The best part of a relationship is having two perspectives on the way to go… sometimes we need to trust/value another’s opinion over our own for our own development.

With that said the greatest superpower is fixing one’s relationship. Feel like it comes from realizing in a way that we must fix ourselves if we want to fix a relationship and not the other person.

I fail most of the time but always try and be self reflective when it happens, and to come back to the above knowledge. Think love in a way is sort of connecting oneself in whatever way to another person and not leaving until they throw you out, through thick and through thin. To find someone to commit to and then be aware of projection.

If you find a good one, never give up… protect that shit. Realize your mistakes, your projections and that it’s not your partners fault for your relationship issues but your own. And just hold on and pray… if it doesn’t work after all that, well then the universe had other plans.

Much love

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