Battle Hymn for a New Dawn: Say No to War in Venezuela 

February 11th, 2019

Di no a la guerra con Venezuela!

The Deep state and powers that be are doing all that they can to start a new war in Venezuela. This could easily lead to a WW3-type scenario and seems to have been in the making for sometime. The plan was to purposefully crash Venezuela, primarily by instituting socialism, which would make it a “battleground area” like Syria has been over the past eight years. Instead of it being a proxy war which Syria was and is in which small groups are funded by each side of the war, Venezuela has a higher chance of confrontation directly between the Russians and Chinese against the United States and various European militaries. Someone has purposefully set up all the chess pieces into place. All sides have a lot to lose economically with or without war. The American and Venezuelan leadership should not fall for this trap or let the same thing happen to the Venezuelan people as happened to the Syrians.

At this time, the US should back away and let the international condemnation of Venezuela’s situation lead to a peaceful solution. This could lead to eventually overthrowing the leadership of the country itself without directly going in with our military to force a coup. Shame the leadership until a resolution comes to pass while using Venezuela to show the horrors of socialism to citizens around the world. An outbreak of war, more than being completely unnecessary, would be a disaster for the U.S., South America, and the emerging global balance of power.

Unfortunately, many swamp monsters have came to power in the past few years. John Bolton can be downright psychotic in situations like these. At the end of the day it is not our government’s, nor Trump’s, duty or obligation to try and fix Venezuela. It is sad what is going on there, but their own leadership (with negative globalist pressure and support) chose to go the route of socialism which has led them to this point.

Let Russia and China hang their hats on this totally failed state. Venezuela actually started it’s total collapse when both these countries started to invest heavily there. Furthermore, the US sanctions have played a major role in stopping much needed food and medicine from arriving. Why sanction Venezuela if we must at a later date send “aid” in the forms of food and medicine? This does not garner support for the United States from within their country. Chinese and Russians have put Venezuela into a position that they cannot pay back their debt and the US has sanctioned them to a point where the people have no food. The actions of all three countries are a travesty.

The last thing that the US or world needs at this moment is a new war. It seems that many members of the Left and Right, as well as the mainstream media, are calling for a coup or war in Venezuela. How can the Left support what would be another trillion dollar war in Venezuela when they won’t support a few billion dollars, which they claim is a waste, for a border wall? Is it because they know this war will blow up in Trump’s face and make him look bad? How can the Right support a coup in Venezuela when they have supported Trump’s very successful non-interventionist policies in North Korea, as well as his efforts to end the wars in Syria and Afghanistan? Let it be the problem of Venezuelans to fix Venezuela. Every country needs to take their hands out of Venezuela’s cookie jar of oil and let them trade in whatever currency they prefer. 

Maduro is still supported by the majority of the military mostly because the military still is fed. The relatives of Maduro are running around spending huge amounts of money in Europe and other places. Show these facts to the military and the people.  They just need a true leader to step up. Until this happens this will be their mess to clean up. The newly “appointed” “leader” Juan Guaido has not proven himself, otherwise he would already have been known. By just picking and choosing leaders, who have not earned the right to lead, we are only exasperating the problems and making the situation worse than it currently is. The Americans should not pick, nor the U.N., nor China or Russia.

This whole push for a coup against Maduro started before Trump was even elected by an organization called the Lima Group. Who are they to say who should lead Venezuela? Even though Trump wants the best for the Venezuelan people, he shouldn’t blindly trust unelected non-officials who don’t necessarily have the best interests of the Venezuelans, or Americans for that matter, at heart. 

Ultimately with WW3 on our doorstep and treason, division, and insanity prevailing in the midst of large segments of the population of our country, the U.S., and world for that matter, have never been closer to losing the freedom, as well as government, that the U.S. founding fathers worked so hard to build. We must do all that we can to stop this war from igniting outside the border, as well as to restructure, renovate and readapt our government bringing it closer to what our original founders built and died for. This is the battle of our lives FOR our lives. For if the light of the U.S. is extinguished, the light of the world is extinguished. We cannot assume that it will be easy to bring this light back or that it actually can come back with the way technology is progressing in favor of oppression and tyranny. No one knows where we are ultimately heading so we must start here.

This is a fight worth fighting for every person in the world. The battle of darkness and light. Of collectivism and it’s focus of emotional reactions versus individualism and it’s focus of reason and rationality. Every individual is an empire unto themselves.

The ongoing ideological war is such that every mistake counts at this point. A war in Venezuela would be a monumental mistake for all involved. We must fight and continue to fight until finally rest can be had. That is the promise I make at least for myself; to do all that I can to preserve the ability to do what is worth doing now and in the future. It is so easy to take for granted what we currently have, as Americans and world citizens. In the flash of an eye it could be gone. 

