groups that control countries. Russia has reached its peak multiple times, including even now, and what do they have to show for it? Land? Pffh. I am sorry what happened to you 100 years ago, but that was your own leadership’s fault as well. Look at it this way, it had to happen the way it did, and you will come to a better time eventually once you get off the path that you are currently going.

I can imagine how hollow you must feel. Even after all this work, doing all that you can collectively to destroy other countries, and my country, Russia is backward because your leaders are still backward. You know why? Well, to be honest, it’s not any of your faults. You can’t help that you were born in delusion and were led in delusion up until this point. It takes much effort to break completely free of delusion. You have to be constantly willing to change your mind. I think the leadership of Russia is just suffering for the sins of their forefathers. As an American, I am quite a bit luckier (If it is not luck, it is my karma) to have the forefathers that I did. In the end, it will not be me, nor the American people that have defeated you, but the American constitution. Now that was a work of pure genius. However, as I said, I don’t blame you all for being the way that you are.

You have to literally give everything you have to learn the most profoundest of metaphysical truths. Only then will this eventually lead to a point where you never stop rising individually; like a flower that is always blossoming further. It is utterly ridiculous to try and advance a society collectively if you have not learned the ability to rise individually. The only way to rise individually, the only way to learn to evolve, which is the point of life, is to understand and live by natural law and metaphysics. If you learn to rise individually, you do not need to worry about climbing collectively. It will naturally happen. You have pushed to the side all sense of morality, virtue, and principles by overly embracing technology, science, and the physical world to solve your supposed problems.

One must know not only God, but also metaphysics. The only way to know either is by experience. Metaphysics is empirical. God, on the other hand, can only be accessed by Faith. Once that Faith is established, it becomes unshakeable. Thus, knowledge of God AND metaphysics is what you are all are missing. The combination. Once you have that, there are no more limits. One day, everyone will know these truths, and there is nothing that you can do to stop it.

In this I ask in the Lord’s name,

March 2nd, 2019, 1:16 PM

Ah Surkov,
I have seen who is behind you.
The grand player,
Is it Dugin?
I’ve been trying to find you.

I am so sorry to tell you,
But your war didn’t start,
Let the war start in your heart.
Let it spread to the country pool.
Focus on yourself,
you damn fool!

Call yourself a philosopher?
Bah… ha… um…
You have led your country to its own destruction,
Once again?!?
Is it twice now?
Damn… maybe take a break?

Haven’t you learned the mistakes of your past yet?
Go back to your books,
Go to the mirror and take a look,
You know much less than you think,
America is stronger than the kitchen sink.

Oh, change is coming,
And it will sweep you away,
Unless you choose to play,
By our game and throw your’s away.

Bah… ha…. um….
I look forward to meeting you,
I send you my hand for a shake,
And to make amends.

1:30 PM: Update to the original poem:

This is also directed towards Алекса́ндр Ге́льевич Ду́гин. For YOU have been the one pushing for war. It is you that I condemn. It is you that I say to be ready to battle intellectually. You have done all that you can to destroy and yet soon you will look around and see that you have nothing to stand on. I will consider you my brother, rival, and friend. Time to build a new vision.

3:45 PM

Dugin’s delusion begins with his premises. He must scrub Evola’s teachings from his mind. It is impossible to distinguish in Evola’s work which parts are true and which parts are false. At the end of the day, this is what has led him to his push for war. I know this because the same thing recently happened to me for a time. Read the blog fully if you want to see what happened to me because of Evola. Can you scrub this indoctrination Dugin? I don’t know if you can, but you must. Just because “traditionalism” “might” have been our past (which to me is purely speculation and deep justification), it does not mean it is necessarily true or any part of our future. You can evolve past this stage, although it is hard. I literally had to go through hell to do so, so maybe you do too.

“If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts, he shall end in certainties.”

If Dugin falls, Russia falls. Because I do not want Russia to fall, I do not wish Dugin to fall. I merely want to persuade him to change his mind. Give me time… for no man, nor country, is beyond redemption. Dugin, you know as well as I know, if Evola and Guenon’s postulations are correct, that the fate of an empire can depend upon the fate of one man. The delusions of that man will affect the empire. Thus, remove your own delusions and the delusions of the empire will also recede. You must realize that if you cannot change yourself, then your desire to change the world, in any way, is impossible. I have faith that you will understand these words.

