The ONE man who this virus is helping more than anyone is Benjamin Netanyahu

He is going to get out of his trial because of the Coronavirus.

The trial to put Netanyahu in jail is supposed to start March 17th. All of a sudden the entire country has basically given him immunity, without officially doing so. Such a sad state. I am sure Israel and Bibi have figured out who they needed to flip to get this desire.

Cui Bono?

How can it be anymore clearer?

There are only three empires.

The American Empire and its allies.

The Chinese Empire and its allies.

And the Israelis. They are the hidden empire that wishes to control the entire world.

The virus first went to China and Iran, Israeli’s “fake” enemies.

Then it went to the US, it’s true enemy.

Then it came to Israel so they could shut down their whole country and use their spy tech on all dissidents to kill off. They are already using their full anti-terrorist technology to track all “coronavirus” patients aka dissidents.

China has killed off their dissidents. Israel is about to do the same.

Will the US follow suit?

Realize what they are trying to get you to do USA! Do not fall for their plan.

Be your own country! Do not fall for Bibi’s plan. He is the one who is benefiting the most!

Gantz better step up to the plate with Liberman and stop this man from staying in power!

If Trump dies, it is none other than Benjamin Netanyahu who gave the order.

Look at his smirking fucking face. Pure evil.

Make no mistake, when the Israelis feel threatened, they will always crash the world to survive. That is the Israelis history since time began.

Destroy the world. Survive. Thrive. Repeat. Until full control is established.

As soon as they see their grasp loosening, they destroy the world and survive.

Pathetic group of individuals.

I will fully stand with Trump against Bibi and the Israeli aggression. Trump will support China and China will support Trump against Israel.

Get some and hurrah.

I think that the US knows, China knows, Russia knows that this was developed by Israel and the elites.

Pirbright Institute/MIGAL (Israel) Donor Bill Gates and the Coronavirus Crime Against Humanity

Stepping down from Microsoft Board is happening, but phony cover.

Bill Gates is telling the Chinese of the bioweapon terrorist attack he’s had a part in on behalf of the Deep State/New World Order/Rothschild Zionist mafia based in London and Tel Aviv. Gates helped fund the creation of the weaponized coronavirus via the Pirbright Institute to help their dreams of mass population reduction and control.

Dr. Charles Lieber of Harvard University arrested. His connection to Pirbright and MIGAL is under investigation.

Israel’s MIGAL (Galilee Research Institute) just happens to have a vaccine ready for trials in a week or two? BS.

Trump is locking down America, getting families together, and getting everyone’s attention as he puts an end to this mass treason and gives the world the full narrative of what has been going on.

Now you can see that Israel is pushing China to blame the US. One empire is pushing both empires to blame the other while the hidden empire bunkers down and waits for collapse. That is whaat they have always done. This time I believe will be different. I think Russia, China, and USA will be in cahoots against the insanity of the Israelis and WW3 and collapse will be prevented.

He is going to expose the Israelis or die trying. Get some Trump! Praying for his safety!

Be a man Trump! Do what you born for!

All men are called, few answer. This is Trumps moment and no one elses. He will either choose the side of dark or light. Right now

Can Trump choose to help the world rather than just his family and friends?

Can he hear the call?

Does he know what it truly means to stand alone? To be truly persecuted?

He makes his own fate from this moment. He creates the suffering or lifts it.

I pray for both Trump and Pence to hear the true call!

Pence. Pray to the Lord and ask for the push and it will come.

Do not let your beliefs or religion blind you.

Stick together and you shall bring this world out of the grip of the true tyrants.

All men can change at the moment they realize they must. Even a man such as Trump, who has been helped all his life, whether willingly or unwillingly, consciously or unconsciously, by the Israelis can change if his faith is true.

He has the opportunity RIGHT NOW to go down as one of history’s greatest leaders or one of its worst. He has the ability to choose which way he is perceived.

I pray that he chooses wisely.

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