An intellectual and philosophical fight must be brought to the Chinese. Ideologically it is the war that must be won. Our two countries have a great history of working together and there is no reason that we cannot rebuild our past mutual friendship. Furthermore, D.C. must be cleansed of it’s treason, it’s corruption, and it’s push for globalism over Americanism. Unfortunately, we do not have the same types of intellect that existed in the past. Or these intellects exist but are scared to fight against the system that is threatening the existence of us all. Thus we must take what we can get at this moment.

Those who fight for the constitution, the law, and the republic which allows individuals to “bring themselves up” are ultimately on the side of good. Life is about the struggle to self-regulate, to excel, to differentiate, to produce, and to find one’s own happiness. Those who fight for the ability to enforce their own will upon people from cradle until grave, stifling the ability of the individual to move, to grow, to work oneself up, and to think are ultimately on the side of evil. The false reality that has been forced upon us the last few decades or so must crumble and be scattered into the winds. Can it be done peacefully or only through physical war? We must prove to the other side that we have their best interests in heart. That our virtue is sincere. This is the ideological war.

Although many will argue with this assertion, Trump is a force for good, even though he is not perfect, because he is fighting for the light to stay on. That is all that we can ask for at this point. To fight another day, constantly and consistently.  He is holding back the horde waiting for the reinforcements to arrive. In our youth, in our middle-aged, and in our elders, in this country and others, the fight shall go on and one day be won.

Just as we wish those who are our representative leaders to not enforce their wills, or the wills of their financiers, onto us as citizens, we should not attempt to enforce our wills upon the citizens of other countries outside of our borders.

We must be vigilante and not fall for the traps and tricks that are constantly put in our way… We must dodge the pitfalls that are being dug to stop our progress. Every day the war for our future is being waged. Every day battles are being fought and won. Keep the battle standard raised high and proud. The high ground is in sight.

Just say no to war.

Long live the USA and long live Venezuela.

2 thoughts on “Battle Hymn for a New Dawn: Say No to War in Venezuela ”

  1. Los EE.UU se cree dueño de planeta, y la verdad es que los EE.UU está devastado desde todo punto de vista. Desde el punto de vista financiero esta entrando en la hecatombe, desde el punto de vista ambiental esta destruido los lagos y ríos de los EE.UU están contaminados lo que hace que no tengan agua para beber. Es un país consumista donde no existe la democracia y mantienen como atontados a la mayoría de sus ciudadanos, quienes realmente gobierna en los EE.UU son la élites del poder representados por la transnacionales quienes manejan todo a su antojo para sus intereses capitalistas, a quienes no les importan las personas ni de EE.UU ni de ninguna parte del planeta. Los EE.UU es una amenaza para la paz del planeta, pone en riesgo la paz mundial. Ha invadido 14 países con la excusa de llevar democracia y ¡como están esos países en la actualidad? Están totalmente destruidos con miles de millones de muertos. Eso no es llevar ni democracia ni paz al mundo. A mi criterio, quien escribe este post, esta bien equivocado, si es verdad deberíamos esforzarnos por mantener la paz pero lamentablemente eso no es posible mientras los EE.UU continúe atacando a países indefensos y matando personas y niños inocentes de todo el mundo, no puede haber paz mientras EE.UU mantenga minado el planeta de bases militares amenazantes a la seguridad. De verda quisiera que EE.UU reflexionara y no se entrometieron en la soberanía del resto de los países pero esto no va a ser posible pues los EE.UU se cree policía del mundo, se cree dueño del mundo por tanto considero que a los EE.UU hay que destruirlos, hay que debatirlo para que pueda existir paz en el mundo, de lo contrario vamos directo a dejar destruir el planeta por los EE.UU. Hasta cuando por mantener una aparente paz permitiremos la guerra?


  2. The US believes itself to be the owner of a planet, and the truth is that the US is devastated from every point of view. From the financial point of view it is entering the hecatomb, from the environmental point of view it is destroyed, the lakes and rivers of the USA are contaminated which means that they do not have water to drink. It is a consumer country where democracy does not exist and they keep as stupefied the majority of their citizens, who actually govern in the US are the power elites represented by the transnationals who manage everything at will for their capitalist interests, to whom They do not care about people either from the US or from any part of the planet. The US is a threat to the peace of the planet, it puts world peace at risk. It has invaded 14 countries with the excuse of bringing democracy and how are these countries today? They are totally destroyed with billions of deaths. That is not bringing democracy or peace to the world. In my opinion, who writes this post, is wrong, if it is true we should strive to keep the peace but unfortunately that is not possible while the US continues to attack defenseless countries and killing innocent people and children around the world, not There can be peace as long as the US keeps the planet under military bases that threaten security. I really want America to reflect and not interfere in the sovereignty of the rest of the countries but this will not be possible because the US believes itself to be the world’s policeman, he believes he owns the world, so I think that the US We must destroy them, we must destroy them so that there can be peace in the world, otherwise we are going to let the planet destroy the US. Until when to maintain an apparent peace will we allow war?


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