11:15 PM

Oh, Dugin!
You make me laugh!
Calling for a Super Putin?
Why not a Super giraffe?

Eurasian persuasion?
This is your dream?
Why not just shake off the past,
And paint a new sheen?
Can’t you think of anything new?
Or is imperialism your thing?
Like a Napolean cyborg,
Dreaming an impossible dream.

An impossible dream,
Because you live by no law,
Like trying to make cotton sink,
And iron float to the top.

Do you think you can change the laws?
The same laws that have brought you pause?
Anything is worth the cost?
Even killing people on the cross?

I assure you,
You shall not win.
For your giant Eurasian dream,
Will go into the historical bin.

Here is an idea,
Teach Russia to live in peace.
Why must she fall,
Once again to her knees?
Has she not had enough?
One collapse,
Two collapses,
Now you need three?
Can you not imagine,
That I care about thee?

Stop the assault,
In every damn way.
Or I promise you will pay,
At the end of the day.

March 3rd, 2019 2:15 PM

In conclusion, the real power of Russia lay in Surkov and Dugin, with Putin as a compromise between the two. Putin is a compromise between the elites and the common people as well as patriotism and liberalism, as Dugin plainly states. Surkov has recently written that he believes “Putinism”, more or less the current system of “managed democracy” that exists in Russia at the moment, will exist eternally. Dugin argues that this is not true. Thus, it is easy to see that Putin is not the leader of Russia, nor is he important to Surkov, but Dugin believes he can somehow be made better or evolve into a “Super Putin,” with all of the best parts of Putin and none of the worst. I think Dugin is projecting here and can see the possibility in himself. This will take a great excision, but I believe Dugin has this ability to evolve positively. Whether it will come before or after some sort of “collapse,” I do not know.

Thus, there are three main factions in Russia. Surkov is the representative of one side. Dugin represents another and Putin sort of keeps it all together. I would also argue that Putin is willfully blind to the behind the scenes maneuvers of Surkov and Dugin, which makes Putin ultimately complicit in the heinous activities of both men. It is a strange connection, but one that is becoming more and more apparent. Dugin, who is extremely connected to the Russian military in all ways including ideologically, openly calls for the destruction of the US and has done all that he can to unite the “Eurasian” continent in this single-minded pursuit. Ultimately, he has attempted to now “co-opt” the Chinese nation in this alliance, and will perhaps, unfortunately, lead it into its own destruction. The Chinese better wake up to this fact soon. Surkov has begun to lose control of the narratives or has totally lost control inside of Russia and externally. And Putin, I believe, is willfully ignorant of the machinations that are manipulating and guiding him during his leadership of Russia. If he never really had control, then I am not for sure if he can save the precarious position of his country.

What can we do?

At this time, if some sort of collapse does occur, the only logical “remedy” is a period of “isolationism” for the US at least with regards to the “Eurasian continent.” We have to focus fully on our own affairs in the US. I do not see why this cannot be done. Eurasia, specifically Russia, China, India, and Iran are about to go through a pretty wild ride. Chaos might not be too strong of a word. I think they already know this deep down. The US is the most fully prepared for whatever occurs in my opinion. The foundations of the “individual” are the strongest in the US; thus we will be able to bounce back more rapidly than the countries who have focused on strengthening the foundations of the collectives, such as China, Russia, India, and others. Collapse, compared to the psychological war that we have been through, will be easy to deal with once the psychological war has ended. Every country must weather the storm and build upon their own specific rubble free of delusion and competing false narratives… I do not see this going smoothly, but I might be wrong. It will depend on the individual actions of Dugin, Putin, and Surkov.

I guess we will just have to wait and see…

“Journalism is the rough draft of history.”




March 4th, 2019 – 4:00 AM

How we barely missed a nuclear Armageddon:

I would say there has been a lot of activity going on behind the scenes lately.

The US and China’s “trade discussions” have been much much more than just trade discussions. They are full blown alliance discussions.

There is a definite US-Israel-Saudi Arabia alliance that more or less has just made a deal with China to join it.

Russia, along with the deluded Dugin attempting to build a “Eurasian” alliance, thought that they had an alliance with China, but it has been snatched away.

That can be seen by China getting the port in Haifa and the recent deal with Saudi Arabia to build an oil refinery and to mandate teaching Mandarin Chinese in Saudi Arabian schools.

The next step will be to sign these trade deals, but they are actually much greater than that.

I think is what happened is this.

Russia, or Dugin and his allies, planned on starting a World War between India and Pakistan. That would carry over into Iran, which would carry over into Syria/Lebanon and into Israel. Venezuela would have already started, which would have created ten million refugees heading into the south US.

So, the main point is this is all hyper game theory. Russia, or Dugin along with Russia’s military, had planned this world war. BUT, the US knew about it and they told MBS about Dugin’s plans. MBS traveled to Pakistan only days before this was going to occur and told Imran Khan the plan. He told him exactly what was going to happen, and how to get out of it. He even gave him $10 billion to save his economy. Thus, Khan and Pakistan have also been pulled away from the Eurasian alliance, which Dugin and Russia did not believe would happen.

Thus, Kushner and MBS, are some sort of “super spies” who are aware of “everything” and have sort of been “moving on the fly” behind the scenes.

When India went to attack, as India is fully allying itself with Russia and elements within Israel, Pakistan knew how to deescalate immediately.

Thus Dugin and Russia’s plan to initiate world war (which has been their goal for a while now) went unfulfilled. I’m sure there are plenty of people fully prepared in Israel that are upset at this moment. They should be happy that they will have full lives to live.

That’s what I see or something like it. Putin has to wake up and do something about Dugin. He is delusional, psychotic. But he is extremely powerful, from a metaphysical and spiritual standpoint so he can be considered dangerous always.

Anyone want to add anything to this story?

AD: You don’t know what you are talking about.

Tell me how I’m wrong?

I think the US is ready to stand alone even if she were betrayed by all of her allies.

The only possibility I could be wrong is if the Eurasian alliance, with China, has somehow bought off Saudi Arabia and Israel. I find this highly unlikely. It is Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the US that are giving China and Pakistan certain “gifts”. I think Iran is still connected to Russia closely and so is India.

India has become a technocratic experiment ran by the technocrats in Russia and Israel. Modi has been convinced he is Arjuna fighting in the last battles, probably by some sort of dark psychological warfare of the Russians or Israelis. This was to push him further to war. India is moving to a “cashless” quickly. This is a direct sign of the Russian technocrats. Freedom depends on a “cash-based” society. In actuality, economically-speaking, a “cashless” society cannot actually function properly. Whomever attempts to enact it will doom their economy from the start, as the lubrication and “hiddenness” of cash allows a black or gray market to exist that is necessary for those who do not live fully “in society.”

So you have a delusional Dugin, and a logical Putin, allied to Iran and to India. It’s European allies are really not that strong as Russia pretty much pisses off Europe with their stranglehold on energy. Alliances can’t be strong if they are “forced” upon members. Dugin, and Putin, should know this, but it seems they don’t. That’s why the Saudis, as well as US LNG, will soon be able to make up for any deficiencies if the Russians shut off the gas.

Japan knows the writing is on the wall and is also fully with the US. They know what Russia is trying to do.

Thus, everyone is basically isolating Russia as much as possible.

I like Russia a lot, but there has been a tremendous injustice done by it’s leaders for a long time. If Dugin is their ideological leader who has led them to this point, it is ultimately his fault. One way or another, there is a major change coming to the Eurasian continent soon and Russia will be way late in noticing what happened.

If Guenon and Evola are correct in their assertions, more or less a single man can direct an entire country without actually being apart of that country’s leadership structure. I know that Dugin has a lot of allies and is active with the Eurasian party, but my point is that the connection is metaphysical. More or less if Dugin is doing well individually, Russia will do well individually. If he is doing bad, Russia will do bad. I am not saying this is true or false, but I am saying this is the logical carryover of Evola and Guenon’s work.

My next question would be has someone inside the “Atlanticist” alliance of the US/Israel/Saudi “brainwashed” or indoctrinated Dugin and did they do it to push him to build a coalition to fight in what they considered to be the apocalypse? More or less, did the “Atlanticist” originally “build an enemy” in Dugin or did he build himself? If so, then the Atlanticist alliance is originally to blame. Everyone makes mistakes. Dugin must be see his faults either way.

Once again, not for sure if this is 100% accurate, but it’s gotta be close.

March 6th, 2019 8:00 AM

I have seen an even deeper presence behind all of these men. I like him. He is a VIP. What a life!


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